How the Affiliate Marketer Receives Their Revenue

How the Affiliate Marketer Receives Their Revenue

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So we have been doing this promoting of products now for roughly a month and it is time to get paid for what they have accomplished for the companies and organizations that we are affiliated with.  As with any business a designed payment system was established when the business agreement was formed between our creators and retailers when we agreed to the terms within the Affiliate Program


These payment systems can be in a couple of different ways, but most of the affiliate networks like to either payout once or twice a month, or pay out once the commission earned has reached a certain level $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00 US and the normal amounts that most of the merchants and manufacturers will agree to.  But once you have established yourself in the industry and have been doing this for a while that could mean the entity issuing you payments would potentially be cutting you check every other day.Affiliate Marketer wekky Cash

So in a lot of the affiliate agreements in these situations of a prolonged arrangement the agreement is written in such a manner to be flexible in nature so that this agreement can continuously be adjusted and adapted to the affiliate’s performances to allow for deviations to the predetermined times or monetary amounts to be paid to try to keep it on a regular schedule of receiving payments either roughly bi-monthly or monthly.

I think if the industry has a norm it would be on a monthly basis, but occasionally in cases where the affiliate is making the business or organization substantial amounts of sales or income, the affiliate payment schedules are designed to be advantageous for both parties to allow for these adjustments to keep both parties involved in the agreement happy.

Currently, PayPal is the industry leader in online business orientated transactions, so it would only stand to reason that it’s also the most common way for affiliates to receive their due compensations, this is of course performed with a service charge attached 2.9% of the monetary amount and .30 per transaction.  So if an affiliate was to be paid a commission check of $100.00 US.  PayPal is going to charge that individual $3.20 to complete the transaction and will charge $29.30 on $1,000.00 payments done through their banking services. Additionally, PayPal will add a service charge for funds received or to be paid out in any currency other than the US dollar and those charges vary according to the currency being used.


Amazon Associates offer three different payment options for its affiliates, an Amazon gift card, direct deposit to the affiliate’s bank account, or a check mailed directly to the affiliate.  Amazon has the affiliate predetermined when a payment will be issued according to a monetary amount from $10.00 US to $100.00 US, and a final option to determine any amount above $100.00 US.  Regardless of how you receive your payment Amazon withdrawals taxes from any taxable incomes by US IRS guidelines.

While on the other hand, eBay pays out at the beginning of every month any positive balance in the affiliate’s account above a $10.00 US threshold.  Payments can be issued via a certified PayPal account or direct deposit to the affiliate’s bank account.

So you see it varies on the business or organization that the affiliate is in the agreement with, and roughly in 95% of the affiliate agreements have an option that the affiliate can always receive a check directly from the business entity, so if the manufacturer is in a foreign country or doesn’t use PayPal or one of the other online payment platforms falling to back to older technology may be much slowly but is a tried but true safety net to fall back on if need be.Sample Affiliate marketer's pay check

With the technologies evolving so rapidly it would not surprise me if a new system of online payments comes out of the shadows any day now.  However this should not change the legality of the affiliate agreement, but it should make the affiliate more aware of their options available prior to committing into an agreement they do not feel comfortable into entering.

In other words, if the business will only provide payments directly by check there may or may not be a bad business decision on their part and might be worth looking into before signing up with a particular business entity.  Now I’m not saying or suggesting that just because Joe’s Smoke House doesn’t use PayPal that an affiliate marketer should not enter into an affiliate agreement with them, but I am saying it might be wise to look into finding out why they don’t use PayPal, that’s all.


And, if how you are going to be paid from the retailer or creator will be a deal breaker or maker with you, then I would strongly suggest that you contact the other party before agreeing to the program guidelines to assure your payment preference is an option within the affiliate program you are inquiring about.No PayPal for some affiliate marketers

Okay, that about wraps up this short series, I hope that these articles helped you get a better understanding of the Affiliate marketer and will assist you in your quest to figure out if Affiliate Marketing is right for you.  I strongly suggest anyone looking to possibly starting any business whether it be online or on the local street corner to speak with both a lawyer and an accountant to see what laws and regulations would apply to them individually for their area of operations.

Now I am not allowed to give out legal advice, on this matter, but I can help you in your decision process pertaining to how to start or keep proceeding forward toward your financial freedom.  So if you’re seeking some advice or guidance from experience on what to do next; or if you should even pursue affiliate marketing or not, please, by all means, feel free to reach out and contact me I will help in any way I am legally allowed.

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