Site-Rubix Hosting Services Review

Site-Rubix Hosting Services Review

So many people ask me, is the website hosting platform that I use really that great and important to my business?

To which I reply


It is one of the most important decisions for all online business owners to make.

Second, only to the quality of content, they add to their website, I think your website hosting service can affect the way your online business either profits greatly or dwindles and slowly fades away.

The search engines are waking up to reality the relevancy of the material on your website is important for reader engagement,  but its website speed, responsiveness, and navigation that are slowly moving up in importance for positioning within the Search Engine Result Position (SERP) algorithms. 

This might be because on average the typical website browsing individual will not wait more than 3 to 4 seconds for a website to load before aborting that website and going to another one. 

This means if your hosting service is one of the slower services guess what they are going to cost you potential visitors, SERP, and money. Let’s face it no visitors to your website means no money in your bank account.


Now after watching that, does loading speed sound important to you?

I hope you didn’t sit there for very long expecting something to happen! 

But did it prove my point?   

I am among those that hate to see that little spinning loading symbol, nor do I wait for more than about 5 seconds for a webpage to load, and if it’s not loading within those 5 seconds, I too am off to another site.

Do you think it will affect your chances of success?

Without a single doubt in my mind, I know for sure that the hosting service you are using can make or break you.  Your hosting service certainly isn’t going to tell you about every person that goes to a different website other than yours because your website didn’t load fast enough. 

Furthermore, for every visitor that goes to another website, after aborting yours, is potentially a visitor that may have spent money on your website and not the other person’s website.

Site-Manger Site-Plus are highlighting some of the best features within the StieRubix platofrm to help you make money online from home so that you can quit your current full time job

This does not matter what type of website you have either, it can be an affiliate marketing site, drop shipping, or a website where you are offering the services of your skilled knowledge. It pretty simple and common sense if your site doesn’t open quickly people will move on to the next site listed

So you might now ask yourself.  

Well, don’t they all offer the same speed to the websites they host?

The Answer to that question, sadly is. . .


There are some major differences, and although speed may be one of the most important factors when picking a website hosting platform to host your website on, there are other important items to look at also.

G' Day hope your having a Remarkable day today learning how to fire you boss and work from home maing money onlline.

Cal here again.

Bringing you some valuable information that can help you make money online from home with great success, if you just follow how many of the others and I are doing it.

Now each and every one of you is going to have different results with your websites and that is based on many factors the market of your niche, the affiliate programs you are in, and the price of the products you suggest or recommend along with many more factors that affect how well your website will perform.

However, if you invest the time to learn, do proper and thorough research, and implement what is being taught you too can make money online. And finding an outstanding hosting service will assist you greatly with accomplishing that goal.


The very first hosting platform was The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPA.NET) it was the birth of digital communications between two different computer makes and models using an Interface Message Processor (IMP or a giant router by today’s standards). 

The first host-to-host communication traveled roughly 350 miles and happened between UCLA and Stanford Research Institute, both in California on October 29, 1969.

A short distanace by today's standards of inter-computer communications the first host-to-host transmittion was only 350 miles long, but it went on from there to creating the internet as we know it today.

How many of you knew that the Internet scaled so quickly that it was apparent to many that it would soon become unmanageable unless something was done to make it scalable.  That was of course until the two gentlemen that both worked at The European Organization for Nuclear Research known as CERN.

For any of you “The Big Bang Theory” fans, yes the same place Sheldon Cooper often talks about that houses the Hadron Collider.

Of all places to figure out the World Wide Web’s configuration and organizational hierocracy at the world’s largest particle physics laboratory located in Geneva, Switzerland.  The two men that had the most influence on the World Wide Web’s informational sharing on a global scale; names were:

Tim Berners-Lee initially invented the World Wide Web in 1989.  He created the Internet-based hypermedia program designed for sharing information between computers globally and wrote the first web client and server in 1990.  His original specifications of URIs, HTTP and HTML were slowly refined to what they are today as technology broadened and the specifications of each did so with it.

Meanwhile, Robert Cailliau produced the first web browser for Apple users back in 1992. Also, he initiated the authentication scheme for the Web and was responsible for the web to being released to the public for it to use.

When the Web really took off is when cable companies made it possible to send communications back and forth between computers through modems that were essentially the birth of the internet (the infrastructure that the information [the world wide web] travels on today), and the first INTERNET host was the Pentagon.

The first non-military private hosting companies were believed to be actually the Internet Service Providers (ISP).  The pioneer in actually specializing in hosting was (and are still in business today) some of the others that were around at that time were,,,,,,, and that later became

And after HTTP 1.1 evolved, which allowed for multiple domains on a single IP address and the dot com bubble of the late ‘90s happened, things just sort of took off from there.  The rest as they say. . .   

Is History!


Since the introduction of wireless communication between nodes which are computer unit such as a laptop, a cell phone, and yes even the old trusty desktop, and again was first used by the government. 

Wireless communication was developed and perfected during space travel so the computes in the space capsules could remain small, out in space. 

But large enough that it could communicate with much larger computers down on earth that would figure out the formulas to fix issues as they develop and then send the fixes up to the computer on board the spacecraft saving valuable space and the lives of many astronauts.

This technology is utilized in many of the newer cellphones that have become ever so popular to use by today’s Millennial and Centennial generations alike.  Causing web hosting platforms to adapt once again and provide mobile responsive website

NASA has provided us with lots of technology advancements I think celluar communications is one of the best making it possbile to lmake money online form home or anywhere in the world today via wireless ISPs

Even with the shifts, we are currently seeing in these new technological requirements for hosting services to provide to their customers.  We are still seeing large amounts of hosting services popping up everywhere willing to join in the competitive race for new customers and online business owners.

This is great for anyone first getting started with a new online business or is thinking about switching hosting services because most have to keep up or they will quickly be left behind.

HostGator, Namecheap, Lunar Pages, BlueHost, Dreamhost, GoDaddy, Siteground, InMotion, 1and1, Squarespace, Wix, MidPhase, iPage, and Weebly are just a couple off the top of my head that I have heard of before or have looked into and compared what they offer to what Site-Rubix offers.


I hate to tell all the competition, but I still strongly feel Site-Rubix has a much better deal than any of the other hosting platforms out there.  I personally have four websites up and running and 2 are Site-Rubix sub-domain websites that I use for test platforms for my other two, my business sites.

They each have the same themes as my money producing sites have this way I can try out different plugins to see how they work and play around with them without worrying about messing up my money making websites.  If I change something drastically wrong and it messes up the website, I simply delete it and start a different Site-Rubix website up.

Why not I get 25 free websites and also can host 25 private domains with my monthly premium membership.  See Site-Rubix is hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and is offered exclusively to WA member; as the members call it and yes I am a member at WA.

The monthly premium membership is the total cost of a combination of some great tools for online marketers like, one of the best keyword research tools Jaaxy, your website that you build out on, are on WordPress websites which can be bought through Site-Rubix here give it a try it’s free!

If you build a free Site-Rubix website right now, you also can participate in the 7 days free membership trial period where you can experience what it is like to be a premium member at WA, build your own website from scratch and work with and learn from 6, 7 and even 8 figure annual earning members of the WA community.

WA comparsion for free starter member and a premium member

Don’t be overwhelmed by that idea Site-Rubix has made it as simple as click two buttons, fill in the domain name you want, fill in the name of the website, click a theme, and then click build! 

Seriously it’s that simple you are literary right now just minutes away from owning your own online business with your own website.

To learn how to fire your boss,  First you have to  clcik on the websities ltag in the left sideber.
First click on the Websites Tab in the left sidebar
Then we click on the site builder tab this brings us only steps away from learning how to make money online from home and give us the chance to actually fire our boss
Click on the SiteBuilder Tab
Step one and two for building your own website.  First click on the  "On a Free Domain" button, then step two fill in your desired new domain name
Step one click on the “On Free Domain” button.
Then step two fill in your desired domain name.
Step 3 is to fill in the website name , and step four is to pick a theme both can be strong SEO attributes so pick them wisely
When picking themes Premium themes have a water spot on them free themes do not
I put yellow and black stars on the free themes while the premium themes have a “Premium” water spot written across the front of them
The only thing lsft to do is click on the  "Clcik here To Build This Site, and with a minute or two and you have a new website  that is all your.
Click on the Build this Site button and wait a minute or two and you are now the proud owner of your very own website where you can start making money online from home to get rid for your old boss.

Then clicking on three different buttons, go get a quick drink of water, and by the time you get back to your computer, you will have a website ready for the world to see. 

Whiel waiting the system tells us what process is happening behind the scenes s out website is beinging built fo us
It’s modern technology great push a button and watch the cookie cutter website get built in a matter of a minute or two.

Start adding content get the search engines to index your new website and you are ready to let the world visit your site enabling you to earn money as you learn the rest of the process of owning and running an online business, it really is that simple.

NO credit card or bank information needed, the first 7 days and two sub-domain websites are 100% free

All they require is you give them an email address so they can verify you are a human and not a bot trying to infiltrate their security. How’s that for a budget buster business starter. 

Where else can you start a website be shown step-by-step in videos how to do the entire process of creating, building, and putting your own content on the site for the first 7 days for FREE.

Seriously the 7 day trial is completely free you can build two free websites, join the community, and have access to 24/7 help during the free trail along with step-by-step training (level one-lessons one through ten) on how to build those free site as well.

I completely understand if you are skeptical I too was leery at first.  And I have been around the block quite a few times since 2003 when I first got into online marketing, but these sites like most free sites offered on the internet form other hosting service are sub-domains. 

The difference here is; there are no forced advertisements so that the hosting service makes the money off your website and not you.  With a Site-Rubix free website you get to keep them as long as you want them for, however, there is a catch.

You have to fill out and complete the free starter membership profile you can keep them and the starter membership for life as long as you log in to the WA platform and the dashboard of your website or the back office ( as some hosting services call it), once every 30 days: is the way it is worded if I remember correctly!!

Wealthy Affiliate was first formed back in 2005, its co-founders Carson Lim and Kyle Loudoun, they are affiliate marketers also. So they knew what tools affiliate marketers needed to be successful with their online businesses and set out to design a platform Wealthy Affiliate to help by showing step by step how to do just about every daily aspect needed to become a successful affiliate marketer and provide the tools to do the same.

They offer two different training modules OEC, Affiliate Bootcamp, to show you the ropes up close and step by step also providing motivation to inspire success, and a caring helping community of likeminded online business owners many that are making well over 6 digit annual incomes to provide live 24/7 help and advice on how to progress to the next level off internet entrepreneurship.

See you can’t get Site-Rubix hosting service like the others offer their services: as a standalone service.  Site-Rubix is very unique it is a Domain registrar, a website builder, a content creator platform, comment collector, website design feedback provider. 

It offers all that with exceptional site support that normally responds to any submitted ticket to them within 5 minutes and the issue is normally fixed within an additional five minutes.

These people are fast, courteous, and they know WordPress websites just as well as they know the WA platform through and through.  I have yet to hear anyone complain about site support and I have been with WA for just about a year now.

One third of all website on the internet are powered by word prees.

I am a firm believer in what Site-Rubix website hosting services has to offers to its customers makes it the best option out there; one you don’t want to pass up.  I have not found an easier platform to work on, and it’s much easier than C-Panel, and since they offer WordPress websites you know that you are getting one of the best websites your money can buy.

Over one-third of all websites on the internet are WordPress websites.

Why does Word Press have so many?

I think it’s because of the simplicity of their website along with the flexibility offered with WordPress websites.

Where else can you get a website (at the time I wrote this blog) that offers one of 7,000 free themes to choose from, additionally there are over 54,000 free plugins offered, and many more of both are offered if you’re willing to pay for them?   

That adds up to a lot of different possibilities of what a new website can look like, or what functions or capabilities it can perform.  All these easy to install choices greatly reduce the possibilities of duplication of any of the millions of websites on the internet.

So if you team up the most flexible building webpages such as Word Press websites; then you add in the advantages of the best web builder at Site-Rubix you come up with a winning team far superior to the others. A team that together actually beats out as a website hosting platform.

A list of special perks offered yo Site-Rubix hosting services customers

The main reason is not because of the main services being offered on each service but rather. . . Well, Site-Rubix does offer more websites per monthly membership for 49.00 (the regular premium membership fee at Wealthy Affiliate).

There are ways of reducing that cost and if you contact me through the email address down below at the bottom of the blog prior to entering the WA system. I can offer you some great saving that the others don’t offer to their referrals, but it’s my way of showing you how grateful I am that you choose me to join through. 

Equally important, how much I want to be the one to help you finally start your own business; where you can make money online from home and improve your current financial limitations.

I personally have not used a free website to run a business on I have two private domains that I purchased when I joined WA that I use for that, but there are members that use the free websites to conduct their business on.  The biggest setback they have is many of the affiliate programs require you to have your own private website.

Still, these members are able to find affiliate programs that are not so picky and will partner with them also, so it is a matter of doing your research prior to picking your niche and domain name. These factors on some of the affiliate programs are all taught and shown how to acquire within the training modules.

But you have to ask yourself is $30.00 dollars month that is what you can get the premium membership rate for if the membership is paid up front in advance that’s $360.00 dollars U.S. for one year uninterrupted membership to launch your online business.

So ask yourself is $400.00 dollars a year worth changing your financial situation that you are currently living in?  I don’t know anywhere that you can build a website, run a website, and learn as you earn for slightly over a dollar a day: the price of a cup of coffee on the go in the morning!

As a Premium member

You get it all:

50 website hosted:  25 private (you buy); 25 Sub-Domains (FREE)

1,000’s of hours of step by step videos showing you more things then you could ever imagine doing to your website.

15 years of members blogs that deal with every, not just some but all aspects of owning your own online business!

You get Site-Rubix to help with managing your website, create great content, and control every important part about your websites look and design from one simple control platform.

You get Jaaxy the leading keyword research tool

Live weekly webinar advanced training

2 different training modules,

Live help whenever you need it

And of course millions of likeminded online business owners just like you but most are willing to help when you need it the most!

Here you can try it out and see just how fast and simple the whole process is:


Site Rubix has a special offer to new people looking to start up their own online business, or online business owners looking to change the website hosting service they are currently using for a better one.

This exclusive offer is a package deal listed above, one that is not offered by any of the other hosting services anywhere in the world.  Some of the other services are trying to duplicate what Site-Rubix offers but they fall short in a couple of the items they offer versus what is offered at Site-Rubix and Wealthy Affiliate.

Since every one of us is at different levels of progression, abilities, and knowledge.  That’s why I compiled the list above of what Site-Rubix offers (I hope I remembered everything, I’m sure I left some stuff out!). 

This list offers you the opportunity so that you can compare it to any of the other services out there and see for yourself which is better for what you are looking for to run your business an overall package helping with the entire business or just to host your websites. 

Bottom line  –  That is the difference

The competitive edge over your competition, anyone else has to pay for each service separately through many different companies and the cost will be much higher and making not quite as wise with there money and is giving someone that really does not appreciate them their hard earned paychecks. (That’s my opinion at least)

Let me ask you this, Do you know how owns the hosting service you are using, or have you ever chatted with them live?, I have with mine. And If you use Site-Rubix you will have the opportunity often too!!

It is strongly recommended for beginners to only start one website until it starts to make them money then start others if they desire. An Online business, is just like any other business it takes money to get it started and will take plenty of hard work and effort on your part to make it profitable.

Folks this is not a get rich quick scheme it is a legitimate business model that many people are making enough money to live off of easily.  So if you’re serious about starting your own online business that you can make money online from home then,

Take it for a test drive!

During the 7 day trial period you‘ll also get live one on one coaching from the community in the 24/7 live chat and since the membership at wealthy affiliate is so large and worldwide there never is a slow period where you cannot find or get answers to the questions you may have.

When I started I watched the chat room for almost two days straight; it’s hard to believe how much you can learn from the questions that other people were asking and getting answers to.

Oaky one last question that I am sure is on some of your minds right now.

What does Site-Rubix offer for me?

To answer that I am going to break it down into two separate answers one for the beginner and the other for the experienced marketer.


Site-Rubix along with Wealthy Affiliate offers you a complete package for $400.00 (higher than the actual cost) you get everything you could possibly need to start and run a profitable legitimate business, where you can make money online from home using their training as a guide to how it is done.

You will have thousands and thousands of likeminded business owners doing what you are learning how to do so who better to help you if you have any problems than people doing it right now, and there are plenty of members that will help you all you have to do is ask!

There is not a topic involved in content marketing that is not mentioned or an aspect taught on a topic within the platform.  I actually am willing to offer a $25.00 US challenge find me a topic within this particular business model that is not discussed in a members blog, the training, or anywhere else on the platform.

If you can do that you win $25.00 US from me, and I will pay it straight to your PayPal account, some rules do apply, you can use the email address button at the end of this blog to get in touch with me for all the details!


Site-Rubix and the Wealthy Affiliate Platform is much more than just a website hosting platform, it combines every tool and aspect involved in online business ownership ad it is offered at a price that if you were to pay for each service or item separately would costs you hundreds of dollars monthly not $30.00 think about that as you comb through the platform.

The members offer new ideas daily and share what is working for them and what has fizzled out. $30.00 US a month for market insights, are you do social media marketing and it just doesn’t seem to be producing the results you had hoped for? 

Well type it in the search box and I am sure that other members have written blogs that will help you fine-tune that approach or even show you a different approach that works even better.  This also works if you are looking for another campaign to start up I am sure you can find tons of suggestions on something you are not currently using.

Remember this database has been in the making for over 15yeears now with members submitting blogs to it daily, and I’m talking a hundred or more daily.  The database and market insights alone are worth much more than $100.00 a month easily, but these guys are only asking for $30.00 monthly and that includes Site-Rubix website hosting of up to 50 websites.


My thoughts on Site –Rubix are this:

Site-Rubix is an exclusive service offered only to Wealthy Affiliate Members through a package deal which includes every tool and platform component imaginable to help and assist anyone at any level to become successful in making money online from home.

It was created by two affiliate marketers to help anyone interested in becoming an online marketer and all marketers coming up the ranks behind them as well. 

Carson and Kyle held nothing back when they designed and when they are currently and continuously adding updates to the miraculous platform that naturally increases your odds of success, through duplication, and many years of knowledge of doing what they are teaching and showing how to do.

The community packed with well over one million members (not all are active on the platform) of online business owners many of which are earning great incomes from this exact business model and are willing to help anyone and everyone that asks for their support.

This greatly eliminates many new business owner stigmas, reduces the learning curve, and accelerates the time from starting point to profitability. 

As always I's like to thank you for reading my blogs and visiting my website!

If you need help with something or have a question please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me privately at my email address, and I will be more than happy to address the issue. 

Or by chance, you would like to leave some relevant information as content that you feel may enhance this website/page, by all means, feel free to leave those comments below as well.

I am deeply gratified by your continued patronage to my website thank you so much for visiting hope the rest of your day is filled with great memories

Additionally, I would like to thank you for visiting my website today and reading this blog to the end, it proves to me that I am on the right track and providing people with the best information that I have gathered over the years and in recent research is helpful to many


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