The Road To My Success

The Road To My Success

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Hello everyone, I’d like to welcome you to website traffic guru, my name is Calvin and I am the owner of this website. All my friends call me Cal so please feel free to call me Cal as well.  I joined the entrepreneur way of life  many years ago back in March of 2003.

Before 2003 I had no prior internet experience at all, in fact, I enlisted out of High School did four years in the Navy before moving to Central Florida where I became an Iron Worker/Welder.

In four short years, I studied everything I could about getting websites ranked, running PPC campaigns, or anything else I could find about online businesses. Back then it was not like it is today information was not easy to gather especially in the new technology of using the World Wide Web (www) to run a business on.

As currently, like 2008 when I conducted classes, my students at the time had nicknamed me the Website Traffic Guru.  I had helped hundreds if not thousands of local online business owners, at the time increase their website’s presences on the www.


For over 20 years I climbed up on steal skeletons and metal buildings.  Just so I could work and sweat my butt off in the humid, blistering, and scorching heat of South Florida’s summers.

I moved my way up the ranks until finally reaching job site superintendent status for the steel fabricators on large scale jobs, like Orlando International Airport’s 3 billion dollar renovation of 2007.

Since my beginning in 2003 till about mid-year 2005 I struggled, to say the least, to make any real money or even supporting myself from online revenues, 2005 is when I was introduced to a great mentor, who guided me in the right direction toward my success with my online ventures.

This individual I owe my complete success to; he taught me how to look at life for what it has to offer; think positively and positive things will happen, how to appreciate what life has to offer and how to take advantage of those offerings in your life!  Sadly our communications ceased in the latter part of 2008.

This brought a second mentor into my life, in 2009, after my first mentor’s passing.  Although my second mentor was a great individual she did not have a great success that my first mentor had, so I slowly began to lose communications with her until I no longer called or talked to her.

Even though our relationship only lasted a mere 3 years she also taught me some very valuable lessons in life as a business owner in general that I also benefited hugely from.


I have tried many different products out there when I first got started, and quite frankly I found out the hard way most of those systems are designed to make the creator rich by you purchasing the system and not you when you implement their strategies.

I didn’t know much in 2003, about online marketing so I still had to remain working a full-time job.  I unknowingly wasted undocumented hours of my life trying to learn the newest, latest, and the greatest systems designed to make the novice online business owner rich beyond their wildest dreams.  Well guess what, they didn’t work: none of them did.

Equally important I spent, only God knows how much money, on those systems. I was always told you have to spend money before you can make money.  I’m sure you all have heard that line of bull before!


I have learned a lot on how to attract traffic to a website free of charge since those days.  I’ve also learned how to improve turn-over ratios on those customers once I escalated their interest enough for them to view my websites.

I believe there are people out there, like myself, that truly care and want to help the novice, average, or expert online store owners to create very sustainable and lucrative profits, from their online endeavors with their guidance and advice from each other for each other.


I like to put those dark days behind me now because they are, and now the current path I am on is much lighter, brighter, and believe it or not I see very good profits these days.

Now I am not one to boast so I won’t, but I have to admit, I am doing much better today than I was just ten years ago;  that’s when I decided to change my approach.

I am no longer like these other people on the internet promoting just one system because that doesn’t work for everybody.

Personally, I have yet to find a system that works for everyone both the beginner up to and including the expert alike, what I mean by that is everyone is at different levels.

Depending on your level of marketing experience, internet knowledge, social media interactions, website development, and other various factors that determine which system or program I will suggest for each individual that contacts me.

I have many links posted throughout this website, click on them explore the different programs take a look around to see what it offers if you think you will benefit from the program, by all means, sign-up and use it.

There are far too many programs out there on the web that caters to the different levels of website owner’s marketing comprehensions, so depending on what level you are at, will depend on what I recommend.

But after looking around if you’re still a little unsure of what is right for you, simply email me or leave a commit and I’ll get back with you to help assist you in finding the right system for you. but no matter what you do I strongly urge you to get into a system somewhere the moral and motivation inspirations alone will make it worth the cost of membership if there is one.

Furthermore, if you are willing to sacrifice some of your valuable time (as I did) you too can see for yourself what a community can really offer you; these communities can benefit the novice affiliate marketer more than it does the expert.

Additionally, some so-called experts have gained some extra insights that they had been overlooking in their business practices form these communities as well, so they can benefit anyone involved in them.

Most of the better programs have a free trial membership period.  Take the leap in faith and see if it is what you have been missing out on.  If you like it great if not simply delete your free profile and that’s that.


If you need help with something or have a question please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me privately at my email address, and I will be more than happy to address it, or if you would like to leave some relevant information as content that you feel may enhance this website/page, by all means feel free to leave those comments below as well.

My best regards,


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