Do systems boasting, “Increase traffic to your website” really exist and work?

Do systems boasting, “Increase traffic to your website” really exist and work?

This question does not equate to a simple yes or no answer.  It is my experience over the years of online entrepreneurship that such systems do actually exist and if implemented long enough will, in fact, increase traffic to your website.

The biggest question in online businesses how to make money online form home siting in the comfort of your own office
Do many people wonder if these systems work?


  1. How much increasing traffic to your website will it see?
  2. How long do you have to implement it before the increased traffic to your website is noticeable?
  3. What is the initial cost of these systems?
  4. Where do I even find a system like this anyway?

The truth is that most systems that claim to increase traffic to your website will indeed increase traffic to your website.  But not enough to change your profit margins overnight that’s for sure.  The increase of traffic to your website might not even become noticeable until months after you have daily painstakingly implemented their website increasing traffic system.


To increase traffic to your website one must follow some simple yet complex rules. Increase social engagement, add relevant content to your website, increase links going to and coming from your website, and all of this must be done without posting any duplicated material.

So how does an online business owner increase traffic to your website, while increase visitor engagement at the same time?  Unlocking these keys can become very costly, in fact, a ready-made system or app could run as much as 2,000.00 US dollars or even much more.

Unfortunately, it might only increase your website traffic by a mere 1 or 2 percent producing minimal profits that you will most likely never revamp the initial cost of the system or the app.

Thankfully, there is a silver lining to this gray cloud.  There are some great programs that you can join that will teach you the important aspects of making money online from home through affiliate marketing, e-commerce, or even a hybrid mix of the two content business models

The ten thousand dollar bill might be able to but a increase website traffic app but how long will it thke to get that investment back it would be better to learn how to make money online form home than to invest it such outlandous systems.
On December 18, 1934, was the first printing of the current common dollar bill (size and design) as we know it today, the ten thousand dollar bill is the only designed modern U. S. currency bill ever printed to have someone other than a president on the obverse side (face) of the bill. The ten thousand dollar bill was printed for the Federal Reserve Banks to make transfers between each other, the last bill was printed on January 9, 1935


Then again, I have seen plenty of online courses advertised boasting that after completing their course even the novice business online owner can increase traffic to your website by implementing the courses material, the part they won’t share with you is, it will only increase traffic to your website by how much.


One final option is to find a mentor; someone or a group of individuals that have succeeded with online businesses.

The best mentor will have 1,000’s of training videos on every subject you can think would involve operating an online business; be available to answer any  question you can fathom concerning operating an online business, like how to increase traffic to your website; and would offer such a platform to assist any type of online business.


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