Is Google Slowly Tumbling

Is Google Slowly Tumbling

Google continuously attempts to shift their platform around to gain more and more profits from their mighty revenue producing service, and that is paid advertisement placement among search engine results. 

This was a very successful business strategy when it was first introduced, but can it and will it remain profitable?

But now when a consumer does a search on their platform due to prior experiences they know that the advertiser may or may not be relevant to their actually searched keyword.

Because of these board keywords, advertisers are attempting to use to draw in additional sales from various vaguely relevant market segments.

The Infamous Google search Box and Icon of the digital era

I don’t think it is a matter of alternatives for organic advertisers or business strategies such as those used by most midsized and small online business owner’s use daily to draw in traffic to their website. 

It will eventually come down to the searcher again as always, eventually will become known to what Google is attempting to do and they will adapt their habits to these unannounced changes during searches much like searchers in the past have done.


Google cannot allow nor will they let the paid advertisers take over and dominate the first page of results because they know that this will also kill searches being conducted on their site and searchers will rapidly find another search engine to perform their search’s on.

Additionally, Google is going to make sure that this is not going to happen especially since they have attempted to adapt the top 3 slots for the paid advertisers if you recall Google used to be encased the first 3 slots reserved for paid advertisements in their own text box.

Now Google tries to blend them in with the organic search results, adding to more and more appearing per page just about every time you conduct new searches there is now 4 paid advertisers on the top of pages 8 – 10 organic listings, and 3 – 5 on the bottom of page one in highly competitive keywords search results. 

Many people have grown acustomed to the new ads and how Google places them within the origanic listing from each search inquiry

I think too many people conducting searches are becoming wise to what Google’s newest tactics and how they are attempting to blend paid advertisers in with the organic listing, because 80 – 85% of clicks resulted from the searches are still going to the organic ranked positions.


Google should realize that this is what the person doing the search wants to read truly relevant material on the topic they are searching.  And they are not willing to take a chance on whether the paid advertisement is even close to what they are searching for or not.

And I think that is because even though they dropped the text box, the paid listings are still distinguished by the little AD box.

However, if they drop that then free SEO strategies on Google will definitely plummet, because searches will no longer be able to figure out what is bogus advertisements and which are truly relevant pages of content. 

I for one do not see how they could do that because it would also cut their bottom line equally if people are clicking blindly they will find another search engine to search on quickly.

And believe it or not that shift is actually happening they are slowly loosing they giant control over the search industry their percentage of searches had been on a steady decline for the past five years now (not by much but it has been declining, and they are very smart they can see the writing on the wall they know what time it is)


They were at 91.7% of global searches or 114.7 billion out of the 175 billion estimates searches in April 2012. Compared to their current 74.54% yearly average or 1.26 Trillion searches out of the estimated 1.69 Trillion searches that were conducted last year alone in 2017.

No, it not a big shift but it is slowly happening and the nice thing about that is all of the other search engines are gaining not just one of the others.  However, it would appear that Baidu is gaining slightly more than their competitors

Is this a stutter step for the search engine giant or is it the beginning of their demise it will be interesting to see how they continue to try to react to this statistic. 

Their search percentage is dropping they are fully aware of this happening and it hurts their bottom line of revenue for each search performed. 

So the counter the market drop by adding more advertisers per page of rankings, this has caused even more people to conduct searches elsewhere. 

So, will they act like a corporation and try other unethical tactics or will they respond like a service provider and give the people what they want. Which is ultimately relevant material results of their searches.


Well hold on just one second, there seems to be a new factor that could make or break Google’s future in the search engine industry. 

That noteworthy factor is a very powerful new trend indeed, the mobile device and searches conducted on those devices over the past couple of years have grown exponentially. 

The point where Google has estimated that mobile device both tablet and cell phone, searches have surpassed those conducted on desktop computers in over ten of the largest countries of the world. 

And because this shift is also being led by a younger generation of users it is also shifting the different keywords or keyword phrases being searched.


Equally important, of course, is the webpages being indexed by their abilities to be viewed on such mobile devices will greatly determine how an individual’s content that is relying on organic traffic will receive their Search Engine Ranking Position or (SERP). 

Mobile Devices are becoming more popular for searches than desk tops and are expected to triple in volume in the next year

So the search inquires will be fulfilled remembering the primary goals of the search engines and that is, to provide the most relevant and easiest to view the content of the keyword or phrase being searched.

So what does this mean for Google, well it just so happens that since they were the first search engine to adapt to this new and upcoming trend of technology.

Moreover they, in turn, also hold the mass majority of those particular new technology searches conducted and geared to be viewed on mobile devices.

Finally, with the projected amount of internet users (the percentage of the world’s population that has accessed the internet) climbing from 40.7% in 2014 to an astonishing 53.7% by 2021.

Multiplied by the populations expected growth.  I think that Google can rest easy for the time being of a coupe d’état from any of their competition and even the combined forces of their competitors don’t really equate to any force that Google should even consider as a force to be dealt with any time in the near future.


So even though Google is losing a very small percentage of the searches per year it is not even a noticeable statistic for their executives to even double think or possibly doubt their strategies for the company’s future. 

Yes, yes their numbers are falling but with more people projected to become users of the World Wide Web and the population expected to drastically increase itself by 2021, their number of searches and their revenues continue to increase.  

Along with those two main factors of their industry so how could any business facing those situations be too concerned about what the future holds for them. 

If anything they should be wondering how their growth will be able to keep up with the demand that they will be facing in the next 3 to 4 years. 

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