Passion: Can it sell?

Passion: Can it sell?

Today I what to talk to you about something that is dear to my cause and is one of the main reasons why I write this blog and I strive to improve my life every day by helping others achieve their financial goals!

My mission is to help as many people any way possible improve their lives whether it be through self-awareness, personal growth, and learning, or learning a new way to create freedom for them in the near future. 

I know what it’s like to struggle from day to day, believe me, I was there a couple of times during my life as an entrepreneur.

I can remember eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a week straight it was either that or not pay for internet services and possibly lose all my customers, sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to make it work.

I have gone for being 175,000 dollars in debt and contemplating suicide, to owning a big fancy home on the beaches of southern Florida and having all the luxuries you can image, and losing it all again. 

I know what it takes to build a business from scratch and that is what has saved time and time again, nowadays that online businesses can easily be built in literally minutes.

And perfectly capable of being able to be making a reasonable income form them in relatively a short amount of time and be operated for less than 500.00 US dollars a year how can anyone not make a living online?

See it took me an awhile to realize the big fancy cars does nothing for you sure it makes you feel good for a year or two than you realize what a waste it was and sell it at a drastic loss.  

I have had a lot of my plate and  I am sure many of you out there have also. 

Successful business owners must think about their business first then everything in life falls in place around it, and after it has been built and making a nice passive income then and only then can you step back just a little and let it make you money while you put in little effort.

This is the time that most marketers will start their second or third website, building a portfolio of different niches so they don’t get bored writing about the same thing all the time and just in case.

 Google and the other search engines want to pull a fast algorithm change and completely wipe out a certain niche or style of website their backs are covered with multiple stream s of incomes.

Hey there glad to have you visiting my webiste I hope you have an inspirational day.

As with any business the startup phase is not easy nor is it a lot of fun see ever website is different you have a different audience that reads your material they react differently to your writing style, your products you reviews, or sell depending on what type of website you are running.

What I have figured out over the years is that if you are doing something that you truly enjoy, it is not like work anymore, it is putting in the time, and fulfilling a dream; feeding your passion for life!!

The passion for what I am doing has overcome me and has altered my thought patterns and daily routine. 

I do still find time to answer any and all emails I receive and I thank those of you that reach out to me so I try to stay in touch it is always a pleasure to hear from anyone. 

It is a great honor to be offered the opportunity to help others when they are feeling frustrated, wanting to give up,  just need a little guidance, or a gentle boost of motivation.

I recently read an article about Steve Jobs, and as many of you know he was a genius when it came to building startups like Apple and Pixar, launching new innovative products like iPod, and introducing newly designed user-friendly apps like iTunes these are the most famous that I am aware of. 

Regardless he faced countless obstacles to achieve his goals.  While many of his critics said he was being foolish spending so much time and influence on things that would just never develop into anything. 

Over the years while Mr. Jobs graced us with his ingenuity, many people that had the opportunity to meet him or even better yet work alongside him, most were fascinated by the man and his work tactics.

Steve Jobs one of the most passonate creaters of all times.

The Man and His Passion

Job’s repertoire in pitching ideas was his most profound and remembered business attribute.  It was like he got into a zone or a self–produced field or vision.

Once he got into this mode of thinking there was not much anyone could say or do to snap him out of it, many said it was like he was in a trans or under a spell of some sort.

It was his passion toward what he believed would be, it worked for Apple, even better for Pixar, and helped him greatly get the iTunes app off the ground back in 2001.

iTunes is probably the most widely used apple product besides their main operating system so Jobs was on the right track from the get-go.  However, there where plenty of other music apps out there so why use iTunes?

In the early stages of designing the app, it was said that Jobs called many musicians and recording companies to find out what the issues were with music apps and what needed to be done to solve them. 

To his surprise, he come to the conclusion it was the user’s ability to use the app: a good app had to be easy to use, however, a great app had to solve all the issues other apps were currently facing and iTunes did all that!

It was easy to use yet offered a great service without all the other features that slowed the other apps down, iTunes was fast, easy, and reliable which made it popular from day one! 

By staying hungry you body wants to feed off you passion

Then just a short year later Mr. Jobs married it with iPod and the couple turned Apple’s financial situation around 180 degrees they went from struggling in the red, to very high-profit margins and clearly setting new industry standards for other companies to follow.

Backtracking slightly, when Steve Jobs was first pitching the idea of the iTunes app he thought it was a good idea but being the prestigious businessman that he was.

He first researched the concept, ran the idea around the industry, and come up with the ultimate app to solve all the problems it faced:  before it ever even hit the market.

Oh, What a Passion

This was because of Steve’s ability to stir up a passion from within himself which later overcame him to such a degree people would be utterly amazed by how he acted and conducted himself during pitches and discussion over the products he believed in. 

The key to his passion was he believed in them, he researched them, and found them to be what he believed the solution to the current problem his targeted customers were facing.

Passion, a strong emotion toward a belief, product, or concept; sometimes so strong it is hardly able to control. 

This passion would run so deeply imbedded in Steve that it was reported he ate this passion on a daily basis; he slept with this passion causing new ideas to be dancing around in his head, or as he did other daily tasks throughout his busy lifestyle.

In fact, it was said that he would get so full of passion and so deep within him that at times he forgot to go home or eat meals for days.

Passion can fuel you with motivation.

This brings us to the title of this blog does passion sell to this I would have to favor a yes response to the question passion will sell if the passion runs deep enough within you to control what you are doing or thinking, a passion so deep that it is all you can concentrate on.

If your passion for something is this great then yes passion sells, and Steve Jobs is just one example of how it does sell. 

While I am sure that there are many more examples of how passion has helped sell products or concepts in general over the years. 

I don’t think you will find a better example to portray this than by using Steve Jobs as the focal point for the idea that – Passion Sells. 

Is The Passion In You?

This leads us to each and every one of us here on the internet every day just wasting time browsing around from website to website so why not start your own.

Here’s what some simple hobbyists that started websites ended up with many like to phrase the passion into a question as to what is your Why?  With a why your passion just will not easily be stirred up or mustered from within.

How do we build a passion for our own business?

It's Passion that got us here now what?

Research and assessments of what you are doing with your website:

Does it solve a major problem most members of your niche faces on a daily basis?

Does it make life easier for the members of your niche by solving issues that they face?

Does it solve problems that are related to the niche itself such as:

Is it Needed?




Or even user-friendly?

If you do not believe in what you are offering to your customer why should they believe in you? Read my story and see if you think I can achieve my goal.

Passion can control you if you let it.  I say the more you can express your passion for something in your actions or your websites content the more it will cause and form a natural bond between you and your website’s visitors and this will lead to success in one form or another.


Please share it with us down below in the comments section, I for one, would love to hear all about it!!

As always I's like to thank you for reading my blogs and visiting my website!

If you need help with something or have a question please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me privately at my email address, and I will be more than happy to address the issue. 

Or by chance, you would like to leave some relevant information as content that you feel may enhance this website/page, by all means, feel free to leave those comments below as well.

Thank you so much, I mean that, for sticking around and reading one of the many different ways to make money online from home, the series, as I explore many of the business models to acheive making money online from home and shareing how to do it with you.

Additionally, I would like to thank you for visiting my website today and reading this blog to the end, it proves to me that I am on the right track and providing people with the best information that I have gathered over the years and in recent research is helpful to many


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2 thoughts on “Passion: Can it sell?

  1. Steve Jobs is indeed a passionate man. Your content is awesome and I agree with your statement that Passion can control you if you let it.

    1. Hi, it’s great to hear from you,

      Thank you for the kind words about my work, they are greatly appreciated!

      Yes, it is easy to create a passion for projects that you are working on or involved in when your net worth exceeds a couple of billion dollars. One of Steve’s greatest contributions to the world may not have been one of his start-ups or even a tangible item at all. The ability how to learn to let passion build within so that it can take over is an attribute to what Steve accomplished during his life; he will be missed for sure!

      Living Life Large, Calvin

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