Product Review

Product Review

Calvinator’s Deliberations

Over the course of the last 15 years of online entrepreneurship, and the last 12 years making a profitable income from online sources I have come across many resources that have helped me along my journey, and some real disappointments.

In my quest to help businesses online or brick and mortar with an online presence attract more traffic to their website.

I will be disclosing some of the products that I have tried, both liked and disliked, in hopes to help others from spending hard earned cash on those dishonest systems that will not help you succeed no matter what their advertisement says.

I have read many books and have tried lots of different systems, although all are not complete rip-offs, some will benefit the beginner; much more than the seasoned veteran of online ventures, and vice versa: some of the books I have read would completely lose the novice while providing some intensive insight for a well-weathered entrepreneur.

As for the system advertised to make you rich overnight my parents taught me when I was rather young.


I will post these product reviews as I dig back through all my journals, so I can review my notes on the material as I was either reading it or going through the training offered.

Regardless I am on a mission to complete as many of these as I can to help guide others in their path to becoming profitable local business owners and/or recognizable brand ambassadors.

All of my product reviews are my opinion of the product being reviewed and by no means should it be used as legal advice, it is merely a suggestion to help other pursuing possibilities to gain more knowledge to increase their business profitability and successfulness.

These product reviews are written as merely a suggestive guidance to whether an individual should delve the material for possible knowledge or put it down and walk away before losing their money on worthless junk.

If I can help just one person from wasting $10.00 on some useless material then I have accomplished what I set out to do by writing these reviews.

Verdicts Handed Down:


Means stay away, strongly advised to avoid at all cost.


Could be helpful for advanced individuals, extreme caution, and extensive research recommended.


Possibly beneficial to many (more for the novice), suggest exploring what the platform has to offer.

Best of Luck Always,


P.S. —— Please remember the product reviews you will find on this website are written by me, and are my true I opinion of the product.

I will not and am not influenced by whether I can monetize off the product or not.  And these are strictly my opinions; your opinion of the product may be different.

If so, by all means, leave a comment.

We all can learn from each other!!

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