As the world’s population is getting more and more internet service and accessibility to the internet is becoming easy for many.  This intern means more people will be doing free online searches to find their favorite topic to read and learn about.

This brings online marketers into play, they introduce enough content daily if each article produced and submitted online by them were printed on a piece of regular typing paper it would fill the bed of a 3-ton dump truck every single day!

That’s a lot of content so why is there a madness of everyone wanting to submit so much content? 


Why is this craze to get as much content crammed onto a website so important?


Content is king and will help you increase website traffic and make money online from home

If you have been in internet marketing for any length of time what so every: I am sure you have heard someone some time otter those key and vital words before.  And I am sure there are a few of you that are thinking what I in the heck is that guy talking about.

I completely understand both thoughts, I too once was a novice internet marketer.  Many digital (a fancy word for internet or mobile device marketers) marketers don’t like to talk about or even admit it, but at one time or other we all have asked why is content King?  And why is it so important?

Well, to answer those questions we must first figure out what exactly is content, so let’s dig deep into the online marketer’s life and find out the answer for you and figure out what we can do to improve our content and how it gets ranked!

It doesn’t take a college degree to make good content; you just have to be able to keep your audience’s attention and have some basic computer skills.  Most likely since you are reading this you have at least half of those skills for sure!

And if you don’t have any computer skills other than being able to find articles on the internet and opening, closing, and send emails, then you’re in luck because I can teach you how to do all of this stuff it’s really easier than it looks!!

What is Content, that is a question that  the answer will assist you in making money online from home and should als increase your website's traffic by free visitors being directed from the search engines.

Well, content is the material you present to the public through your website, it can be in many forms of digital media (iPod broadcasts, YouTube videos, webinars, audio recordings or even a video that you made your self). 

But wait there’s more.

Content most commonly shared on the internet at the time of writing this article is written text it is the easiest to create and the easiest to edit, and I believe the easiest to submit to a website.

Many people get the illusion that if you write whatever you are interested in you will gather others with the same interest.  The problem with that theory is, how do you get those other people with the same interest as you attracted to reading your blog?

Welcome to website traffic guru wehre we help other increase website traffic  to make money online from home.

Cal here again,

Just killing the day and thought I‘d touch base with some of you that want to learn about CONTENT and what it does for a website.  So let’s get back to it, shall we?

The answer again not super complicated but it can be either super costly using PPC campaigns or other paid for advertising or (the way I prefer) word of mouth and any free way of publically announcing that you have a website and it’s about your favorite topic and mine is: helping others learn how to make money online from home or anywhere in the world actually.

The best topics ever to write about are the ones that will, by your reader reading it, help them solve a problem, fix a situation, get around an obstacle that is standing in there way of progressing through their business, job, relationship, a hobby, a house project, or simply stopping them from getting bored. 

You have to get into a mindset that you are not writing what you want to write about but rather what your audience wants to read about.  Now the idea is to find a niche that you are seriously interested in and picking a topic to write about will almost become second nature.

That is why most people and courses suggest for your first niche you need to find something that you yourself like, are interested in, or are curious about learning more about.  This will make this process of deciding what to write about an easier process overall.  Let me explain why.


Okay, first and foremost we need to concentrate on a keyword a particularly a low hanging fruit keyword, in our search for these very special golden nuggets we fine tune it on topics within the subjects of our niche. 

Say you have this great website about raising hippopotamus; you know that the water they like to stay in all day should be within a certain levels pH and hardness wise.

Now instead of just writing a title for your topic like; “Safe Water Levels for Hippos”.  You open up your very useful keyword research tool one like Jaaxy and you start to do some research. 

You find this great keyword combination: low amounts of competition and lots of visitors per month to learn more about what this mean s and how to find what we call low hanging fruit read more about Jaaxy.

You try “Safe Water Levels for hippos the numbers aren’t all that impressive so you move on, your time and effort pays off you find that “Water Hippo’s Love” is a gold mine 45 competition and over 10,500 visitors per month – a low hanging fruit indeed.

We quickly decide that “Water Hippo’s Love” is going to be our keyword.  See, we still are writing about the water conditions that hippos like to hang out in all day but it is directed toward the keyword that will have the best chances of getting a high ranking in the search engines and have lots of people searching for that particular keyword or combination of words.

That is the most time-consuming part of the whole process, for most people that is; not everyone has problems finding low hanging fruit within the found keyword selections of their niche.  Regardless of the time spent finding the low hanging fruit keywords, it should be well worth the time; in 95% of all the cases, I would estimate it is. 

As long as your searches for low hanging fruit are being conducted within a reasonable amount of time, let’s say within one hour (when first starting out and more than 20 minutes for veterans) tops if it is taking you longer than that to find them in your niche. 

Then please get in touch with me, I can almost guarantee I will be able to offer you many ways to find them quicker.


Everyone is not going to be interested in or even care about what you are going to be writing about that is just a fact of nature, there isn’t much we can do about that but accept it as the truth

We are creatures of habit and upbringing, every single one of us has our likes and dislikes some are stronger than others, that’s what makes life so interesting: our own diversity within each and every single human that shares this planet. 

If you have never seen a computer in your life then most likely they are not on your top priority of things to learn about when you’re worried about how you’re going to feed your family next spring.

Equally important, if you live in the center of a huge city, gardening may not be of any interest to you, because you live in a one bedroom studio apartment and have no space to grow any plants at all.

Our jobs as authors are to find out the style that our audience likes the best and write our material in that fashion. How do we do this?  We do a little research on our basic demographics of our general niche reader.

Content needs to be excitng as not to bore our visitor to falling asleep.  This intern will help us increase webstie traffic and make money online from home  easier.

Many people have tons of different styles in which they write. Some are very professional, serious, straight to the point, and almost sound robotic if you could imagine what a robot would sound like reading their material, while others are goofy, funny, and immature in nature.

Both of these styles will work within certain niches, however in the same token the first will not work in a live elementary school play review site and the later will not work in, a science for humanity niche. 

And in some extreme cases, it will bore an audience to the point they will be nodding of and if that happens they will leave your website to find someone else’s and that is one situation we are trying to avoid at all cost.

Some things like baking would pretty much fall into a middle aged stay at home mom category, while windsurfing in the tropics would fall into an active life styled younger single adult.

This by no means is saying that everyone reading your article will fall into those categories: it is simply saying the most likely this is going to be the type of person reading your blog.


This may sound like stereotyping your niche audience and in reality, it is sort of doing just that.  Every niche has a typical type of person that is interested in it: some remain very finely tuned while others can be broad and open to just about any type of person. 

If you were the kid that had problems snapping together Legos when playing with them, most likely you are not into or all that interested in building furniture in your home workshop. 

On the other hand, if you were great in math and loved messing around with numbers then accounting, mathematics, statistics, or some other numerical concentrated niche might be more to your likings.

Knowing Your audience as a Writer helps you keep them interested. as with the audience that greeted this speaker

Additionally, niches that are broad might be slightly easier to write for then very narrow fine-tuned niches.  Really it all depends and boils down to the niche itself or rather what the typical audience is for a  particular niche.  

This also can lead to cross styles of writing, and that is a bit more complicated to discuss and might end up being a topic for another blog at a later time: no promises on that one.


This is one of the more serious issues that needs to be addressed prior to adding any content to our website whether you have a merchant site, an e-commerce website, a content-based website, a hybrid combination of those listed, or any other website that you want to attract as many readers or visitors as you can.

If you write as if your audience is all children guess what that is the audience you will attract.  If you are aiming for older aged baby boomers a slightly more mature approach would be more appropriate.

Doctor’s and other scholars would be more likely to be attracted to more intellectual content, while non-skilled labors appreciate casual conversations more than any other style.  Again let me repeat myself your material is not going to please everyone that reads it.

We should merely try to attempt to address those stereotyped individuals from within our niches, and if your niche really doesn’t have a stereotype then watch your blog’s session time this single statistic will tell you if people are just skimming your content, reading it thoroughly, or are not reading the blog till the end.

This is where knowing your typical audience from what I was saying before plays into the equation of writing what style of writing you should acquire to write your great content in. 

Some people think that if your material is written in a 3rd-grade level it can only be interesting to younger children and not be good content: that simply is not true.

This is why our writing style plays such great importance in our websites or material we post to our website.  Just because we read something and do not particularly care for the way it was written or the style it was written in, does not mean that is was not good content.

So we must learn to communicate effectively to the typical niche member (our visitors) and write in a way that would intrigue them, pique their curiosity without making them feel like we are talking down to them, talking to them far below their reading capabilities, or trying to impress them with a super knowledgeable vocabulary.


One thing that all writers or authors, whatever you prefer to call yourselves, need to remember, all content should have a nice natural flow to it, much like as if you were sitting at a table with your friendly bookworm and were having a casual conversation with them.

Success is determined by different people by different means so if our content is achieving what we wanted it to accomplish then it is successful.  To me, it is how many people I help.  

I only feel successful when many people tell me that rereading my article helped them in some way or somehow helped them to improve their website or online business

Good successful content does two major objects as a reader reads it, the first it should make the reader what to keep reading, attract them to a point that they feel pulled into the material and want more, or want more material once they are done reader the material. 

The Oxford Royale Academy has a great article that goes into this topic in greater details, and I suggest that you read it. One way of doing this is by relating to them, allowing them to relate to you, or allow them to relate to the situation you are conveying or simply put engagement.

The second is to achieve something: to deliver an important message within the article; help your readers solve an issue they are facing; suggest to them how they should solve an issue; let them know how you solved a similar issue that you faced early on or recently solved; let them know of a product that you used to help you solve the same type of issue; and finally suggest a product to them based on research that you have done, or based on other people experiences with the product in helping them solve a related issue.


This is most likely the main reason you are even reading this blog post right. Some are thinking how doe s all this information and the hype about content do for me? 

Meanwhile the veterans that are reading this know what it can do for them and their website, and are reading this article to pick up on some pointers or two to improve their content and really need to go read Quality of Content or if anyone else that wants to learn some tips what Images for Content can do for the quality of your content .

Over the years I have thought about this many nights, and have proven to myself and a couple of my followers, that small easy to read paragraphs most two or three sentences long.   Each containing a main thought or idea within the main topic but having of its own separate idea or message.

Then the groups of paragraphs should convey a concept or an overall message. Much like the header to this section of paragraphs was labeled “ranking” so the general concept or general meaning I am or will be discussing should be ranking, how to rank, what you need to do to get ranked.

You get the picture something relevant to the main topic of the article “content is king” but broken down into separate subject matters one or more subject per each header.  Another strong suggestion is if possible plug the keyword into the header.

And remember content is not just what you write but it also includes the images you use, any and all links related to and from your material, or any other form of visual aid you used within your post to help convey your point across to your readers.


Do your research on both the topic you are writing about and who you are writing to.  Both are equally important to attracting visitors and keeping them on your website longer. This is also a ranking factor that the search engines are increasing on their priority list within their SERP algorithms.

The best advice that I can give to any authors or writers for online websites is to improve upon your writing style by seeing which blogs people are reading when visiting your website and how long they are staying on each blog.

Content is king because that is what attracts visitors to our website through free organic searches conducted on the search engine and the better and more relevant the content is on a subject matter the higher it will get ranked for that particular keyword.

These two very vital important numbers will not only keep steering you in the right direction to attracting more visitors.  At the same time, will also greatly enhance your chances and really increase your odds of making money online from home with any and all of the material you write.

This ultimately is one of the main goals most people start a blog for in the first place: to create a passive income that will improve their current financial situation.

So if you follow these super easy instructions

Keep it accurate

Keep it helpful

Keep it interesting

Keep it real

Keep in related

Keep it simple

Keep it useful

Keep it visual

Your content is going to knock the socks off your readers and they will be delighted to read more of your material.  Remember we write to please our reader’s needs or questions and not for our own entertainment!

As always I's like to thank you for reading my blogs and visiting my website!

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Or by chance, if you would like to leave some relevant information as content that you feel may enhance this website/page, by all means, feel free to leave those comments below as well being a private business owner myself I am always looking for great advice to follow and other products that can reduce my time of running my business.

I am deeply gratified by your continued patronage to my website thank you so much for visiting hope the rest of your day is filled with great memories

Additionally, I would like to thank you for visiting my website today and reading this blog to the end, it proves to me that I am on the right track and providing people with the best information that I have gathered over the years and in recent research is helpful to many


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