8 Free Easy Ways to Improve SEO Rankings

8 Free Easy Ways to Improve SEO Rankings

Search Engine Optimization is a phrase adopted by just about every online presence on the internet, it is basically a website owner’s strategical plan to improve their website’s SERP (search engine’s result page) also known as a website’s SEO ranking.

It seems that SEO and SEO ranking may sound like you’re talking about the same thing, but in reality, they are two different things. First, SEO is the implementation or approach to improve the other, the SEO ranking, and this can be done in many different ways.Screen Shot of Search Results on Bing

Before we get into those different tactics I’d like to back track a little and clarify a couple of things for you.  By now you should know what a search engine is, but if you don’t let me explain.  A search engine is a website that offers vast data on just about every topic or subject you can think of.  They are like a giant table of contents of the World Wide Web and they help you find websites or webpages that according to their computer algorithms is the most relevant and helpful for the topic or subject you search.

The largest search engine today is Google with roughly 44.25% of the search engine market, but that wasn’t always the case.  Prior to Google immerging in 1998, Yahoo dominated the search engines searches.  There is conflicting information as to what was the first search engine and to the best of all the research I conducted it was a search engine created named Archie back in 1993 when there was only a few hundred website (mostly colleges) even existed.


Even though Google is considered the World Wide Web search engine giant, in places like China a search engine called Baidu handles more searches there than Google does.  But by offering 1.8 billion searches daily Google still remains the leader by far, but over the past five years it has slowly begun to start losing it searches to the other competitors. The main reason for this is because Google will place a website that pays for its SEO ranking placement over the most relevant and helpful website of a search, and people are starting to steer away from Google because of this.Screen Shot of Google Search Engine

Equally Important, is yet another factor in SEO rankings and that is, that sometime around 1997 (another historical fact that has many different versions) is when search engines first started developing and using computer algorithms to rank website and webpages in search results.  The rest is history, since 2000 the internet has grown at an exponent rate and competition to get ranked in search engine results has grown phenomenally since 2003 when I first got started in internet commerce.

However, today you can still achieve high SEO rankings, but first we must get a brief understanding of what applies to an SEO ranking to determine how to obtain a better ranking. The information in the search engine’s computer algorithms (data of an estimated 2,000 different factors, that none of the search engines wanted to reveal; proprietary reasons) has slowly become unraveled by internet suave entrepreneurs.  Furthermore, what the search engines are looking for in a website or webpage through due diligence has been unmasked by the elite and are being manipulated to achieve top rankings.


No longer is it a great secret to what it takes to get top rankings in searches. Most of the search engines rank websites and webpages according to relevance, usefulness, strength in keywords and their usage within the text, and helpfulness of the topic or subject of the term searched; there are other factors that play important key elements to getting placed on that first page of search results too.

So here, I comprised a list of 8 free things that a website or webpage owner can do to improve on their SERP placement.   This is by no means a complete list nor is it a list of the most important factors, but if applied these 8  will help improve the ranking in all search engine results, not just those conducted on Google.


1.  Create 2-3 keyword relayed quality content posts of a 1,000 word or more on a weekly basis.  If your post are not keyword oriented or if Google finds your posts to be nothing more than a bunch of useless babbling it will hurt your SEO ranking.  Your content is what the search engines look at CLOSELY so if you present helpful, useful, and related material in your published blogs it will help your rankings, in two different ways.

Screen Shot of Keyword Search Optamizer

The first is the SEO algorithms will see that the content is related and of high standards, and the second factor that the search engines also look at: is your visitors will stay on your site longer reading as much of your material as they can.

2. If you don’t have a Google+ profile go and create one, and after it’s created spend five to ten minutes on it daily, make a couple post while you’re on there as well.  Remember the old saying you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours; Google won’t confirm or deny that this will help your SERP on not, but it does!  Current update Google Plus has closed down and no long available to use, so this list just got one item shoter!!

3.   Enter your business on Google Maps; again the old saying above applies.  If your business is strictly online then enter you residency address as the businesses location that is where your home office is located right!Screen Shot on How to Enter Location on Google Maps

4. Go and optimize your website, make it as easy as possible to navigate around the site try to eliminate any doubled links, make sure all your pages load fast and efficiently.  The easier it is to navigate around a website again is a double whammy.  First the search engines like speed, and your visitors will stay longer if they don’t keep getting stuck waiting while navigating through all your material published on your site.

5. Make sure all the titles attached to any images, graphic designs, or other material within the confides of your website are made of keyword rich wording.  So instead of having a picture title of girl playing in the sand and your website niche is gardening in hot humid climates change the picture title to Girl Planting Flowers in the Desert.  The computer can’t see images but they do read the titles of all illustrated material on your website the more related to your niche the better it helps the SEO ranking.Picture Titles to Improve SEO Ranking

6. Create internal links that connect your blogs together in other words if you briefly mention how blog content is important for SEO rankings in one blog and later on write a full length blog on how to write quality material for your published material then link the first to the second, this again is that double whammy effect search engines thinks this makes your material more relevant because you are linking to your own material not hat from another website.

7. Make a page on Facebook for your business not an account but a business page, and just like for Google+ spend some time on it and make posts often.  Also in your Facebook posts make sure to include your company’s name, address, phone number; as much identifing information you can include naturally this gives an authoritarian type of impression and Google likes that.

8. Join Pinterest (the largest growing social network right now) and be very social on it hashtag any and everything you see that’s related to your niche the bigger the following you have the more Google is interested in you so the higher your SERP will be.

Guess what I’m feeling especially nice and in a sharing mood so I’m going to throw in a VERY, VERY helpful hint, we’ll call it number 9 (since I only listed 8 ways above  J ). That is once you have done your keyword search, wrote your blog, submitted to your webpage, and viewed it to make sure it posted correctly and just the way you envisioned it.

Now.  Do me a huge favor (those of you that have websites already) go to Google and search that particular keyword you used for you post and check out the number one ranked website or webpage for that search.  Click on it, look at it closely, and study it, to see what that person is doing on their posts that you are not doing on yours.  This is one of the easiest ways to spot your webpage or websites faults and work on correcting them.  Think about it, you have to do a better job than your topped rank competitor is doing and if you can correct your errors you might just find yourself in that number one spot sooner than you think.

                                              AS ALWAYS

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