Jaaxy, The Best Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy, The Best Keyword Research Tool

If you have been running an online business for any length of time you are fully aware that keywords should still play an important part in daily on-page SEO practices.

And if you aren’t still using a great keyword research tool your competition is having a much easier time keeping you out of the top-ranked SERP for the keywords of your niche.

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Cal here,

Despite what many are saying keywords, in my opinion, are and will always be an important factor in getting your material ranked with the Search Engines, so they still remain very import for on-page SEO practitioners to use.

And if you are thinking otherwise you are truly missing the boat and probably most of the traffic generated daily from the keywords relevant to the content on your website.

 I’ll give that last statement a minute or two

So it can sink in real good!

Sure there are some exceptions to any normal business rules but for the majority of businesses especially those that are online, Keyword research is vital to the success of your online business.

A keyword is the crucial element to that being possible, that is unless of course, you have a large stockpile of hundred dollars stanched somewhere that you can use to promote it through expensive PPC or some other paid for advertising.

Jaaxy the best keyword research tool on the market today (AT least i think so)

If you are not having success with your blog or other online business and just can’t seem to get into the top 5 spots in the SERPs then I strongly suggest you look intensely into the keywords you and your competition are using.

Please if you use another keyword research tool and you think that you are getting great, quick, reliable, and quality keywords when using it, and you feel it helps you a lot, and has multiple features designed with content marketing in mind share your experience in the comments section below. 

I am a private business owner and I too, am always on the lookout for a better product to help me promote my business for free through SEO.  I am just like many of you out there, the more I can save in operational expenses the more I can profit!

Let’s Get started Then Shall We

This is just one of the many ways that Jaaxy the keyword research tool can help you out.  For those of you that are familiar with research tools, I think you will find that Jaaxy since it was created and developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers; it is the best hands down.

Furthermore, those of you that are new or novice bloggers, and article content marketers should pay close attention to what unique features Jaaxy brings to the table and offers you.  It could actually prevent you and your website from becoming a failure.

No, I am not saying that without Jaaxy your business is doomed. 

That would be a very bold statement to make, especially with all the factors that would come to play into whether you fail or succeed. 

Jaaxy the best keyword research tool to simplify all your SEO testing

But what I am saying is I have used plenty of keyword research tools over the past 15 years that I have been running businesses online, and I have not found an easier to use or understand the keyword research tool’s results like with using Jaaxy.

Sure there are some that are far more costly but believe me that does not mean that they are better.  It just means the two guys that own and operate Jaaxy (Carson and Kyle) aren’t trying to get filthy rich off of you, me, and anyone that wants to use their great keyword research tool.

As I mentioned before Jaaxy was developed by Carson and Kyle, and guess what?  They were affiliate marketers (aka online business owners) just like most of you reading this article are right now, or are thinking about being in the near future.

Jaaxy the best keyword research tool, you'll  have keywords galore

So when they built their keyword research tool, they knew what they needed in a keyword research tool and kept that in mind as they designed Jaaxy.  Because it is truly built around the needs of affiliate marketer, to assist them and online business owners the ability to increase profitability just from using the tool and saving massive amounts of time in keyword research.

Being fellow entrepreneurs they knew exactly what it needed to be able to do: to be extremely helpful for many people with an online presence.  Equally important, make it so that it was worth its weight in gold to any online business owner that wanted to enhance their SEO and increase their website’s visitors through FREE marketing strategies.

I don’t know about you but FREE is one of my most favorite words of all time.  Now to offer the industry such a quick and very effective way to do keyword research is beneficial to just about every online business owner.

That’s why they offer a FREE trial period where you can conduct 30 keyword searches, find lucrative affiliate programs, and brainstorm the hottest trends.  These features will give you a live “hands on” encounter with the platform so you can see for yourself just how quick, easy, and user-friendly it operates.

Jaaxy the best keyword research tool, for efficient, fast, and powerful keyword data

By offering you efficient, fast and powerful keyword data that is available at your fingertips when you are a member could very well make the difference of being ranked number 15 or being the top dog for your keyword.

And we all know that the top spot in any search receives most of the traffic produced by that keyword something like 85% roughly depending on who you talk to.  Regardless, that in itself should make you want to strive for the number one ranked position.  I t does me that’s for sure!!

A blogger that is just starting out, 3,000 daily visitors would greatly help increase the odds of making some sort of money, which would be fantastic.  I say this because if you were to concentrate on writing articles that focus on just high competitive keywords. 

Chances are you will not be getting ranked nor will you get any traffic from the particular keyword thusly decreasing the odds of making money or becoming profitable in the future. 

One important lesson all content writer need to remember is that they write for people and not the search engines.  In the long run, it’s the Quality of Content that matters the most.

Jaaxy the best keyword research tool.   To beat the competition you need to know more than your competitors know

I think this is the number one error that most new affiliate marketers make: they aim for the sky, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  But most shoot for high competitive niches instead of finding that golden nugget niche which Jaaxy is able to help in that process also with the regular keyword research feature that makes that decision both easy and quick to make.

So now that we know why Jaaxy should be included in our business’ arsenal.  If you think that Jaaxy is just going to hand over prime low hanging fruit keywords, think again it is possible to use Jaaxy to find these keywords but it is still going to take some work on your part to find them even when using Jaxxy.

Let’s go over what all Jaaxy does that makes it so darn special.  But first, we have to stop and think there are tons of niches in which an affiliate marketer or any content writer can operate out of. 

I’m talking millions here just about everything you can think of could be turned into a niche somehow.

The wild thing about all this is that many of these not-so-super popular niches have no or very low competition, this would make it simpler to rank content in that niche and easier to control the market in your favor over the long haul.

Jaaxy the best keyword research tool.  Many of niches exposed - uncovered on a diaily basis when using Jaaxy

Let me explain how that works.  In the keyword search platform instead of searching for a keyword you simply fill in a niche instead of a keyword in the search box and it works as a niche research tool just as effective as it does for keywords. 

We use the term low hanging fruit to describe a keyword that has at least 30 visitors daily and less than 100 competing pages or websites, even though these select keywords don’t bring a lot of traffic it brings a little bit.

But if you think about it this way these particular keywords are easy to rank in, because they have little to no competition.  So if you have 150 articles posted on your website and they are all written to rank in low hanging fruit keyword related articles. 

Since most the articles were written for low hanging fruit keywords it’s going to be much easier to get and keep that number one SERP.   So you monopolize and monetize on that keyword’s traffic.

Jaaxy, the best keyword research tool.  Your competitive edge starts here the second you join

Yes, I know each low hanging fruit keyword may only bring in 20 visitors and that’s a low estimate at 66% of the traffic for the number one spot. 

Since the competition is low this would not be hard to get ranked highly for these special keywords, so that would roughly drive 3000 subject specific visitors (with 150 blogs) to your website on a daily basis. 

Now that is not a whole lot of traffic but consider this.  There is not going to be many other websites competing against yours for the specific subject oriented visitors that your website and article are going to be receiving for free from the search engine search results.

Try it Yourself

I would be deeply grateful for any other Jaaxy users could leave a comment below, of their experiences when using the keyword research tool or any of the features Jaaxy offers,  the more we can share with others the more we all benefit jointly.

So the time to find low hanging fruit and concentrate on those keywords is now, and it also is very wise to search just for these keywords if you need to build traffic quickly.  Now once your site becomes established, matured, and has authoritativeness with the search engines things will change.

I would say at that time it would be safe to play with the big dogs and broaden your niche and keyword research some, to see if you can adapt and grow or decide whether you need to start a second site in a different subject (niche). 

Jaaxy, the best keyword research tool out there today.  Track historical ranking and monitor your  website  authority all at a clcik of the mouse

This is something that Jaaxy can help you determine and assist with too.  I’ll cover the site ranking feature in more details later down in this article, but first I’d like to discuss another feature that will help us keep our competitive edge in keyword research.

Okay, so far we have covered a couple of the outstanding features that Jaaxy brings to the table, except the one that I would consider as the most important feature that Jaaxy has to aid us in our keyword researches. 

This feature, which worked so much better in Jaaxy than any of their competitor’s keyword research tools did, that I have tied at least, and that is no other than the Alphabet Soup feature. 

I’m not only going to explain to you how this feature works I want to show you how it works as well.  Because I believe you can only appreciate it fully if you understand what all it does, how fast it does it, and how this can save you hours and hours of keyword research in the future.

Okay, you know how Google put that feature a while back on their search platform that involves the interaction and utilization of their artificial intelligence program, you know the one where it gives you a list of suggestions under the search box as you are typing in a keyword or phrase inside the search box.

jaaxy , The best keyword research tool. Competitive to Goole's AI in the search box metrics

That was a really nice addition to Google it helped when you just weren’t sure on how to phrase what exactly you wanted to search.  Okay now, Alphabet soup works very much as that program does, but Jaaxy’s program acts as if it is doing steroids or some other performance-enhancing drug. 

I’m serious, you know how Google’s AI is able to keep up with you typing in a search term right. 

Well, the Jaaxy Alphabet Soup Feature (that’s what Carson and Kyle, the owners of Jaaxy, called their program) spit out a total of 248 keyword suggestions in roughly 3 or 4 seconds.  The speed depends on how many users are using the platform.

The longest it has every taken when I use it, was roughly about 6 or 7 seconds.  Not a long time period for roughly 250 keyword suggestions to be generated, and listed for our review. 

And the nice thing about that is you can save the list with just a click of the button.  This allows you to be able to then run the full list through the keyword research tool one at a time, for fine tuning to see if any are low hanging fruit or juicy keywords (very lucrative hidden keywords).

Jaaxy, The best darn keyword tool in my opinion, and the alphabet soup feature is great for producing tons of keywords in just seconds beating the keyword competition hands down

I only have Jaaxy Lite, and if I were to upgrade to “Pro” or “Enterprise” monthly subscriptions both offer many more features to their users.  I would have received 2,912 keywords suggestions just form one keyword phrase “Blogging for a Living” try that in your keyword research tool and see if it stacks up to Jaaxy. 

The great thing about all this is Jaaxy spit out those results in a matter of a couple of seconds (extremely simple to use, very reliable, and super quick) what more could any online marketer want for their keyword research tool. 

But wait there’s more than this tool can do and I want to share with you, much more actually. So moving forward we have the extraordinary keyword research feature where the combination of using three of the top 10 research engine data banks provides for a much better outcome.

To pull a keyword from Jaaxy since it uses multiple search engines and not just Google’s this greatly increases the odds of the keyword suggestion that it produces will be highly popular or very commonly used the keywords we want to know about.

Jaaxy, the best keyword research toolo today.  with gathering data for 3 searches engines instead of just one like the competition jaaxy produces better keyword possibilities.

I do have to admit that with such a huge database and the extremely large data scanned and analyzed for the keyword research tool it is a tad slow for my liking.  But it is still much quicker than Jaaxy’s competitors, and from what I have experienced, the competitor’s data banks in most cases are not as dense or are they able to produce the results that Jaaxy can.

Still not convinced yet that Jaaxy is one of the best keyword research tools on the market today? 

Some of the features built into the keyword section of the platform are that all of the particular header titles if clicked on changes the order in which the items are placed descending to ascending or ascending to descending.

Jaaxy, the best keyword research tool. Just explaining what some of the columns mean in the main keyword research tool features means and how you can change them to help locate low hanigng fruit keywords.s.

This makes finding low hanging fruit especially easy to locate and use for the next content you plan to publish for your website.  If you have a new site, aim for Avg. over 100 and QSR under 100 for the best potential of your content ranking highly.  As I said Jaaxy was designed by affiliate markets for affiliate marketers.

The ease of switching the words quickly to new keyword suggestions from the related/brainstorm list or by clicking on any results listed keyword makes searching faster and allows you to concentrate more on the word being used and not how to move around, enter, or retype words within the platform.

Jaaxy, the best keyword reseach tool.  With Jaaxy millions of pobbile keywrords are just a couple of clciks away.

This next feature is geared toward helping you improve your website, the content you publish for it, and the longevity success of the SEO practices and testing you conduct. 

You can monitor the rank of your website and material by scanning on a schedule (you create), so you can see what truly is helping your SERP and will naturally improve and increase website traffic you receive from the search engines.

By now you have figured out that Jaaxy is not just another typical keyword research tool and I think that Jaaxy provides many advantages that the completion just can’t compare to, in fact, Jaaxy has some many features that sometimes it is hard to keep track of them all.

Jaaxy, the best keyword research tool.  With Jaaxy Domain name possibilites are just as easy to find as keywords

Now I just showed you two images ago a couple of things that you can do in the keyword research section of the tool that makes it easier to find low hanging fruit keywords. 

But I didn’t mention it earlier because I did not want to try showing to many this in one image and since they are two different features they both deserve their own window to explain what they can do and how to maneuver around and manipulate them for your convince.

Now, this all happens simultaneously along with keyword searches for each term you enter into the  Jaaxy search box making it even quicker tool to use,  because you can conduct two major different functions both hand in hand with each other.

Jaaxy, the best keyword research tool. The domain column lets you search for avialable to purchase domain names as you are using the keyword reseach feature.

This looks much more complicated than what it is when you do a keyword search as in the example search “cartoons” you get results for matching domains names also shown in the image above. 

Much like the blue “Get QSR” buttons for the QSR, KQI, and SEO columns you have to manually click each item to show each item (for free or starter, Lite,  and Pro memberships). 

This manual clicking and showing technique also take place in the Domain’s column except in that column you have two separate buttons a “Search” button shown in the little green box; which reveals if .com, .net, or .org suffix version of that domain is available. 

Clcik Here To Learn More About How Fast Jaaxy Works

Meanwhile the “Find more” button in the little red box opens up the pop up window outlined in the big red box and it does another very quick search of even more versions and different domain suffixes, also scouring the web domain registrar searching to see which domains with the same or similar name (with dashes filling in the spaces between words) is available to be purchased.

So if the listing needs a further search you’ll see the “Find More” button and when clicked on, a new pop up window appears upper right side of image, and when the “Search button” in the green box is clicked the results just show in the column shown within the dark blue box in the upper right-hand corner of the image.

The last two things I want to show you in this image is: see the little black box at the very first listed keyword it shows unavailable and that is what will appear, if all the TLD variations of the domain have been purchased by someone else already.

Then the final thing for this image, see the two little light blue boxes?  When you click on either one of those two buttons in those boxes under the blue alt text; it takes you right to the SiteDomains section of the Site-Rubix platform, which is within Wealthy Affiliates’ platform. 

Jaaxy the best keywrod research tool you can go straight from a domain name search to the purchasiing platform in just a click of a button

From there you can instantly purchase the domain name right then and there within seconds of finding the Domain name you want: with no wondering around trying to find the purchasing platform no attempt to upsell, and you get there with a click of a single button (how convenient is that).

If you want to read more on how that complete process goes down then I suggest that you read Site-Rubix product review. I go into some of the processes and how simple and easy the whole purchase and the initial building process really can be.  

Equally important, in the Site-Rubix review, I go into all the feature that Site-Rubix offers to all its customers and how that hosting platform is superior to many of the other hosting services charging outrageous prices, here’s the catch for hosting of private Domains you have to be a Wealthy Affiliate member.

However, you can also host a Site-Rubix subdomain to try out what there hosting service offers the Wealthy Affiliate members with a Free seven-day trial membership offered at Wealthy Affiliate.  With this free seven-day trial membership you will get the chance to see what all Site-Rubix hosting and website builder offers its users.

Thankfully it is the easiest tool that I have found to perform keyword research with and we all know that keyword research is still very important to most modern business owners, and always will be in my opinion, the main foundation of all On-Page SEO.  If you don’t find the right keyword aka topic to write about all your SEO efforts might be applied without satisfying results being achieved.

So a great keyword research tool has unparalleled importance to affiliate marketers or any online business model that relies on content and high SERP to attract revenue resources. 

Time is money so the speed that Jaaxy operates will save you time and in turn, will also save you money.  Another feature Jaaxy offers will assist any marketer to improve their SEO efforts to improve any individual page/post SERP or their website ranking overall.

Jaaxy the best darn keyword research tool today.  The Site-Ranking feature lets you check your site as well as your competitor's site to see how you stack up against them

Most of us know that SEO is a practice, much like that if being a lawyer or a doctor in the scene there are no black and white rules to follow, we have guidelines established though fellow marketers’ tests and our own testing of different SEO practices. 

This continual testing has provided SEO managers and business owners with a list of different items or little tweaks that we can do in our On-Page SEO that affect our SEO ranking within the Search Engines.

I promised that I would discuss the site rank, monitor, and history tracking feature and here is where that is going to happen. 🙂


If by chance that you too, have used another keyword research tool besides Jaaxy, I would love to hear which tool you used and your thoughts on using. 

I am always looking to find the best so that I can spend my time more efficiently enhancing the potential for increasing the profitability of my business too.

We know the internet is a very competitive marketing platform and as more and more people get comfortable with using the internet to make purchases online it will become even more competitive.

Currently, the number of people that have access to the internet is compounding at an exponential rate due to new technologies and the ability to reduce the cost of accessibility to the grid and other utilities such as electricity.

Is Jaaxy the best keyword resaerch tool on the market today yes possibably it is .  Jaaxy can help you keep a competitive edge against your competition because to beat your competition, you need to understand them very well.

Regardless, this increase in internet users will surge the market and the competition to compete for that enlarged market. 

Naturally, this increases the importance of needing one of the best site ranking and tracking tools, so we can keep a competitive edge.

Jaaxy the best keyword researh tool.  Your competition sleeps at night thats the time to beat them at their own SEO ranking game and Jaaxy will assist you in doing that.

Once again that is where Jaaxy steps in and comes to the rescue.  The site rank feature offers its users with a tool so advanced that provides the ability to check the ranking of any website or article published on the internet. 

Just fill the information in the boxes provided in the tool and in seconds your results will show where the item ranks.

This tool searches in Google, Bing, and Yahoo individually to give you individual results per platform because they don’t all use the same algorithm programs so their results will differ slightly, sometimes a lot. 

Then once you have completed the initial request you have many options of what to do from there

Jaaxy the best keyword research tool. Showing some of what the site rank feature is all about.

Looking at the image above; we see the original search information; within the red box, on the left side, is the keyword (item such as website or blog title): and on the right side, in the green box, is the domain name. 

Then after the results quickly appear we have a couple of option we can choose from:

First, we can look at each search engines result simply by clicking on their respective button located right below the green and search boxes, then over in the black box, this is where we can schedule for tracking to take place.

If we click on the ”Track this keyword Daily” it will, of course, make a daily search and log each search’s result for you. 

You can see any of the search tracking scheduled, of a keyword if you click on the “Tracked Rankings” button inside the orange box.

But if we don’t want a daily tracking, we can also adjust that by moving the blue circle on the slide bar to the time period whenever we want the tracking to check the ranking again.

The settings are:

Twice a week


Twice a Month

and Monthly!

Slide the blue dot then click on the button below it, which the content changes accordingly as you slide the blue dot across the slide bar.

Jaaxy the best keyword research tool.  Watch as your competition drops in rankings and you build momentium from using low hanging fruit keywords found on Jaaxy Keyword research tool.

I know what some of you are thinking right now that spying on your competition is unethical, and could lead to black hat tactics next, those of you that don’t know what black hat tactics are. 

Those are the different SEO practices that the Search Engines frown upon any website owner to use.

Things like the invisible text on pages, what some of the websites were doing is typing the keywords that they were aiming at in white text on a white page, invisible to you and I the reader, but was scanned and read by the spiders).

Check out Jaaxy Here!

They would do this in between paragraphs where they could stuff 50 to 100 words and most people never even knew about the text being there, so it was improving their rankings without people realizing why?  

In long pages with lots of white space, they could stuff 2,00 words without the visitor or their competition knowing about the additional text, prior to Google’s Panda update this would make a huge difference in SERPs.

In other words, black hat tactics are attempts to cheat in the Search Engines algorithms’ ranking programs by tricking the Search Engines’ spiders to help improve their SERP. 

This, in turn, improved their traffic from the search engines, and only encouraged them to try other deceitful tactics later on.

Jaaxy the best keyword research tool.  Keeping tabs on what the Jones nextdoor or your competitors websites are doing is smiple with the reverse engineering of any site on the interent see what links they have and many other insider numbers to crunch against your own.

By having the ability to reverse engineer any of your competitors’ websites, not just the successful ones, opens up a whole new area of expertise in your favor. 

This assessment offers you the chance to repeat or duplicate their market strategies and tactics to help the user to implement similar practices to improve their ranking; this will level the playing field immensely for the Jaaxy user.

Then to de-throne them in the SERP rankings the user will need to step it up a notch, compared to what the competitor is doing to improve the users’ authoritativeness with the Search Engines 

Along with better-enhanced visitor engagement, then the additional SEO practices should also increase the users SERP above their competitors SERP.

Jaaxy the best keyword research tool.  SEO is important  so to see yoru competition is vital for younger site that face stiffer competition equal out the field with Jaaxy.

The more one can learn about what their competitors are doing to rank higher than they are by using this feature.  This will let Jaaxy definitely pay for itself, as soon as the user’s SERP improves.

In turn, increasing the user’s website traffic, and ultimately improving profitability chances, which is any business owner’s goal online or off, and might be the main reason why they are in business in the first place.

Jaaxy the best keyword research tool for finding low hanging fruit keywords.  It will show you the money if ou implement what you learn from using it.

There are a couple of other features that make Jaaxy such a great tool to enhance the efforts of any user attempting to improve or heighten their SERP within their segment of the market of the search engine results.

These features highlight more on the local level and I am going to leave those features for a different article concerning local SEO and domain purchases for the local SEO manager or Business owner looking for local level attention to their businesses.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is that Jaaxy is always easy to use, with understandable results, allowing you to find the low hanging fruit keywords to better boost your overall ranking and through other proper SEO practices will make a huge difference in your businesses over the ability to get free traffic from the search engines.

Jaaxy gathers the latest algorithm data often from three of the main search engines assuring that you receive the most current, update, and through results possible something, the others fail to do. 

Within each and every search you conduct Jaaxy offers what the others don’t, and that is the latest greatest results selection of keyword possibilities.  

Multiplied by other proprietary technology which keeps Jaaxy ahead, above, and better than what the competition is supplying to their customers.  This is how Jaaxy can keep their prices lower than their competitor’s prices and offer more bang for the buck.

Jaaxy the best keyaord research tool that I ever used.  Here  is a quick list of the features I've discussed with you so far.


And those are just some of the main features but I think they might be the most important for keyword research tools to have and offer to their customers, which Jaaxy does. 

Jaaxy offers all it does at some of the markets lower prices below is a price comparison chart so you can compare the different subscription plans to what is offered to each level and for what price.

A comparison chart of Jaaxy and the different subscription plans available to you.

Okay, there it is folks Jaaxy offers tremendous prices and great features at the lowest of prices on the market. 

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages listed that I made to let you know my thoughts on how the keyword research tools ranked in my opinion:





Easy to use

Easy to learn

Designed for the novice and very useful to the veteran digital marketer

Determines potential traffic possibilities and competition difficulty

No unnecessary features to distract you

Online application so no software download needed

Always get the current most update version automatically

Any device will work no large RAM memory needed

Mobile friendly

Synced with Google, Bing and Yahoo data bases for larger results selections

Revolutionary in capability of finding low hanging fruit

Fast and reliable support team

Idea for any Keyword, Competition, or Affiliate Program finder and analysis


I‘ve been using it for almost a solid year now with no major complaints!

I am only using the Lite Subscription level, but I only have one affiliate website that I am using it for if I had multiple websites I would have upgraded to Pro or Enterprise by now.

But some cons that I have heard through the grape vine:

Can’t switch from global to local searching

Only in English – needs to have a translator

Jaaxy the best keyword research tool.  thank you very much for reading my material and visiting my website.

If you need help with something or have a question please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me privately at my email address, and I will be more than happy to address the issue. 

Or by chance, you would like to leave some relevant information as content that you feel may enhance this website/page, by all means, feel free to leave those comments below as well.

The best keyword research tool in my opinion is Jaxxy. I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for visiting my website it is greatly appreciated very much so

Additionally, I would like to thank you for visiting my website today and reading this blog to the end, it proves to me that I am on the right track and providing people with the best information that I have gathered over the years and in recent research is helpful to many


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