Here the actual spreadsheet that I use. It helps me keep track of all content on my website and makes it easier keeping track of progress when detecting dead links or other maintenance tasks that need to be conducted bi-monthly or at least monthly. You can open both of the images provided here on this page in a new tab to enlarge either one so you can read it better.

Left half of the spread sheet I use for SEO Maintenance

The top Image is only the left half of the spreadsheet. The bottom image is the right half. I did it in two images so you could enlarge them and duplicate what I have done to perform your SEO maintenance.

The right half of the spreadsheet I use for SEO Maintenaince

Not many SEO personnel recognize SEO maintenance as being part of SEO. But I do, and it assures me that I can keep my sites well organized.

In the event, I have dead links or URL’s that have been posted wrong or somehow incorrectly changed. Stranger things have happened over the years!

Regardless, I know my information is nice and neatly stored so that I can thumb through all my blog’s links without having to open a bunch of files on my computer or every blog in the WordPress editor (both would be time-consuming and hard to keep track of progress) to see where a certain link is located so that I can go directly to the right blog the first time and change or correct it according.

Good Luck! If you need anything-anything at all just get in touch with me and I’ll help you to the best of my abilities!!

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