Double The Screen Space – Is It Worth It?

Double The Screen Space – Is It Worth It?

A dual Monitor work Station
Dual monitor work station


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I normally do not share information that I discuss with any of my mentees but I felt that this was something if shared it could be very beneficial to any that take the time to read it.  The other day one of my mentees was asking me my thoughts on using dual screens or multiple monitors to do her research work for writing her blogs.  My first instinct was to ask her why not just get a bigger monitor instead of using two.

Multiple windows open on one screen
Flat screen TV used as a second monitor so the user can open multiple windows on one screen

I know many of the high definition flat screen TVs can now also be used for computer monitors because most are equipped with High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) plugin setups now.  The problem then is finding the software that is compatible with the TV and your computer, which most of the major brands are starting to supply to their customers via their websites and a free download.


If we think back a couple of years as to who were the first people to use multiple screen technologies: government workers such as police 911 dispatchers who needed to be able to access information quickly so multiple screens was a no brainer for them;  the second kind of using was the gamer and they wanted to produce a view as realistic as possible while they were playing their games.

six monitors used to produce one giant image
The gamer using multiple screens as one huge screen

Two completely different styles of applications but both using the same technology of the graphics capabilities of your CPU of your computer whether it was a tablet, laptop, or a PC.  But the real question to play (no pun intended)  here is, “Will this  increased  workspace positively affect my efficiency?”

The answer to that question is not whether you are an efficient worker or not, but if you can actually improve the efficiency of what you are doing on the monitor at the time.   So if you are doing simple tasks that only need one window at a time to be opened (such as checking emails) then the answer would obviously be no.

On the other hand, if you are writing a blog, doing affiliate marketing, or any type of content marketing, and you want to be able to read the following list of items while writing your blog:

  1. The top 3 blogs that your competition is writing.
  2. Your own personal notes on the topic you are writing about.
  3. A scholar paper on the topic, or any other relevant material on the topic
  4. And the new document you are creating to store on your computer and then be able to simply copy and paste it to your website after you have completed it.

Then most definitely it would increase your time needed to sort through documents if your screen or double screens are large enough that you can view multiple full-sized readable documents.

911 work station using multiple computer monitor
911 work station utilizing multiple screens to access information quickly

Before you go out and buy a bunch of adapters for the additional monitor find out and shop around to see what will be the least expensive way to accomplish this.  If you monitor is going to be permanently mounted like on a wall you can choose the least expensive cables because the unit will not be moving, otherwise, I would go with the more expensive better-protected cables which will stand up to abrasion and other possible mishaps while moving devices and monitors around.

With my double screen set up, (2 X 21.5’) each monitor only ran me roughly $100.00 dollars each, they didn’t require any expensive software. I just need to make some setting adjustments and I was on my way.

For my computer (did not have an additional monitor HDMI port) I also had to buy a display port to HDMI Adapter like this one.

Depending on your needs most will just need a male to male extension cord lengths depending on where computer and monitor will be located.  I strongly suggest that you always buy a cord at least one foot longer than what you figure the length you need, just to be safe.

I really like the additional workspace and it only cost me a little over $1000.00 dollars it was hard for me to say no.  The best feature of this new set  up that I like the most, it provides me the screen space to where I can view 3 full documents per monitor, so this allows me to view 6 different opened windows at the same time which is plenty of literature to have access during the process of writing a blog.

Often if it is a product review I have two of the affiliate program website’s opened and ready to read other peoples comments left about the product, my personal notes that I created when used the product, then decided to write the review and if possible I like to have a page open with a full-size picture and description of the product.

I do this so it will help me remember things I liked and disliked about the product making the process of writing the review much quicker and easier.


Now if you are traveling and have your laptop I don’t think you will want to set up an additional monitor just to increase workspace.

Using two screen at a work station
Using a laptop and a wall mounted flat TV as a second computer monitor

However, if you are traveling by RV that is a different story altogether, when you are performing tasks on your laptop or in case of an RV you might even have your PC with you instead, but either way you can use the HD TV installed on the wall of the rig as a second monitor to increase productivity.

But when using the laptop at the house or in the office why not if you have the space available to use an additional monitor, why not utilize it.

A colleague of mine, who uses his spare room in his house as his business’ office he purchased the 2017 version (no longer available on Amazon) of this LG flat screen with wall mount.

Now my friend tends to make purchases on the high-end side but if you are frugal I am sure you could find a better price on the same size HD TV set up he purchased. But he bought that setup because it came with the mounting unit and the extra cables needed (the complete kit) which saved him potential aggravation in the future

He mounted the TV so that it is right above where his laptop screen opens up to so when you sit at his desk, in front of the laptop and plug the second screen (the wall mounted TV) one screen sits right above the other, and he uses the second screen (additional workspace) to have all his open windows of research documents on, and the laptop’s screen for the document he is currently creating.

That is when he often has work to perform that requires him to have many windows on his screen open at one time and the laptop’s screen by itself does not provide him with enough space to juggle his documents around without having to constantly be shrinking and expanding windows.

He said he had quickly grown tired of this juggling act and often would expand the wrong window spending more time figuring out which window he wanted to expand instead of doing actual work.

He even showed me that when he has to have 8 or 9 documents open at the same time it is still easier with the multiple screens than just one screen.


Now that we know it can help increase productivity.  You may ask yourself, “Will it really help me increase the amount of work I can do in a single day?

Well to answer that question we must address the root issue is multi-tasking productive, and in most cases, the more time you can spend multi-tasking projects is time you will end up saving to use doing something else. (More projects or more time spent with family)

Now we come to the nitty-gritty is the money spent on an additional screen worth it, well we know that we can save time so if we were to keep the same schedule as we did with just one screen we could accomplish more work in the same time period.

This naturally will allow us to do more work and since the more content we add to our websites breaks down to more money in our pockets then I would say it would be worth spending up words of $200.00 on a new second screen for your office and or laptop set up.

One more thing prior to getting this giant new workspace look into your graphics of your pc or laptop to make sure it can handle a second screen for windows (sorry Apple users I am a solo Microsoft user So I don’t know if Apple has advanced graphics cards to enable such uses of their computers).

To find out if your system can utilize dual screens, just type in settings in the Cortana search box in the toolbar then go to display then just to see if there is a spot like below if so You are set and ready to go.

The setting for a dual screen are  in the display section

So let us know in the comment section below  –  How many screens do you use?  And why?

If it is more than one, do you feel it would be a wise choice for others to do the same?

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