SEO – What’s Keywords Got To Do With It

SEO – What’s Keywords Got To Do With It

Every affiliate marketer and online business owner I know wants to get top-ranked content in Google and all the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu. 

The reason being it helps increase website traffic organically and there are two main reasons why:

The first reason is simple and that is because it is a way to advertise your business online for free it only takes your time to get your material ranked in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

In other words, it is the best form of FREE advertisement offered online today. Now you may be asking:  “Well why is it the best form of free advertisement?”

To which I would reply, your visitors that are produced from search engine results are concentrated subject, specific visitors

SEO whats keyword got to do with it graphic Art

So anyone that pays your website a visit and does so coming from the search engines to your site. Are looking for what your niche material if related to.

In other words, chances are you will not have someone looking for competition kites come to your website from a search result, related to kites if your website is all about baking old world style foods.

The more focused or narrowed down you can get your niche and the material you publish on your website will increase the odds of all your traffic being driven to your site strictly within the same subject interest as your niche.

The word or phrase of words searched by people on the search engine platform is dubbed a keyword or keyword phrase, and it is basically the key topic or subject of the search.

So in the example above most of your traffic will be somewhat interested in baking and possibly “Baking old world style”.

This could mean a couple of different things and would possibly appear under many different keyword searches or combination of cooking methods, practices, and food keyword phrases such as:

Graphic art of different varations of keywords for old wordl bread baking
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The different variations that “Old World Style Baking” could mean.  However, if you were to write a blog and title it “Baking 16th century authentic, whole grain bread in a hearth-style oven, the old fashion way”. 

Equally important, if someone were to search for that exact phrase, your blog would no doubt be highly ranked in the SERP because the subject matter is so finely developed and worded that the odds of another blog bearing the same title or very close wording is slim to none.

I would think there would be very limited competition for the “Baking 16th century authentic, whole grain bread in a hearth-style oven, the old fashion way” keyword phrase. 

Additionally, since your blog would naturally get a high ranking for those keywords most likely anyone searching that exact term will be directed to your website.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that keyword would be very popular so even though you could monopolize on the traffic generated from that keyword.  Most likely there would not be that many searches for that particular keyword. 

And that is why keyword research is a very important part of SEO and obtaining FREE organic subject guided visitors. 

If you chose to name your blog “Baking old world style bread” it may still appear in the same search but it most likely will be lower ranked because the searched keyword or keyword phrase did not match up 100% and is more broad of a search request.

Now this is not saying that they have to match 100% to appear in that keyword’s search results or be ranked as the top material, that, of course, all depends on many factors of the search engines algorithms and the extent of your SEO practices, as to where your published material will appear in the SERP.

Since they searched the exact combination of keywords from the above 9 different possibilities to best describe what it is they are looking for.  

When they arrive at your blog they are already anticipating your material, the contents of your website and the information that you are offering to them through you’re the material posted to your website.

So what more could a website owner want, then a visitor that is looking for exactly what they are offing or information to help them on the subject in which they sought to seek information about?

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Cal here once again!

Bringing you hopefully some more material, that you find both helpful and informative!

What is really so great about the subject-specific visitor being sent to our website for free is that in most cases we just have to write interesting and informative content and we will get ranked highly in the SERP for worded searches that are closely related to our niche and the content on our website.

Even though this subject-oriented traffic is directed to our websites sort of automatically with organic Search engine visitors.

The reason this happens is the Search engines go to great lengths to make sure the results of all the searches made on their platform is the most relevant to the keyword being searched.

Example of a search in Bing for old world style bread.  Displaying how different niches appear for different keywords.

By doing the searches according to the subject and the relevance to the subject matter it produces the most relevant blog, page, video, or any other form of media that is the most informative and helpful on that particular subject matter. 

This makes sure that when you search for “Kites” the results are all relevant to kites in some form or manner. 

Furthermore, when you search for “old world bread baking” the same applies and material relevant to kites will not appear, instead only material or media that pertains to old-world baking will appear.

An image showing how old world style breads wil not appear in a search using the keywords kites.

This explains the importance of having a good keyword research tool one that is dependable and yet it is flexible and quick enough to save us time, while still providing the most useful information when we use it.

Over the years I have used a couple of different keyword research tools the ones I disliked the most where the ones provided by the search engines. 

I think their information is biased and not nearly as accurate as other keyword research tools out on the market today.

One particular tool, Jaaxy, is one of the most reliable that I have used out on the internet today. 

It offers some unique features that are very user-friendly, made directly for affiliate and content style marketers, and is very easy to use once you learn how to use Jaaxy and that was not that complicated either now was it.

See keyword research is much like a double-edged sword.  While some keywords have little competition they also have little traffic generated from them. 

Meanwhile, the keywords with lots of traffic associated with them most likely have lots of competition too.

And that is where the keyword research tool comes into play; it helps you locate low competition keywords that produce lots of traffic. 

They help you find the happy medium and when first starting out with any and all online presence what-so-ever it is best to hunt down those prime keywords or as some affiliate marketers like to call them juicy keywords. 

Because if you can find the right one, get highly ranked in its SERP, you could literary make thousands and thousands of dollars from that single blog and the ability to rank for the juicy keyword’s SERP.

Now when picking which keyword research tool to choose many rely on the cost factor. 

The more expensive ones are so much better. 

Unfortunately, this is not true at all just because charges $399.00 a month for their business plan and also charges the identical price for what they call their Advanced Plan does not mean they are the best two keyword research tools out in the market. 

In fact, I have used both of their keyword research tools and was not impressed at all aherfs tool to me was rather slow and sluggish and offered a small number amount of keyword suggestions per keyword submitted into their matrix, and SEMRush was not any better.

Conclusively the two tools did not produce anywhere near the number of keyword suggestions that the Alphabet Soup feature from Jaaxy produces. 

Actually, Jaaxy’s results were produced in a fraction of the time the others took, and Jaaxy produced 4 times that amount of keyword suggestions that SEMRush’s and Ahref’s tools combined produced. 

This was enough evidence for me to go with what I believe to be the best keyword research tool on the market because it did what I need my keyword research tool to do. 

It produced tons of keyword suggestions, and it did it faster than the competition could.

This means I get a larger selection to choose from and get them quicker this will save me from having to do multiple searches and time due to quality, quantity, and speed of the results. 

The greatest part about Jaaxy for me is the price!

I actually get Jaaxy Lite included in my monthly Wealthy Affiliate membership subscription, along with many other great features needed to produce a profitable, making money online from home business opportunity. 

If you’re not interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate well that’s okay, because you can still get a great price on this outstanding keyword research tool.

An Image showing the three different pricing plans for Jaxxy keyword research tools monthly subscription costs

So to wrap this up quickly, keywords still place a very important part of SEO and where your material will get SERP placed. 

And since search engine result clicks are still the cheapest most focused visitors to our website’s (besides returning readers). 

So keywords, quality of our content and 198 other algorithm factors determine how the search engines rank our material in authoritativeness and relevancy to the search inquiry. 

Until the search engines are able to evaluate published material posted to the web in some other fashion than by the keyword or its relevance to the keyword.    

Keywords will play a very important part in how our material gets ranked and will have an impact on the amount of traffic our websites receive, and until that changes keyword research tools will be a great asset for all online business owners.

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