Quality of Content

Quality of Content

Blogging, Blogger, and Blog writers are just a fancy new technological term for a writer or someone that writes short articles of interest (blogs).  The online dictionary defines it as: “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group that is written in an informal or conversational style.” So, in essence, a blogger is getting paid to write, and getting paid to write can be very rewarding; you get to write whatever you want, whenever you want, and if you have a laptop or tablet with WIFI where ever you want, “How cray is that?

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Well hold up there, just for a sec or two, let’s back up a couple of steps and review what was just said.  Okay yeah, bloggers do get to write what they want to write about, but it’s not quite that simple you cannot write about your date last night with Bobbie-Sue if you are hosting a technology website.  Well technically I guess you could, it is your website, but if you did write about your date, you would lose all of your followers rather quickly; except any of them that might know the same Bobbie-Sue you went out with.  Bloggers are limited to what topic category in which they write about.

Every blogger has what is called a niche, and a niche is a definitive subsection of a market category, so if I was in the weight loss industry I might have a niche of “losing weight while eating just celery”.  I might not be in business for long, but while I was working my website I would be blogging articles after articles or ways to prepare celery, maybe even ways to grow celery the fastest at home, how to get celery straight from the farm, ways to bake celery, spices that best enhance the taste of celery.  You get the promise there, all the posts or articles are based on celery anyway I can tie it to celery, buying celery, eating celery, growing celery, or even cooking celery.


Within those blogs I write, I will suggest things like using garlic to cook celery with, and I would offer to my readers the type of garlic I use or a garlic that I know is relatively cheap and inexpensive but still has good taste, then I would put a link to that product (a button that when clicked on redirects them to the website that is offering that product) this can be done by a couple of ways I could place a link within the text itself or one on the side of the article to click on; either way it allows my reader to go and look at the product that I mentioned and possibly buy it, and if they do buy the product I make a commission from that sale for referring them to that product.Am image of the human eye with dollars signs flashing in it

Now a blogger’s commission does no effect the customer’s cost of the product, because the manufacture figures in the cost of advertising that product into its cost; whether it sits on a grocery store’s shelves or they pay a blogger for referring their readers to  it for them, either way the cost is already incorporated it the cost of the product.

This is a form of affiliate marketing and can be very lucrative if you can pick a profitable niche, promote the right products, and get paid a good commission for each sale.  It’s much like a modern day version of word of mouth advertising, except I am telling and selling what I actually use or have used.  I am not giving you sales pitches I am simply explaining to you what it is I do or how I do something much like word of mouth advertising.


So now we know what kind of content bloggers have to write about, “How do they know the content they’re writing about is a suitable enough topic for their niche?”  If it can be effectively tied into their niche then it will be compatible for their readers to relate to this is how you make sales.  If a blogger cannot tie in a subject to their niche it is best they find another topic to write about.  The 3 Rules of creating content in niche marketing:  1. Must be interesting; 2. Niche Related; and 3. Popular keyword Oriented

So, “How does a blog owner figure out what to write about?”  Well, some of us bloggers have it down to a science and there are a couple of ways to come up with new topics to write about. The easiest way is what I call follow the money, in this system you simply run keyword searches to find out which keywords are getting the most traffic.
Now all the search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing they all have what they call a keyword search engine which is a back office search engine that is designed to search for commonly used keywords.  You ask, ”But why would a writer (Blogger) be worried about which keywords are the most popular and frequently used keywords?”  To that I would say, “Good question!”, and the reason being; we as bloggers need to know this, I previously explained in more detail in this previous blog   ==>CLICK HERE TO READ: TRAFFIC INCREASING KEYWORDS<==

Keyword searches are the number one best way to discover new topics to write about that can help increase the popularity of the article being written.  The more keyword rich the content is; the better SEO ranking it will receive, and the higher the ranking; leads to better search engine results; which leads to more people knowing about our website, and at the end of the day being a popular blogger is what we as bloggers all try to achieve.


Yet, another way is to go back and read over posts (articles published through your website for public viewing) and find material that you could discuss in further details.  In other words, if I had a blog about cooking and I write in one of my blogs “prepare the pan for baking”, I could elaborate more on this topic.

image of a wrecking ball breaking down a brick wall. this is in representation of deconstructing your existing blogs to find new material to werite about.I would simply write a second blog about how to prepare pans for baking, such as using oil to coat the pan and then adding a thin layer of flour (for some cakes and brownies recipes from scratch), simple just butter, or oil to coat the pan (most common method with boxed ingredients), or preheat the pan as in some of the older cornbread and muffin recipes.  Within that second blog I could go into details on all the different methods of preparing a pan to bake with it, and how to figure out which method would be best to use in different circumstances, it’s like extending or elaborating more on a topic of interest (which would help visitors or readers interested in that niche by reading the new post).

The name of the game to reach success as a blogger is to be able to help as many people as possible within the content of your blog: that is the key purpose for blogging, it’s not like a lot of people think to make money, making money blogging is just a side extra and those reading these blogs know the difference.  People are not stupid, when reading a blog you know by how the writer writes their articles if they are chasing money or trying to help people.


If you need help with something or have a question please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me privately at my email address, and I will be more than happy to address it, or if you would like to leave some relevant information as content that you feel may enhance this website/page, by all means feel free to leave those comments below as well.


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