Affiliate Announcement

Affiliate Announcement

The below announcement applies to the Website:, the pages, posts, any other material contained within it, and its owner (Calvin).

It is normal policy for affiliate marketers to have to make a public announcement on their website notifying you (the visitor) of the said website and the contents within the said website is being used for the purposes of affiliate marketing.  Any and all use of the external website links included in the material from within the above-said website may contribute to earnings of commissions from any and all select purchases to the owner (Calvin) of this website.  Participation or involvement by know user (anyone clicking on an external link) of these external provided links is by no means an agreement or binding contract of any type what so ever.  The owner (Calvin) of this website is an affiliate marketer with the following entities listed below:

  1.; 2.; 3. Wealthy; 4.; 5.  Site-Rubix. com; 6.

This means that every external link posted on this website or the material from within this website could potentially earn the website owner (Calvin) a commission from any sales or purchases of merchandise relating to the use of the external link postings from within this website and any written material from within this website.  The use of these links does not provide you (the visitor) any additional cost what so ever for using the external links posted; nor does it offer you (the visitor) any additional saving on above said purchases.  If any extra savings are offered by using the external links provided within this website or the material from within this website it will be announced in the written content prior to the external link posted, or by a notification of a discount code to use during the check-out process at the website that the external link provided leads to.

All views and opinions of products presented within this website or the material from within this website unless the comment or statement is otherwise dueling noted is of my own, and by no means are they a representative’s statement of the companies that create the products of my personal reviews. My reviews are based solely on my personal experience, interaction with other consumers, and research I have conducted on the product being reviewed.

Never will I endorse or recommend poor quality products, or create false reviews in an attempt to make sales from those said reviews. My sole intention of all my reviews is to provide you (the visitor) with my honest explanation of and research results related to the product review to aid and assist you (the visitor) in making your own informed decision that is based on your own knowledgeable information that you (the visitor) have obtained freely on your own.

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If you would like to contact me about this announcement, any product reviews, or any other aspect of this website please feel free to contact me below.

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