Make Money Online From Home – the WA way

Make Money Online From Home – the WA way

Welcome back for those of you that have been following this website’s progression and hello to those of you that have not.   I would like to welcome you; I hope you enjoy the information I am about to share with you.

Greetings!  I hope everyone is having a Fabulous Day today.  welcome to today we will be discussing one of many ways to make money online from home that won't break the bank to get started, so lets earn while we learn shall we.

My name is Calvin

and my friends just call me Cal!

Today I’m going to be walking you through a platform which was created to help individuals to learn how to make money online from home it provides everything needed for anyone interested in starting their very own online home business.

What they don’t provide, to the person wanting to learn how to make money online from home, they show where to get the needed item and how to get it.  Likewise, I want to show you how to maneuver around on the platform so if you do decide to try the free 7-day starter membership, you won’t get lost.

You laugh now but it can be quite overwhelming just ask any of the members once you’ve crossover the line to becoming a free seven-day trail starter member.  Afterward, if you like what you see during the free trial and think you too could do this to make money online from home, then simply upgrade to premium.  Here’s a chart showing what is available to starter/free versus premium members, and if you’re like me you just have to go premium because of everything they offer go check it out and see for yourself.


make that decision because it’s YOUR life that will be changed if YOU go and upgrade to premium, not mine or any other of the platform’s members.

The first unique difference about this platform then other platforms like it: you will never be pressured into upgrading, and I have never gone into the 24/7 live members chat and not found some members in there, and most could answer any of the questions being asked by other members. 

But before I get into all that technical stuff, first I’d like to explain what the training on the platform is all about.  The basic business model is creating and increasing organic traffic to your website through proper SEO practices and making money online from home with Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing You Ask?

Now I‘m not sure if you know what that is, so I’ll take just a little time here to briefly explain the process to you.  

First, we have the marketer or salesperson, which is called the affiliate they promote, suggest, or recommend products that they have conducted extensive research on, they use or have used in the past to enable them to write a product review for the said product.

Not all products reviews are good reviews some of the You Tubers that I associate with often get products sent to them by manufactures, just so they can do a product review on their YouTube channel, most are good but there are those products that simply do not rank a good review.

One of the young ladies I am speaking about above happens to have a very sweet deal going on for her.  She gets free trips all over the world from a travel agency, that she is promoting.

She simply mentions the agency in her all her videos especially in her product reviews (which are trips to places everywhere on the planet), and then video records her visit and then gives her honest opinion of her stay at exotic resorts from all around the world.

Some locations to avoid while vacationing and trying to make money online from home or should I say anywhere in the world.

In some of her reviews, she gives very good recommendations and she highly suggests that you visit some of the particular destinations, however, that is not always the case so she has made some negative reviews on a couple of places she’s visited over the years.

Furthermore, one such trip was one of her real disappointing trips and was a complete nightmare from the beginning when she first boarded the original plane, up until when she steps foot off the airplane back at her home airport.  Naturally, she posted a very negative review for that particular journey, and I doubt if she herself will ever return there.

The thing is that if anyone books a vacation thorough any of her affiliate links, (the links she provides in the video’s description area) she gets a commission from the booked trip, and the person booking the vacation get-a-way receives a discount for going through the travel agency that supports the girl’s trips.

So as a vlogger (a video blogger or affiliate video marketer) she gets free trips that she has to do a recorded product review about the stay; that means she gets to take at least one other person with her to shoot the video.  Plus she makes money from anyone that books a trip through her links (what a life huh).

Making money online from home or anywhere in the wrold like a tropical paradise is a great way to supplment your current income

But in a nutshell that is how affiliate marketing works and that is just one form of affiliate marketing,  most affiliate marketers do not have such a gummous lifestyle as my friend.  But affiliate marketing is the modern version of word of mouth advertising.

Most affiliate marketers are bloggers, and vloggers (which are increasing rapidly) they start a website based on a niche.  Additionally, a niche is a small subsection of a market that they themselves are interested in like: baseball cards, or electric bicycles, and in the example above traveling all over the world to exotic places). 

How It All Works?

They submit content to their website in hopes to attract free organic traffic or visitors that click on their links from the keyword search result of search engine inquiries on the subject(s) related to their niche. If you would like to learn more on Affiliate Marketing and how to make money online from home, I have a miniseries that you can read all about how the Affiliate Marketing system works. 

If interested, I suggest you go up to the main menu and click on the What is Affiliate Marketing tab under the Make Money Online Fome Home tab, up above in the main menu or you can simply learn more here. Back to this great platform, by now I think you might have figured out that the platform I am talking about here is Wealthy Affiliate have you ever heard of it before? 

Since, there is so much helpful information and other aspects on this platform that will help you learn how to make money online from home.  I wanted to show you firsthand how to maneuver around on this outstanding learning center nicknamed Wealthy Affiliate University or WAU for short.  

This in hopes will help you learn more quickly because you won’t have to waste time during your free 7-day starter member trial just learning how to get around on the platform and send it more productively by going through the training and learning.

By getting a good idea of what affiliate marketing entails and knowing what to expect prior going to the Wealthy Affiliate platform will make your decision after the 7-day free trial membership of upgrading or not an easier decision to for you to make.

That’s what the members call it WA, and yes, I am a member: I’ll explain why later.  First I would like to go over the platform with you, and give you a bit of a tour.  That way if you think Affiliate Marketing might be something worth trying to make money online from home with, you will have a good idea and a slight head start in the learning process.

The wonderful world of online entrepreneurship is a spectacular opportunity to make money online from home, but I have to warn you.   Honestly, just like all businesses, it may not be a good fit with you or it just might not be your cup of tea!

Making Money online from home can be fun but it might not be for you and that's okay by me.  whatever works for you I will be happy tohelp you with.

I am not, nor do I want to persuade you into making a decision, either way, I just want to enlighten you on the facts and the truth behind this method of making money online from home.

So YOU can make the right choice for YOU!!

Moreover, the great thing about this training is it can apply to almost any business model online or off especially if you plan to have an online presence to promote your business. 

So you might want to consider joining just for all the training they offer which you can read and learn more about them in my WA University OEC training blog or the WA University Affiliate Bootcamp blog both articles go into great details showing and explaining the two different main training modules taught at Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate platform search box is yet another great learning center it’s a database full of blogs, training, videos, and prior questions asked and written by fellow members, to help fellow online entrepreneurs experienced or new much like yourself conduct their daily business activities.

Put those credit cards away Wealthy Affiliate offers a free 7 day trial to learn how to make money online from home and if you don't like it, no worries, cause no credit card information is needed for the free trial.

I am sharing this walkthrough so in case you decide to give Affiliate Marketing a try you will have a heads up of what to expect while on the platform.  This will allow you to concentrate more on all the training and the community.  Which are what I think are the platforms best attributes for new online business owners.

I speak from personal experiences because where and with whom you learn how to build, operate, strategize, and maintain your websites in the earliest stages of your online business are very important things to consider.  

If you want to have a successful online business the first important factor, is the business must be built on a strong stable foundation.  WA, the community, and I will be more than willing to help you do just that, so. . .

Go get signed up and we’ll get you started on your journey today if that is what you want to do.  If you’re still undecided then do the full 7-day free trial membership (I would just to see what it is all about) and after you have finished the lower (level one) training then decide if you want to change your life by giving affiliate marketing a go.

I already had an online business when I visited the WA platform the first time and it just wasn’t the right time for me: then when I revisited the platform some 7 to 10 years later (they’ve been around just like me for over 15 years now) it clicked for me and I knew I would fit right in

I like what Wealthy Affiliate achieves on a daily basis and that is proof that the internet is not full of just bad scamming and conniving people, and if promoted right a business platform can exist for business owners to help business owners run a more proficient and profitable online business.

By learning how to make money online from home will allow your life to change because you muct change for your life to change
Are you letting your silver lining in the grey situation you are facing shine through?

I want to emphasize that you have taken the first steps toward a new phase of your life by just reading this article.  It could very well end up being the beginning of a journey toward successful private entrepreneurship, as long as you follow all the training and correctly apply what it teaches you. 

There is no reason why, you can’t make money online from home in no time at all as long as you put forth the effort needed.  Members are writing blogs on the platform every day that help the community as a whole in running, planning, and strategically building their businesses to the next level, as well as motivating success stories of unbelievable proportions.

Okay, you’re on the platform, now what?  Well, let me show you how to get around to some of the important sections of the platform.  Once you actually signup you can explore even more this is just going to be basic for a person that has never been on the WA platform or has no idea of what to expect while on the WA platform.

The help center tab will help assist you when trying to learn how to make money online from home for free.

This will be the ice breaker I believe in starting at the bottom and working your way up to the top sounds like a natural order of things, doesn’t it? 

By doing so we start with the help center this is where you go when you have questions about payments, or memberships and need them to be addressed by Carson or Kyle; also this is where you get site support for technical problems with the WA platform or issues with your website(s). 

It’s my belief that most WA members have more than just one website the easiest way to duplicate the process is by adding another site and at 16.00 or less a year, you start a new business (domain and/or niche) in a matter of minutes.

Want to learn how to do that here’s my Site-Rubix review.  That is Wealth Affiliate’s website hosting service: yes they even have their own website hosting.

Carson and Kyle were affiliate marketers and still dabble in it a little bit I believe. Nevertheless, since they were affiliate marketers themselves they knew what they needed to run their businesses before WA,  so they set out to make WA a complete package of 95% of what you need technology wise to run an affiliate marketing business.

You know things like a content writing platform, website hosting services, a quality keyword research tool, and here my thoughts on Jaaxy WA’s supported keyword research tool.

The Live chat tab there is no single place on the internet today that you can learn how to make money online from home,  affiliate marketing, and SEO practices to take you business to the next level like you can in the 24/7 live chat on the WA platform.

Moving right up the left sidebar menu we have “Live Chat”  I think this is one of the best features on the platform it is a member-supported live 24/7 chat room.  I have never been on the platform and not seen anyone in there. 

Now I have seen it when it was pretty quiet, but there were still some stragglers hanging out just in case people needed help. The WA community is very unique and is a proud sponsor of a “play it forward” atmosphere and the chat is the easiest way for members to pitch in and offer advice and help to new 7-day free trial members or premium members.

This members helping members chat room is available so that someone can help you if you’re having difficulties or problems with any aspect within the platform, the training, or their websites just go in there and you can ask and get answers to most questions live and instantly from other premium members. 

Chat is a premium membership benefit, so after the 7-day free trial period you turn in to what is called a starter membership and you will lose chat access if you don’t upgrade to premium by then.

Just a quick glance of what the chatroom looks like while you are learning how to make money online from home for free on Wealthy Affiliate's platform.
This is how the chat room appears when you use the left sidebar menu tab, but there is a second way to use and see chat. I’ll show you that in the next image.

Since this is a 24/7 chat room so it never closes down and goes home for the weekend; you will hardly even have to wait any length of serious time to get an answer to any of your questions, not like some of those other paid for courses that offer an email and to answer a question as soon as they see it (guess what that could be in three or four days). 

And when I say hardly any time, well actually it’s more like, you will just have to chime in to get noticed, now don’t take that wrong, many members simply enjoy collaborating and chatting with others. 

You have to remember WA has active members in 190 countries worldwide so someone somewhere is willing to help no matter what time it is where you are. 

Equally important, some members just like to do some mind picking in the chat room, when I first started I would sit and just watch chat and read what everyone was chatting about.

The dashboard or home page also has the live chat room scrolling on the right hand side of the page this makes it easier to learn how to make money online from home and accomplish other tasks as well.

This might seem odd to outsiders but it is a common practice on the WA platform, and it is a great way to learn a vast majority of what is happening on the platform as a whole.  I liked to think of it as a live Q & A session for my training when I was starting out on the platform.

 I learned most of what I know about the platform by doing just that, other members would ask how can I do this, and then someone would answer them.  I sat and watched chat for hours my first two weeks on the platform and I learned where to find just about where and how to find everything on the platform, by doing that.

And with the other sites only offering forum threads to get answers to questions, and if you have a free 7 day trial membership you surely don’t want to be waiting around for half that time to get an answer to a simple question that’s what makes the chat room at Wealthy Affiliate such a great asset to its members, remember WA is based on members helping members or what they call paying it forward.

Additionally, one must remember these are just premium members helping other members.  Whether you’re a free 7-day trial member, newly upgraded premium member, or even an older member; sometimes when you don’t do something for a while you forget where it is or how to do it.

Most are willing to offer assistance to anyone that they can help.  They are not customer service; however, the owners of the platform (Customer Service) frequently stop by to see how everyone is doing and offer their help and advice as well.  Okay next down the list on the left sidebar tab is the Live Event tab.

The Live Events Tab on Friday night Jay's teaching advanced aspects of online marketing to enable making money online from home, and if you miss it live fret not a recorded copy will be posted normally within 12 hours of the live event for viewing on demand.

Normally, people are out having a good time partying on a Friday night living life large right, well guess what?  Not everyone because every time I have been able to make it to the live advanced training with the live training coach, WA profile name “Magistudio”, there has been anywhere from 200 to 500 people watching the training.

Most of those individuals are the serious ones you know the person that wants to make a difference in the way they live there life with their website’s profits.  On Friday nights, they are earning advanced techniques, marketing strategies, and other aspects important to maintaining a profitable website in today’s ever changing internet environment.  Coach Jay is a bit of a computer and online marketing geek (I say as in a good Way) and has been doing this advanced training I think he said over 11 years now.

During the month he goes over a themed topic like for December of 2019 he discussed; Hot Seat! Winter 2018-this is where he picks three or four members websites and does a live feedback on his thoughts of the person’s designs, color schemes, and structuring of their website to help them with some tweaks for better SEO and visitor engagement; Writing and Ranking WA Blogs Posts; Amplifying Your Writing Efficiency; What all Marketers Can Learn From 2018 (last training for 2018).

That’s 52 weeks of additional ongoing advanced training to help you as a business owner take your websites to the next level, do you know of another platform that does this?  If so, please leave a comment down below about the platform, I would love to hear about it. 

This will also offer me the chance to go and check it out and write a product review giving my opinion on it and how it works to help my reads and potential future online entrepreneurs.  Being a private business owner myself I too am always on the lookout for better products to try and see if they can help me take my business to the next level legitimately that is!  (I like to be able to sleep at night.

The Website tab the heart of making money online from home because it takes us to our website(s) that allows you and me the freedom to work from home or anywhere else in the world

This is my most favorite tab on the platform and if it were a physical button I am sure that I would have worn it out by now.  It is the gateway to my websites hosted on Site-Rubix to find out more about what Site-Rubix offers, click the link, and the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

The sites that WA hosts with Site-Rubix are WordPress websites there are thousands of themes to choose from, and tons of plug-ins that you can use.  If you really want to step up your websites looks, bells, and whistles along with advanced graphics they also offer advance themes and plug-in paid for upgrades most of which are pretty reasonable compared to what some of the other style websites are charging.

I like the great site support you get with the WA membership and all the little extras that the others will charge you for, not at WA all the extras are free and come with the monthly membership subscription. 

And when I say extras . . .

I mean extras!

Advanced SSL, (https) – FREE

Daily full site back-ups to assure in case some tragic event happens your latest updated version is presented to all visitors of your website- FREE

Dual Server Storage, all websites are stored on two separate servers at two separate locations to make sure your website is also up and running no matter what happens  – FREE

Site Security, added safety against hackers, malware, bot-net attack protection, and even some spammers – FREE

Site Health, monitors your website to ensure you’ll have great odds of indexing, ranking, and attracting traffic through the search engines – FREE

Site Support, talk about being on the ball, these people respond on average within 5 minutes of submitting a question, and have the issue solved within the next ten minutes – FREE!  

Does your current support team for your websites offer any of these freebies?  Most issues are solved within 15 minutes of you submitting a question to them? 

If your current website support staff does not respond that quickly, you might want to think about switching your hosting service to WA then (just a thought).

I’ll have to come back and write a blog on what all is offered under the website tab I think I could write for two hours of all the freebies that are located under that particular tab alone.  So in the future look for a link in here on this and everything offered on this platform alone from within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Moving right along!!

The training tab holds all the secrets to making money online form home that everyone is tyring so desperately trying to find.

And it just so happens this is my second favorite tab on the platform it offers more training, knowledge, and information on every topic you can think about that has to do with online marketing.  It is the library of congress for the online entrepreneur.

Remember when I said something about getting lost this is where it will happen.  I have heard rumors of members going in and never returning (not really I was just seeing if you were paying attention – LOL).

Seriously though I could spend days and days in here and probably not even make a big dent in the amount of data offered just under this tab alone.  You can get to the two separate training courses, the first: Online Entrepreneur Certification or OEC training, and then the more advanced training: Affiliate Bootcamp or Bootcamp for short.

On a side note, see in the bottom of the image above I highlighted and expanded the image up some so you could see it better.  But on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you don’t even have to try to remember who all your referrals are the platform does that for you. 

Instead of getting the little green star when they turn premium they get two little two people helping each other kind of like: “I’m taking you by the hand kind of icon” just like the inserted image on the far left.

 This only can be viewed for this person by me because they used one of my affiliate links to join originally; to everyone else, the premium member has a little green star just like everyone else.  Sweet, because no matter how much I help all my referrals,

I do lose track of them every once in a while and this lets me know right off the bat you came here using my link so it is my responsibility to make sure you are doing everything correctly to simplify the process of making money online from home as easy as possible while still being able to attract visitors and have a successful profitable website. 

And that is a responsibility. . .


The Dashboard or home page tab, thisiswhere all the members on a dialy basis share their secret to how they are making money online from home and other aspects of onlie entrepreneurship.

Most members at WA, since they are actual business owners and not paid for writers; offer their personal insights to the ins and outs of operating their own online businesses.

So if a member wants to they can learn a new aspect of online entrepreneurship on a daily basis by just visiting the dashboard and reading a couple of the member’s blog writing exclusively for the platform and other members to read.

I’m going to have to say, this tab is a favorite of many of the members at WA but, me I tend to gravitate toward the money flow so I am attracted to the websites and training tab the most. 

There you have it folks a pretty in-depth walkthrough of the WA platform.  I welcome you to start a FREE 7 day trial membership, complete the profile page and pay me a visit to let me know you’re on the platform and we can work together to achieve your dream of owning your very own online business, and see if Affiliate Marketing might by what you were looking for to learn how to make money online from home.


When upgrading to the premium membership you are given your first month at a reduced price, I suggest that you take the owners up on that offer which is currently only 19.00 this includes many benefits.

I honestly believe that if you too take a long look at what all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer its members you too we see why it is so popular with other affiliate marketers across the globe and why I too am a premium member. 

Yes, I am member, the reason I am a member; because I feel it is such a great deal and because I am willing to pay yearly and in advance, I have my monthly membership down to fewer than 30.00 US Dollars a month. I want to see you try to host 25 private domains for that cost anywhere.

Where else can you run a business for a dollar a day make profits as much as $10,000 U.S. a month easily (dependent on many factors, mainly your efforts) that’s probably cheaper than the cost of a daily Starbuck’s coffee? 

I can host 50 websites for that little cost, have usage of Jaaxy an outstanding keyword research tool (also included in the monthly membership), live advanced training every Friday night (taped in case I can’t make the live performance), thousands and thousands of other member’s videos, training lessons, and blogs covering every topic imaginable including the latest trends and what is working for them and what to avoid.

Then there are two of the industry’s most thorough training courses the first has 50 lessons. Where you are shown how to do everything and lead by the hand through the entire process even how to build your own private website within minutes!

The second training contains 70 lessons and is geared more toward those individuals that elect to promote the WA platform or other MMO (Make Money Online) niches.  Remember I get all this for one dollar a day, but I want to be completely honest with you the cost when first starting out will be more. 

Yes, the first month is only $19.00 US that’s because they offer this as a first-time premium member discount but after that, the monthly rate is $49.00 US. 

Now, if you can afford to pay in one lump sum and pay the yearly rate of $359.00 US per year up front you will save almost half.  You can also save a little by paying 6 months in advance at $234.00 US that breaks down the cost to just $39.00 US a month.

Don’t tell Carson and Kyle that I told you this but I think they could easily get away with charging so much more if they wanted to. The cost of hosting 50 websites is well worth $50.00 US a month, Jaaxy is well worth $50.00 US a month, and the training and all the market insights are worth well over $200.00 US a month.

Even if you put everything on a credit card you could make the monthly payments at getting the discounted price and it will still be well worth the little bit of interest the credit card company is going to charge you. I think they could easily charge well over $200.00 for a monthly membership and still have plenty of people that would pay that price.

So are you willing to spend $19.00 US dollars for the first month to see if Affiliate Marketing is your answer to financial freedom and a lifestyle that most only dream about? 

Of course, your results are dependent on your willingness to learn and your commitment, dedication, and devotion to your business. WA nearly shows you how to work the business model and provides the tools: it is still up to you to make it work!!

As Always I hope you enjoyed my material on how to make money online from home the WA way, and will return as I wll be submiting more material soon

If you need help with something or have a question please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me privately at my email address, and I will be more than happy to address the issue. 

Or by chance, you would like to leave some relevant information as content that you feel may enhance this website/page, by all means, feel free to leave those comments below as well.

Thank you so much, I mean that, for sticking around and reading one of the many different ways to make money online from home, the series, as I explore many of  the business models to acheive making money online from home and shareing how to do it with you.

Additionally, I would like to thank you for visiting my website today and reading this blog to the end, it proves to me that I am on the right track and providing people with the best information that I have gathered over the years and in recent research is helpful to many


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