Finding Quality External Links

Finding Quality External Links

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Cal here once again with yet another fact-filled blog in hopes of helping you improve or upgrade your SEO practices which in turn will improve your websites overall profitability by increasing your website’s traffic.

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Okay today’s topic: high-quality external links why we need them and where to find them!

So let’s get started, shall we.

To find a quality external link we must first know what the difference is between the different types of links.  I have written a series on different links, how to find quality links of each type, and what they do for our written material we publish on our websites (the content of our blogs) read here to learn more.

There are several different types of links the most important four and are much more common than the others are: internal links, external links, backlinks, and affiliate links each are different and serve different purposes.

So here in this article, I am going to show you how to find high-quality external links.

I am hoping that this will assist you in locating high-quality links, because the higher the quality of material you use to make external links with will also help your material get ranked better in the search engines, and we both know for bloggers that means more free traffic provided through searches.


The example below if just for demonstration purposes only and is not based on factual information.

Each person below wrote five blogs on different topics (keyword focused) the material at this time is irrelevant to what I am going to be demonstrating:

Simulated SERP of different blogs from different bloggers

Now if all of Calvin’s blog where ranked number 5 in the search engines data banks according to the relevancy of the keyword, John’s where ranked number 50.  And then, all of Karen’s blogs where ranked 5 and Jill’s were ranked 50. 

If I were to wrote a blog and wanted to add an external link about On-page SEO then I would want to use Karen’s Blog and not Jill’s, the reason being is that Karen’s blog being higher ranked than Jill’s

Blog; Karen’s blog will actually help my blog get a better ranking than if I used Jill’s blog.  Much like an averaging system if you beat the number one team out of six in your division it boosts your ranking and will improve your teams ranking. 

But on the same token, if you beat the number 6 out of 6 ranked divisional opponent it will not affect your team’s ranking nearly as much or even improve it at all.


The SEO ranking within the search engines works on the same principle as the way they rank material being submitted. If the blog is extremely relevant and has many links to other top-ranked blogs it will naturally get a better ranking than a blog that is not all that relevant to the keyword and uses lower ranking blogs for external links.

So as website owners, we want all our material to be ranked higher to get more organic (free through excellent SEO practices both on and off page) traffic most of which will come from having higher SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Position)’s. 

It has been proven through research that the higher your blog or material gets ranked in the SERP’s the more free traffic it will receive.  

The more free traffic means the more visitors.  And of course, the more visitors to your website the greater potential of a visitor becoming a customer, or you receive a commission from them using one of the affiliate links you provide in your blog.  

So now that we understand how better quality external links can help our material get better SERPs now let’s figure out how to find those higher ranked blogs so what we can use them to help our blog get ranked better.

The first thing is to determine what the keyword is of the blog you are looking for so in the example above I used On-page SEO as the keyword I wanted to use, to add to the information I provided in my blog. 

Naturally, the easiest way to do that is by doing a search in the search engine for the keyword then you read the top 5 blogs that appear in the search results to find the best relevant blog that will add to your content without repeating or competing with your material (both can hurt your blog’s ranking).


In other words, say I search the term “On-page SEO” and read the top-ranked blog but it goes into finding external links and other aspects of improving SEO besides just On-page SEO. 

I would not want to use this blog because it is my blogs competition, simply because it branches out from just On-page SEO. 

Google search for On-page SEO
URL’s and Phone Numbers have been changed to protect the rightful owners of the listed websites.

However I come across Karen’s blog, and it is all the different strategies of On-Page SEO, not really going into details of how each is done but more of a general guideline of how to improve On-page SEO in general (which is what I wanted for my external link to be). 

I read the other top blogs and they all seem to drift into linking and how to find quality links, so I decide against using them for my external link blog, because I don’t want to send my readers to my competition or a blog that is repeating any material I have or plan on covering in my blog. 

With this in mind, I decide on using Karen’s blog because it doesn’t repeat any information that is or will be in my blog, it’s a higher ranking, and the structure and content of the blog: because it’s a better match of what I was looking for.


By doing this I accomplish a couple of things:

First, I provide an external link that will help my blog get a better ranking under different keywords.  Karen’s blog was under “On-page SEO” and mine is under “Quality External Links”

Google search for On-page SEO
URL’s and Phone Numbers have been changed to protect the rightful owners of the listed websites.

Secondly, I assist my readers in getting a better understanding of the topic I was discussing (writing about), since I am offering knowledge it would be safe to assume my blog would be ranked slightly higher because of this.

But by providing an external link to Karen’s blog which ads to my message I am tiring to convey to my readers.

Equally important, Karen’s blog ads additional information to my readers without duplication of material but yet enhancing their learning on the related topic (her keyword: On-page SEO). 

This enhances my material by adding new material written from a different author (most the time in a different style) keeping the reader interested in the overall topic being discussed.  

And lastly, the external link also saves me time by providing the information without me having to write the material myself. 

And as a side note, if my blog gets ranked high enough in the SERP’s it will also help in this case Karen’s blog or material get an improved ranking also. 

But that my friends, is another topic to be covered on a different day!


If you need help with something or have a question please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me privately at my email address, and I will be more than happy to address the issue. 

Or by chance, you would like to leave some relevant information as content that you feel may enhance this website/page, by all means, feel free to leave those comments below as well.


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