How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Thousands and thousands of stay at home moms and dads, medically or handicapped inclined people, and fleshly retired seniors are blindly jumping on board the internet bandwagon of entrepreneurship in search of the Holy Grail.

Although, the last two decades we have seen and witnessed first hand an increased interest and familiarity of the internet by these individuals seeking to find out about online business structures and new modern opportunities.

Only to be faced with the question that plagues many of today’s online business owners, “How to Increase Traffic to Your Website”.

Most new busiess owners find out quickly the key to online businesses and making money online from home is website traffic and most realize to make it they have to learn how to increase traffic to their websites
People flocking to the internet for extra cash are finding out it’s not as easy as some people think.

Even though the online type of business is appealing to a vast majority of the world’s population because work can be performed on any type of device ranging from the home PC to a laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone and literally anywhere the internet is available.

These new modern styles of businesses can be operated with small amounts of overhead costs, and start-ups involve minimal, very low, or little upfront funding.

Below I will discuss some of the strategies used by successful modern business owner’s today to Increase Traffic to their Websites.  Most of these methods can also be used to help increase sales and customer retention overall for any style of business in existence.

Not only can these different approaches be implemented for online businesses, but a traditional face to face approach business could benefit greatly from some of these new methods of advertising and getting attention to their businesses as well.

Simply put, this is how most modern successful small business owners in today’s society have adapted to modern technology and have implemented free new and traditional styled advertisement campaigns to utilize these new technologies to their advantage to help them turn a profit.


First and foremost is the website (the foundation of your online identity) it should be constructed and designed so that it has a bit of a catchy domain name this is not necessary, but the name itself can help attract visitors. It should be easy to navigate throughout the site, be fast so your visitors aren’t spending a lot of time waiting for the site to move from one screen (web page) to the next screen (web page), be secure of intruders or hackers, and pleasant for the visitor to browse around within the website (this is called the Website Hosting Platform)..

Four different dollar sysbols in different langauges
We all like money no matter what country we’re from

Next, all the content posted to the website should be relevant to your niche’s targeted market, posts should be made often to let your visitors know that you are still present and the website is active.

This presence can be done in many different formats from a small reply to comments left by visitors to posts of more quality blogs (tidbits or short articles on related subjects of the website main promotion or message it is trying to convey).

Equally important, you could allow guest bloggers to write a blog for your website, Engagement thorough all the social media networks ranging from Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Tweeter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn just too name a few.  All of these first items mentioned will create a sense of community and gain trust with your new visitors.


Moving right along, old traditional advertising methods now have a modernized variation to them and can be applied for the online entrepreneur or the traditional brick and mortar establishment.

As most daily/monthly publications are becoming immensely scaled down or even extinct like newspapers and magazines the new modernized business owners have turned to the internet to get the word out about their business’ presence in a flash.

With email marketing, free online classifieds, infographics, banners, and inserted external linking, to name just a few, all duplicate old traditional styled advertising with a modern day twist.

The new online business owner needs to keep focus on how they are going to make money online from home o r they will hae problems breaking event or rmaking a profit
Like any other business, online businesses take hard work and involve some long hours.

Additionally, merchants can offer free shipping; advisers, consultants, or teachers can offer free lead magnets (informative free PDF’s, Training courses, or eBooks); while professionals, authoritarians, and intellectuals can conduct specific subject studies and share their results.

One more thing a business owner can do is study their competition or exploit their competitor’s means of advertisements to benefit themselves.

This is easily accomplished through the use of keyword research tools and the deconstruction feature within Jaaxy.

Additionally, this would include doing things like posting very informative, interesting, and beneficial comments on their competitor’s websites; becoming a guest blogger on their competitor’s website; do a constructive comparison of your competitor’s website to yours (what are they doing differently that you are not?)

Finally, study your visitor’s demographics (male or female; single, married, or divorced; 20, 40, or 60 years old) this will allow you to shift your website content to appeal to and fit their needs.  Next, study your visitor’s habits while they explore within your website.

If you have 15 blogs posted on your site and only 6 are being clicked on and read, you should figure out what is different in the blogs being read to those being ignored.

Then update or change the ignored ones to receive more views and readership, this can and will increase the time spent on your website by your followers, allowing content to keep them captivated by its quality.

In turn, increasing the chances of them producing an incredibly powerful means of advertisement the golden challis, if you will you, wait for it. . . wait for it.

You guessed it: word of mouth advertising a very strong influencing referral for you and your business (and that leads to success).


Last on the list, we have the ugly expense that no business owner wants:  paid for the advertisement.

There is a cornucopia of different ways to pay for advertisement these days for a business: from postal flyers, business cards, telemarketers, billboards, park benches, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, online paid for posted links, social media campaigns, keyword search engine campaigns, paid website comments, paid content writers, and finally car wraps or signage (I don’t think I left out any, but I’m sure I forget one or two).

Wrapping it up, everything listed above in this blog is designed to help advertise a modern day business the online methods all come together forming what is called SEO and this is how search engines determined a website quality relevance to a keyword, and where a website should fall in a keyword search ranking.

In conclusion, today’s businesses struggle to answer the quandary that most of them face daily, “How to Increase Traffic to Your Website” modern business owners whether that business is a sole proprietorship, partnership, or a corporation.

Whether it is an online website or operates on a face to face principle they should simply execute and implement as many of the ways listed above to get the word out about their Bread and Butter’s presence and strive to increase their customer base to improve their odds of profitability.

These new ways of advertising are getting to a much more personal level with the customer because in most scenarios the business owner will never actually met their online customer base.

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