Can a Niche Increase Traffic to Your Website?

Can a Niche Increase Traffic to Your Website?

When I was first starting out as an internet marketer my mentor (something I strongly suggest to all newbies) told me just as we were ending one of our training calls.

“Find your niche, before our next week’s training”, and then she politely said goodbye and hung up the phone.  Now at this point, I was probably like you are now, more confused than I what I was before we started our weekly training session together.

“What about this niche thing?”

Find my niche, what the heck is a niche?”

I tried to squeeze in before she hung up, but I was not quick enough. (I think that was her plan to leave me thinking profusely about it all week), being new to internet marketing back in 2003 was not an easy task not like today.

Most of the internet marketing jargon just wasn’t popular enough to generate reliable researchable material to view and learn from.

So, all week long I asked myself:Many people first starting out in this business of content mearketing don't know what a niche is or know what is is for.  that is the intentsions of the article is to inform those individuals that a niche is a concept of a segment of a merket not an actual thing that you can hold in your hands.

WHAT is this thing called a niche?

WHEN will I use my niche for my business?

WHERE can I find a niche?

WHY is it important?

HOW will I use my niche once I get it?

I tried looking for a niche online, could not find one, I asked some of my fellow marketers (all of us were only into internet marketing for less than 3 months, so none of us knew the answer to, what a niche was.

Even today if you search the word niche it is not much better; the internet marketing dictionary does not have it listed.

Yes believe it or not there is such a book, I call it a book because it should never be used as reference material for anything on a scholarly level.

It is a marketing ploy from some internet marketer trying to make himself look like an expert marketer.

And it should never be used for references because it is not a credible reference manual, the owner may feel differently about my opinion, but until they can prove otherwise I stand by my opinionated statement.

Getting back on topic, defines it as “a distinct segment of a market”; While Wikipedia defines a niche market – as being “the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused”.

For example, if the broad category is “marketing,” a niche category would be [inbound marketing for mining companies]”.

This is basically stating that the niche is a smaller more defined segment of the main market as landscaping would be the main market and pavers would be the niche also ground cover, landscape timbers, outdoor lighting could also be considered as niches of the landscaping market


Even to this day when someone asks me, “What is a niche?”  I tell them what my mentor told me when she explained it to me.

“A niche is a finely descriptive subcategory or precise subcategory of a subject or topic of a segmented section of a market category.”

The example she told me was: the category is exercising, the subcategory would be swimming as an exercise, and a niche would be “swimming in the ocean as an exercise”, and the best one to fit you would be simple because it will answer the following question.

“What is the single most enjoyable activity that you do on a daily basis or wish you could do on a daily basis in your life that you are the most passionate about?”

(What is your favorite all-time hobby or single thing to do?)

The daily do to list is  great place to help in finding out a great niche to start a blog on. the more interested you are on a topic theeasier it will be to stay motivated until the business takes off

Okay so we now have a better idea of what a niche is; How is this going to make us money? 

The simple math to any online venture is the more increase in website traffic you can produce the more potential your business has to make money and be profitable, make logical sense right.

Except it’s not quite that easy if it were everyone and their bother would quit their job tomorrow and start an online business to become rich and live out their dreams and fantasies. 



Wake up

You must have drifted off there for a minute or two the words dreams and fantasies tend to trigger daydreams for many people. 

The truth be known, if your niche falls under those that are common and many people share your same passion for, the chances are it could become very profitable for you.


The biggest markets on the internet today, tomorrow and possibly forever are health, romance, and wealth.   These markets are what is called, “the evergreen markets”, they get that name because they are a continuous market much like the evergreen species of trees stay green all year round without losing their leaves every fall.

So an evergreen market has the same nature it will never end someone somewhere is always looking for a way to either get healthier, wealthier, or find love.

And the list of niches involved within these three major market categories alone is endless.

Here’s a staggering fact that should get your socks a rockin, The United Nations, World Health Organization stated that the health industry alone in 2017 was worth well over 3.7 trillion dollars globally and increasing at a rate of 13% annually.

So by reviewing those numbers, I would say that just that one segment of the broad consumer market, if done correctly, should become very popular, profitable, and could potentially last forever.

The health market niches, just to name a few could include: bodybuilding, dieting, embarrassing problems, medical issues, quit smoking, stress releasing meditation, weight loss, and lifestyle changes and I could think of probably fifty more, off the top of my head, for just the health category.

You may wonder why the health industry is such a hot niche to pick.  Well, I’m glad you asked, according to “Universal health coverage (UHC)” an article published by WHO in 2017.

It states “(almost 12% of the world’s population) spent at least 10% of their household budgets to pay for health care”.  That’s roughly 800 million people globally wanting to decrease their healthcare costs.

How do you ask?

By trying to find products or ways of doing something different that will make their lives healthier and possibly reducing their annual medical expenditures by any means possible, even if it means spending money today to save money later on down the road.


Wealth.  I think wealth is defined by “achieving financial sustainability to a point that at any given time a normal life expenditure will not cause you to go into panic mode”.

According to Forbes magazine, roughly 2/3 thirds of the workforce has wondered at one time or other in their working history, “Am I being underpaid?” or “Could I make more if I learned how to make money online from home and started my own business?”

To figure out the answer to those questions we need to do some extensive research and one of Forbes’ contributing Authors, Liz Ryan can help us with that research.

Ms. Ryan wrote ten ways to find out if you’re underpaid and they are as follows:

Thelsit of ten reson that you might bunderpaid and the job you currentlyhollllllld and may want to quit the 9 to 5 and come make monely online from home  instead

So, unless anyone of those ten items listed above applies to you, then you are not being underpaid.

Sadly the reality is, most of the workforce is, in fact, is not underpaid despite what most of us think.  So the only other alternatives I see are:

1. Buck for that pay raise again one more time, and we know chances are that, that isn’t going to happen.

2. Change jobs hoping for more money at your new job, then you take the risk of not finding a job at all.

3. Start earning money from a different revenue source, like online.

The latter of the options actually allows you to remain working at your current job while learning what it takes to start making money online.

This is probably why everyone’s email boxes are being bombarded daily with get rich quick schemes and training offers of becoming money printing online business owners.

If this is what you really want: to be your own boss, wake up whenever you want, and spend time with your family however you want.

With some research to find a platform that fits to your needs and education that you need this can be done by foregoing a little of your time, and if done correctly just a small investment (less than $500.00 US) of your money and can be accomplished at night or on the weekends, at your convenience.

Depending on how much of your time you’re willing to sacrifice, will depend on when you can give up your full-time employment and become a full-time entrepreneur, the financial balance that you will have to determine when the time comes.

Because if it is done correctly there will be a time you will have to make a decision many online entrepreneurs actually enjoy making.

When is the right time to go full time for the business, and quite the job of making money for someone else?

And that is why the wealth segment of the market is so popular; everyone is willing to give up some of their hard earned money to become rich.

I mean come on let’s be honest with each other, who hasn’t dreamt of being so rich you pay someone to do your dirty laundry, wash your windows, and even feed the family pet.

Although a niche in this market segment could be very lucrative it can also be problematic because of its popularity; everyone wants to be an expert on these niches so they can get rich quick.


monopolizing on the singles life can and will always be a great niche for makeing money onlin from home so the more often you promotes being single and money it could help you make even more money online.
Photo courtesy of Gerdany Hernandez

Finally, the last of the 3 major evergreen markets is ROMANCE.  Imagine that, romance has managed to make its way into the top 3.

I wouldn’t know why?  Maybe because divorce rates are higher today than they ever have been at 40% and 50% for subsequent marriages.

Single people are refusing to get married, 50% of Americans are single roughly 124 million or live alone.

Roughly 15 million Americans up 138% percent from 1990 live together unmarried, which can lead to a less committed relationship and some of those individuals looking for other singles.

Furthermore, 40% of the elderly Americans roughly 61 million over the age of 60 are now looking for a second or third soulmate to live out their final years with.

So add all those figures up and we come up with roughly 110 million single Americans currently not living together with a significant other. 

That’s just Americans I would image that figure would be somewhere about 350 million globally are potentially looking for love, and the most popular place to do that is online. 

American population statistics found at U. S.; globally 1 in 20 adults are single according to and provided by “Quora” the new Wikipedia.

The truth is we humans whether introverted or extroverted are naturally inclined to live our lives bonded closely to at least one other individual.

In most cases, we surround ourselves with many family members and friends on a daily basis, because we are social beasts.  Just look at all the popularity in the social networks.

Do you think that is a freak of nature thing, or is it living proof we choose to be socially active with other people in our lives?

So being social leads to being intimate, and intimacy on a personal level does require a second person, and that’s were romance works its way into roughly 350 million people’s lives.

A very large percentage of the world’s population of 7 billion (which has grown at a 4% increase annually for the past 50 years). So summing all this up the dating market category has roughly 350 million people in it.

Now how many of those people have internet services, I don’t know, but conservatively I would think over 250 million of those singles have access to internet service somehow.

Regardless of the exact number, it’s a lot of people out there looking for love and it makes the dating niches very popular.

Especially if your niche is geared toward the elderly and retired who seem to have more time to browse the internet than any of the other age groups.


So to answer the main question here, “Can a niche, increase traffic to your website?”

The direct answer would be no, but as we know life is not always about the direct answer.

But, if your niche is incorporated properly into your domain name, your niche is in an evergreen category market, and you market your niche the correct way.

These three factors if done strategically well will, in fact, increase traffic to your website.

So by spending some time doing quality research on high traffic keywords, and digging deep down inside to figure out what you enjoy doing the most.

I am sure you can somehow intertwine the two to create a niche that could be very profitable for a long time to come.

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Hey everyone if you have a suggestion on how to figure out your niche leave a comment below so we can share it with everyone.  Together we can learn more to help us earn more!

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