How This Website and Its Name Came About

How This Website and Its Name Came About

Greetings to Increase Website Traffic: Hi everyone, I hope everyone is having an outstanding day!

The story I am about to tell you takes place during a period of time not that long ago roughly the last 15 years or so. 

I am not sure of the exact dates of all the events because some of the events happened while I was not aware of them taking place and some I had no control over what so ever, such as where the name idea for this website originated from my prior students!   

So grab a drink, pull up a chair, get nice and comfortable, this may take a while.

Graphic art of your why. MY whyu was because I want to be able to help website owners increas the traffic they were receiving to their websites

Please allow me to go into more details of how that all happened. . .

I started my own e-commerce website back in March of 2003, it was a premade website that was offered through a distributorship and I was forced to solely sell just the products that the mother company offered on that website.

I could not alter the site in any way, since I was a novice about anything computers, and knew absolutely nothing about coding or website development. 

Now I am not here to bash companies or their business models, but this particular company restrained the limits of their distributors by not allowing them to carry other products other than the main company’s products.

Graphic aRt How I got started in increaseing website traffic

This sat well with many of the distributors, but a larger percentage of the distributors did not appreciate this limitation placed on them on how they could run their websites, businesses, or their distributorships. 

So a small number of these displeased distributors formed a group (me included) and proceeded to advance their businesses online to the extreme limits allowed under the distributor’s agreement with the mother company.

This forced the mother company to change the distributor’s agreement.  The mother company then wrote a new stipulation in an updated version of the distributor agreement.

This new version prohibited the sale of any other company’s products on any website you owned or controlled, nor could you have multiple distributorships or affiliations with any competitor of the mother company. 

This newly added twist created conflicts if you wanted to have multiple distributorships with many different companies. 

To do that, the mother company had to approve of the other distributorship prior to you joining the other company or signing a distributor’s agreement with another company or it was considered a violation to their new distributor’s agreement.

Naturally, they declined every request that the group I was involved in submitted for approval for multiple distributorships.

So I was forced to either comply with the new agreement or give up my distributorship they gave us just 60 days to decide what we wanted to do, so I made a hasty decision.  

Since I was a novice online business owner I complied with the new distributor’s agreement.  I had to give-up (sell at a drastic loss) a second website that I owned.

I did this because the second website was not producing a profit like the mother company’s website was doing that is why I gave it up instead of the original website from the mother company.

Now this second website was one that I personally paid someone to build for me, and I was selling other products besides those offered by the mother company on the second website. 

This annoyed me to no end that I was being forced to sell the second website and I didn’t want to.  

So I got to thinking of how I could improve the traffic that I was currently getting on the original mother company’s website to help replace the monthly income I lost when I sold my second website. 

This was the beginning of my journey with real online marketing and attempting to improve or increase the visitor traffic to my website. 

See my traffic before all this happened was through paid Google AdWord campaigns I was not very good at it yet.

So I spent countless hours, nights after working 12 to 16 hour days, sitting in front of the computer trying to figure out how to increase the traffic levels to my website without spending a lot of my money. 

That proved to be the hardest part, increasing traffic to my website without costing me my retirement fund. 

Moreover, I wanted this to happen so I could stop working the grueling hours in the sweltering Florida summer heat.

graphic art of Whay I got started with website traffic guru

Sometime well after November 2003 or after the first history-altering, major Google algorithm change, dubbed, “Google Florida” which eliminated the practice of keyword stuffing and a couple other early on, shady practices of Search Engine Optimization or SEO and changed the way many website owners did SEO in the future. 

My best guess would be sometime around the winter of 2003 or the spring of 2004 is when Google AdWords (formerly known as Google Content Targeting Advertising) and Google Webmaster (now called Google Search Console).

These websites became my best friends this was just before Google Analytics was launched in the fall of 2005 (that’s how I figured out the time period stated earlier).

Equally important, this is when I first learned and understood what SEM or PPC campaigns and SEO practices could do for my online business. 

By improving my page rankings and increasing the efficiency of my PPC campaigns I started to actually turn a profit on the website, this was a first since I had gotten started almost 30 months later. 

Heck, I was no were even close, most months, of revamping the money I was spending on the hosting services, the website, and my offline distributorship expenses. 

This period that I like to now call my learning curve, was the most continuously grueling, relentlessly challenging, and mentally punishing time of my whole entire life. 

Once I realized just how much I had invested in my online businesses, I actually contemplated suicide more than once.

I spent 30 months of my time and nearly all of my retire fund which was not large by no means. But I figured that these two endeavors had cost me well over 40 thousand dollars. 

Between Google AdWords, and learning how to do PPC advertising; local newspaper advertisements, distributorship fees, state and local licenses; and having paid for the building of my second website, paying a second distributor membership.

All these expenses and having to buy over four thousand dollars’ worth of their products to receive a considerable discount on future purchases these costs racked the total up very rapidly and created a bit of a financial trap that I was stuck in. 

The costs of running my two separate businesses were building daily yet the website was not making any were close to showing things would change soon.  I was to the point that, I had to succeed or I would lose everything. 

I was in my earlier 40’s, squandered most of my retirement fund, and was facing bankruptcy if things didn’t turn around soon for me I was going to be a complete failure.    

What saved me was right around the same time, earlier summer of 2005 I got my first real mentor, something I strongly suggest to all business owners. 

Free business advice should never be taken for granted because experience is the best teacher and no matter how good we are: we can always learn something to improve ourselves! 

And once I gained my mental mindset and strengthened my ability to strategize my actions through assessment of the events happening around my business and not pure panic of trying to save my business is when things really took a turn to the black side of the financial equation. 

With and through my mentor’s leadership and guidance, I could and was beginning to see a very dim light at the end of the tunnel.

I vowed, after making it through that period of my life, that I would help anyone and everyone that asked for my help, to prevent them from having to go through the same or a similar living torment that I had endured during those two and a half years (my learning curve).

Even though I don’t know just how accurate this figure is but, I figured out one time, that I spent well over 1,000 hours; on average 3 hours every night, and at least10 hours on the weekends (probably more like 15 to 18) in a 9 month period of time. 

This time was spent, learning how to do PPC advertisements (also called Search Engine Marketing or SEM) on Google AdWords, other (organic or free).

Traffic strategies through on and off-page SEO practices, and social media engagement (remember social media platforms were not all that popular back then) advertising methods.

Graphic ARt of Enter the socilal media platforms increasing website traffic

Equally important, was the formation of the very first popular social media platforms: LinkedIn and MySpace, there were plenty other social media groups prior to those two (email services 1966, BBS 1978, IRC 1988, and Sixdegrees 1997 just to name a few) but those two changed the social media arena into what it is today. 

By offering its users the opportunity to customize their own profile pages, and in MySpace its users could download music and videos something never offered in any of the two’s predecessors platforms. This was all unfolding before Facebook or even Twitter came about in 2006.

As I became more knowledgeable in many of the online marketing practices that could improve website rankings within the couple search engines that existed back then. 

I eventually was able to support myself from my website’s profits by the end of 2006, after the outstanding advice that I received from, in my opinion, the greatest mentor ever, for almost a year. 

Sorry, you’ll either have to get to know me better or contact me directly to find out whom that was. 

Moreover, this advice eventually convinced me to advance my business, to the next level, I had to give up my regular conventional job to concentrate completely on growing and building my online e-commerce website, so that is what I did in the summer of 2007. 

After I began to see the results and increased profits from my hard work and effort on improving my website, some 6 to 8 months later. 

I began running a small local business that offered extensive training for online or digital marketing.

Naturally, this was after I got an approval from the mother company of my distributorship that I still had and still actually have today, that was sometimes roughly late in the spring of 2008 

I started out teaching 5 or 6 students that I allowed to enroll in each of my classes (one during the day the other in the evening, remembering that business owners work different hours).

Through a 12 week course, I was teaching these students how to improve the visitor traffic to their websites or online presence with the latest SEO tactics. 

A requirement to attend my classes was that the student had to own an online business or at least have an online presence promoting a brick and mortar establishment.

graphic art Wanting to do more

I wanted to help the struggling online business owner that already existed and needed my assistance now, to help improve what they had tried to start on their own. 

I must admit I was quite impressed with the websites that many of them produced; they ranged from e-commerce sites to affiliate blogs, to websites that were just created for advertisement purposes. 

However, in most of the cases, these sites were professionally generated by website designers, costing the owners a good chunk of their hard-earned cash, and they were disappointed when the site didn’t do what they had hoped it would: boost their businesses to the next level. 

Or the creators of the websites offered to help them increase their traffic, but of course, that too would cost them, and they offered no guarantees but wanted a rather high monthly subscription service fee. 

That’s where my classes came into play, I taught them how to increase their presence without using paid-for advertisement methods, and this attracted many new customers and eager to learn students to my classes,

Moreover, even though they were paying for my classes (a onetime fee that was much cheaper than one month of what the other guys wanted to charge for their services), and my system was free to implement and only required a couple of hours of their time each week after they attended the classes.

After running double classes, to teach local business owners how to increase traffic to their websites for about 2 years I was dubbed by my students as the:

WebsiteTrafficGuru,com logo how to increase website traffic through organic strategies

They claimed I could work miracles in just 12 weeks for their websites, which benefited their businesses greatly increasing their profitability in 89 of the 96 students I had in the first two years. 

The seven students that did not see an increase in their website’s traffic did not stay in touch with me, and I do not think they implemented my system into their website’s SEO strategies completely and would explain why all the others had success using it and they did not.  How’s that old saying go:

Graphic Art of You can take a horse to the water hole but no mater now hard you try you can not make it drionk, if it is not thirsty enough!

In fact, almost every single student that attended my courses (except for those seven) was having good if not great results with the amount of traffic they could attract to their websites: an increased average of over 45% for my students within 6 months after completing my course.

Something I would like to discuss and get off my chest because I have been accused of things I am not guilty of, so I want to set the record straight.  The terminology of the name of this site I did not think it up.

As I stated earlier, I was given this title by my students and mentees over the past decade of me helping them improve their or their company’s websites presence on the internet.

Once the word got out of my nickname it spread like wildfire, I even tried many ways of getting around the dubbed name with no success.

I even created a training course that I titled something completely different, and do to copy write infringement laws and a lengthy court battle it is no longer on the market today.

Nor can I mention it’s title.  So I decided to embrace the name website traffic guru after all these years and run with it. The word GURU was a word that was not commonly used in the English language prior to the 1950s.

Recently however the word over the years has become associated with scammers, scheme artists, and spammers alike trying to claim that they know more than their competitors do, in a subject or field giving them some sort of special knowledge to share.

Due to societal influences on the internet, the word GURU has become a term loosely used by people self-proclaiming to be experts within a niche. 

I would like to point out that this is, in fact, one of the many definitions of the term GURU and defines it:

Graphic ARt-  defination of GURU someone who counsels ror advises: mentor

I feel the term GURU is too widely used by people that are not actual teachers or experts in their field or the subject they claim to know very well, and this title of “guru” does not benefit me in any way and is not one that I choose for myself but I feel that number 3 is what applies in my case versus number 4 (I don’t like to brag or boast).

See I am not trying to sell anything, nor claim I have all the knowledge that is going to save the world, but I have and am still gathering effective ways of increasing website traffic. 

This information when shared can provide some insightful ways of increasing website traffic that most business owners are not aware of or just never learned on their own. 

So, I am merely enjoying teaching and sharing the wealth of information that I have gathered over the years, to help you or your business gain a bigger and larger scaled presence within the realm of your niche on the internet. 

Every company wants to be well known and have public awareness of their brands like the iconic brands Nike, Coke, IBM, and many others when spoken or their logo appears it is widely recognized by millions not hundreds. And that my friends, is my mission:

Graphic Art - To help as many people and businesses become more popular to aa wider audience by most economical and efficient ways possible!

I set out to do this after I went through tormenting and agonizing nights after working 12 hour days, forcing myself to learn PPC and SEO.  After I realized that I had gained much knowledge I decided I wanted to share it to help others for having to go through the same ordeal I had suffered through.

Graphic Art Expanding to the next level

Moving forward, I wanted to help more business owners, but the only problem I was facing was how to go about marketing myself and expanding my business to the next level. 

It’s hard to solely run your own business one hundred percent if you are spending much of your own time during the days teaching others how to improve their websites. 

So the logical solution to my situation was to figure out a way on how to duplicate my efforts without duplicating my requirements of the time I was teaching or the time required to run my distributorship.

In other words, I could teach a third or fourth class and yes that would boost my teaching business.

Unfortunately, if I went that route my own online endeavor would suffer because then I would have even less time for my business because I would be teaching for over 12 to 16 hours of class time per day. 

The solution was automation, so in the summer of 2009, I created a CD with a vast amount of knowledge that I had collected over the years and had it produced in a formatted curriculum that was easy to follow, was a self-paced course.

Along with this CD, I also offered my guidance through email for any questions that the student would have while going through the material.

Oh, in the meantime I was also attending college online and working on a dual Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and Business Leadership from March 2009 till June 2014. 

By the way, I achieved an overall GPA of 3.95 for four years of learning.

Yes, I have always kept my plate full and active on trying to improve myself or helping others around me do the same, since my mentor died in 2009 attempting to carry on his legacy.

Sorry about that got slightly sidetracked there, after the original release of the first CD, things were going great, sales were beginning to increase, and the popularity of the course was slowly catching on by word of mouth advertising (the best kind) it was like my students were becoming my advertisers for free. 

Well the course gained too much popularity to fast and I faced two major problems:

First, I started receiving emails from people that I had never heard of, my customers were passing the CD around to other people after they completed it was the only conclusion I could come up with. Because the only spot I gave that email address out was in the CD nowhere else.

The second problem was much worse and devastating before I was able to copyright protect the material on the CD someone else copied my original material, copyrighted their duplication of my material, and sued me for infringement of their material. 

Needless to say, this was a drawn-out long legal process, in the end, I had to stop selling the CD’s and could no longer use the name of the CD course to the public, because the thieves even copied and stole the name of the course just so I couldn’t still promote it. 

Naturally, of course, they filed the name and my original courses and material in a filing cabinet somewhere and starting promoting their duplicated material under a different name. 

So I had to figure out yet another way to duplicate my efforts of helping other business owners achieve better SERP and profitability with their online businesses. 

This time I was much wiser, so I decided to look for a protected way of increasing my ability to help others increase their website traffic without infringing on the original material that was copied and taken away from me. 

I came to the conclusion to eliminate all the legal aspects by simply finding the best course and offer presented to any new or veteran business owner on the internet.

This had to be something that possessed a value that no other platform could compare against. 

At the same time, I wanted to be sure that it would aid the business owner in increasing the website traffic organically and at a minimal cost so it could result in greater profitability, but would still allow me to offer additional advice as they advanced within the training and with their websites.

Graphic Art of Brushing Myself off and New Frontiers

The whole CD training course tragedy was extremely devastating to my ego and it humbled me rather quickly, but I learned a great deal from that mistake knowledge that I can pass on to my mentees today as they strive to build and create a profitable online presence. 

Those valuable lessons: keep it simple, protect yourself at all times, and don’t let anyone inside your deepest thoughts or the strategies to your future.

I learned that with all failures come vital lesions, and this was a not really a failure but more like a major setback regardless, it was hard to swallow, but I did learn a great deal from it at the same time.  

So I licked my wounds gathered what I learned and set out to build something better, stronger, and have the ability to duplicate it with ease without worrying about anyone trying to copy or steal what I was doing. 

Since I was not trying to help people for the money I decided that I would not brand my own products but rather Affiliate with existing well-protected products. 

I continued to help people on the side that were still contacting me by the email address I provided in the CD. 

A graceful oversight the people that copied my CD overlooked and did not include in the copyright infringement case.

Furthermore, since I was still receiving inquiries in 2015 from many people, I decided I would continue to help people on the side as much as I could. 

This is what I strived to do, I hated the fact that I was not helped by the veteran marketers that I surrounded myself with when I first started back in 2003. 

Instead, these individuals would emphasize on my mistakes and tell me: “Oh, Yeah you don’t want to do that it won’t work” of course they told me this after the fact, and after I had wasted a thousand or two dollars of my retirement fund. 

I wanted to avoid from anyone else, willing to take the leap of faith and start their own online business, to have to go through the trial and error periods or the money I went through during that period of my life, it was the hardest time of my life.

I spent hours staring at that computer screen just wanting to break down and cry my eyes out, but I knew deep down inside it would do me no good, so I kept going and refused to give up, and believe me, that was many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ago!

Graphic Art of Unhelpfull Leaders

Once I realized those veteran marketers I know back in the early 2000s were not actually helping me in any way, nor would they be helping me in the future, they were around me to mock my failures. 

I certainly did not need that; my failures were pretty obvious to me without someone telling me so. 

With these thoughts of frustrations I had back then, still lingering in my mind, of my first group of unhelpful so-called marketing leaders, I easily decided I wanted to help anyone that was willing to take the time to listen to my advice and implement my recommendations.

My problem was that I wanted to help more people than those that were contacting me through my email address. 

Once again I turned to the internet this was sometime in the summer of 2015, my quest was to solve this dilemma and figure out this time a workable and safe solution. 

The more I searched the more I realized how much garbage had littered the internet over the prior five to ten years, it is really pathetic that people cannot be held accountable when they scam or run schemes on people.

These untrustworthy individuals are very easy to spot and in my opinion, most of their systems or formulas make no one rich except the person with the system or formula that is how it all works they convince you to buy their product. 

Then, give you the hardest time possible if you what a return the product, because it is useless, and that’s if you can actually get in contact with the actual person that sold the system to you. 

This all made me very disgusted and caused my stomach to turn, to even be involved in online marketing.

I almost gave up and went back to work, but then it dawned on me.

Graphic art of-  No dang it

That’s not really what I said but I want to keep this website suitable for all audiences  — LOL

Grapjhic art list of the things I wanted tohelp people that wanted to increase their website traffic oganically
Graphic art for my mission to stop other from sufing when trying to increase traffic to their websites
Graphic art for and most importantly
Graphic ar for I want to prove to the scammers it could be done legally without ripping people off
The Quest for A better way

So I started combing the internet, did an extensive 3-month search and found some great communities of like-minded online entrepreneurs and like myself, had tried other systems and formulas before, we’re currently having success with what we were doing, but knew the bar needed to be raised to yet another level.

So I narrowed my search down to two great platforms that I recommend and stand behind:

The first is Wealthy Affiliate and I would strongly recommend this platform for the novice: the person that knows nothing about website design or how to market an online business once the site is up and operating.

The second Affilorama, this platform is geared more toward the veteran business owners, the individuals that just need some touching up of some of the skills and techniques used to boost SEO and their website’s rankings.

 I Chose Wealthy Affiliate

The first platform, I personally decided to also join, simply because it has an outstanding community their support toward other members is second to none, the platform provides tons of training, offers website hosting of up to 50 WordPress websites, and has their very (JAXXY) own keyword search tool: all this is included in the membership fees.   

Graphic ARt for me being premium I get the chance to help peoplle wiht stratigies to increase their website's traffic
The link to take you directly to the signup for a free strter membership profile at Wealthy Affiliate. It is completely free for the first seven day, and if you decide to join after the seven days we can talk so I can imform you of all the special deals currently going on!
Graphic ARt for to also become a member of this great online community of business owners helping business owner figure out ways to organically increase website traffic

In case you are unsure of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you can join as a starter member for free, (for 7 full days) you’ll get to enjoy most of the premium members benefits (view the comparison chart below to see the difference in membership benefits) including live chat ran by the members for the members of the platform, answering any questions that you may have. 

So put your credit cards away for now and fill out the profile page, just like you would for any social media platform, and start the training to see if the program they offer is right for you. 

Searching Calvinator 63

Once inside and your profile page is created; search for my profile “Calvinator63”. I will be more than happy and very honored to help you with any questions that may occur while you are working on the first 10 free training lessons.

These first tens lesion are Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) or Level 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp (AB): it is suggested by the platform owners to complete the OEC training first, the AB training is a bit more intense.

But we can discuss the differences and witch training would best suit you, after you complete your profile page, and get in touch with me.

And for the veteran website owners that are reading this and you think you could use just a refresher course or look for a specific training lesion on a certain topic. 

I would strongly suggest that you look into Affilorama, membership is free the only thing you will ever have to pay for is any training that you decide that you want to take. 

So it could reduce your training or reeducating costs greatly have a quick look around their platform and start a free profile, because if you went through that particular platform for advanced training it could help the veteran, marketer greatly. 

But if you are looking to reduce overall costs you might also want to look at this comparison chart below (scroll down it will appear) of the two different memberships at Wealthy Affiliate (WA as the members their call it) and the benefits offered to the two types of memberships. 

Graphic art for it is  my mision to help other so I give specail discounts to new members
graphic art for special discounts that I can not discuss only through emailing

So once you have looked around and are thinking about joining (WA) please contact me prior to making a final decision, I promise the savings I will pass on to you, will be well worth your time of contacting me first!!

Comparison chart showing benefits for starter and premium members at Wealthy Affiliate
graphic art for my promise to you is to help you as much as I can improve and increase traffic to your website

I have come a long way in my life and if someone like me with a very limited computer working knowledge can do this than anyone that wants to do this, can do it. 

It may, however, take some people longer to get the hang of it, but eventually, anyone that tries an online business and is willing to truly fight and work hard (more mentally than physically).

And I mean hard, vow never to give up, work consistently, and able to follow simple shown (or explained) steps (or directions) during this journey to learn how to create a sustainable passive income will succeed in this thing called internet entrepreneurship.

And if they are willing to make this sacrifice, then I will do everything in my powers to help and assure that this happens for them as it did for me. 

I cannot say that all of your decisions will always be the best, but I will be here for you, to help guide you in the right direction, and toward your financial freedom and what you deem as “Your Success!”

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