Site-Rubix Walk Through

Site-Rubix Walk Through

Okay, Hosting platforms are probably one of the most important components of any website owner’s arsenal of tools that will greatly increase or decrease their odds of profitability.

Why you ask?

Well, if you have the slowest hosting service out on the internet you are going to be missing out on potential customers every time someone aborts from going to your website because it’s too slow, and goes to someone else’s website.

The Site Rubix Logo is catching on

This could become very costly over time.  To solve this issue I use one of the best hosting services out there today, I use Site-Rubix.  Site-Rubix is sort of the trailblazer in the industry and since 2007 has been offered exclusively to just Wealthy Affiliate members only!

It has had great success and many of the other hosting services are catching on to what Site-Rubix offers to its customers that they don’t, and those that try to offer the additional things that Site-Rubix offers, well kind-a-fall short.  Now some of Site-Rubix’s competition are trying to compete by stepping up their “A” game but to put it frankly they can’t even come close.

So instead they figure they will give you a free domain this year only to gouge you next year when you go to renew the domain and the price is triple the normal price, and even in some of the services, the price quadruples.

How do you do i hope your having a stunning day today

Since I am a positive natured kind-of-guy that doesn’t get into bashing people or companies we’ll just move forward without mentioning any names.  Instead, I’d rather just show you what Site-Rubix has to offer you so when you figure out you need it too, you’ll have this your own personal guide or owner’s manual if you will.

First off I mentioned earlier that Site-Rubix is part of a package deal that is offered through a monthly membership of Wealthy Affiliate exclusively.  That means you can’t get it by itself nor does any of the competition offer everything Site-Rubix delivers to its customers.

We’ll touch base on that WA membership a little later but first I want to show you what Site-Rubix offers then we’ll talk prices because there is so much more to Wealthily Affiliate then just Site-Rubix.  I have a ton of feature to show you so let’s get started.

As I said Site-Rubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate so of course, we have to start on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  The screenshot below is the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard or homepage as some of you like to call it.

Locating the Website Tabs on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, jut one step closer to learning how to make money online from home or anywhere else in the world
If you expand this image you can see two examples of the types of blogs WA members write on a daily bases

The yellow arrow shows were the tab is located on the left sidebar menu of the WA platform’s dashboard, click on “Websites” to get to the Site-Rubix platform, from there, it opens to a whole new world of components and features.

Here is an image of the main platform for Site Rubix it has 7 different platform sub platforms loaded with special feature on each of its platforms

As you can see above the platform has seven main features each has its own purpose and each sub-platform is very useful in all sorts of ways. I am going to go right down the list, one at a time, and I will go into further details of each one as we work our way down the list.

The Site Manger tab from the websites tab open p a new world of feature desgined tohelp you manage you wrod press websites with ease and simplicity

At the very top of the list, we have the Site Manager button (image above) when we click on it . . .

Each website that you have hosted through site-rubix will have its own little box with a bunch of controls going to the many features that sets site-rubix apart from the competition.

. . .it takes us to the Site Manager platform here it gives a general recap of every website you have hosted on the platform, each website has its own distinct box showing general aspects of that individual website.  I have 4 websites hosted on Site-Rubix, I cropped this image to save on loading time of the image I have four websites but only three are shown in the image.

Two of my hosted sites are my business website or niche sites: which are private domains meaning I own them outright in other words I pay yearly to use that certain domain name.  Then I have one sub-domain website (a FREE Site-Rubix website) that I use as a test site one for each of my niche sites for a total of two FREE sub-domain websites.


A test site also referred to as a sandbox site; it is a website with the same theme and plugins as my niche site, but I use it to play with different features like if I wanted to start up an email subscription for my Make Money Online (MMO) website.

I would get the plugin, install it, and try it out on the test site first.  That way if I accidentally change a setting and it wipes out the website no loss.  I just delete it and build another one just like it this time I won’t change that setting again since I know it messed up the old site.

This is a safety precaution to make sure I don’t mess up my main money making websites with a plugin setting change.  I test everything out first on the test site to make sure all the plugins work well together and that way my business sites are always up and running.

You lose money on down time!!  Oh, that reminds men a feature that Site-Rubix has for its customers it has a redundancy system meaning all your websites information is stored on not just one server but two different servers data banks at two separate locations, so the chances of your website every being down due to serve default are slim to known.


Some of the buttons on this platform are pretty convenient to use, along the bottom row of the website’s recap box starting from the left and working our way to the right first we have the “Refresh” button, it refreshes all the content within the box for that particular website.

Then we have the “View” button this takes you directly to your website as if you were viewing it as if you were a visitor; then the “Comments” button takes you right to the Site-Comments section.  I’ll discuss that later along with the next button and that one is the “Feedback” which takes you to the Site-Feedback section of the platform.

After that we have the “Move” button, this takes you to part of the Site-Domain section of the platform where you can transfer your Site Rubix sub-domain website to a domain that you purchased (when you are ready to do so, however, most members do this within the first year).

Then the last button there on the far right we have the “Details” button it has the mini menu icon with it, or as some call it the hamburger icon.

This is the area that was can offer access to our website to those individuals that we trust like guest authors, web developers, and other people we hire to do things on our website.

In the image above it shows us the Admin and FTP login details and setting for this particular website.  Now if I had a crew of writers this is where I would manage they access to the website and what areas they would have access to.

For those of you that do not know what FTP stands for its File Transfer Protocol

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used for the transfer of computer files between a client (a piece of computer hardware or software – your PC, a laptop, and even your cell phone are all clients) and server on a computer network.

The first FTP client applications were command-line programs developed before operating systems had graphical user interfaces, and are still shipped with most Windows, Unix, and Linux operating systems.

the Site Plus feature appears as we scrool down some on the page it is a list of all the specai features offered to Site Rubix customers

As we scroll down the page we come to the Site Plus section (shown in image above) here we have a couple of switches that we can play around with why I don’t know I don’t mess with them. 

I think they are here more to show the starter members what other features are offered to Premium members you know a subliminal natured message kind of thing.

Here is just one of the special features offered at Stie Rubix, it is located just below the Site Plus feature.  And it allow you to run real time site speed tests and individual lighthouse page speed anlayzer

Scrolling down even further we come to the Page Speed Insights, this is a complete listing of every individual website page you have on your website and any given time you can click on the “Refresh” button and get an up to the minute individual page speed test result.

That’s a pretty cool tool to have in your back pocket huh?

But wait that not all, not only can you get the individual test results if you click on the Google Gray “G”. It will give you a more detailed analysis for that particular page and its results.

So say you’re running through Google Analytics and it tells you that you have a Crawl error on a page that is in your sitemap. You go to the reports page figure out which page is causing the problem.

Then you come back to here, run the analysis to get the pages details and figure out where or what caused the error, fix it, and your website and this individual page is back up and running normally.

The Lighthouse page speed analyzer is an individual teat run for each page you request for and runs both PC and Mobile device tests

In the image above the page, I ran had an overall page speed breakdown test of 98 for the mobile test if you look closely at the upper left-hand corner you will see a switch between mobile and desktop, so yes each test gives the results for both, you have to manually toggle between the two though.

Here we have the bottom half of the speed analyzer test results each item has a leanr more button so that you can learn what each item on the test is for and how to speed up your website or make changes so that your website load time will increase.

In the image above we see the real detailed analysis of what is happening and what can be done to improve this page’s speed test results. Want to check out your web page’s speed

I am not sure about you but to me, this is like a gold mine, speed is the number killing of people aborting from a website and the tool gives me the insight of changes I need to apply to my webpage to improve that: this is like an SEO cheat sheet!

Want to learn what you need to do to increase your websites’ mobile responsive time, here you go, once you go through everything do the recommended changes run the test again to see if it changes your results. 

I have been very fortunate that none of my pages on my website are currently running under a 98 on the speed tests when I run them, so I am happy with those results and confident enough to not worry about them.

I like to evaluate things if the results drop below a 95 on the speed test, I then start to make recommended changes in attempts to bring the score back up to 98 or above.

This does not happen often but in the time I have had this site up and running (almost a year now) I have not had server failure or any speed problems created by the Site-Rubix servers. 

I have found that most of the issues I deal with are the types of images I upload it seems that some of the larger PNG or JPEG type files are slightly harder to optimize than the newer JPG 2000, JPEG XR and the WebP files are. 

To help prevent this from becoming a major issue I installed the EWWW Image optimizer to help with the compression of the images by reducing the files sizes, much like the way a Zip file reduces the file size of a normal word doc file. 

Finally after scrolling yet a little more we come to the site feature list and a list of all the Installed Plugins that we have for this particular webpage.

Finally, as we scroll to the end of the page we see in the image above that is consists of all the special features offered by Site-Rubix Hosting. This is the same screenshot I like to keep handy and store it on my desktop.

I do this so when I am browsing around looking at and comparing what other hosting services offer to what Site-Rubix offers (In my opinion, not much of a comparison) but I have to check and see just in case one of the others step up their performances.

This tab it s to the Site Health Detail page at goes into the 8 different factors that determine your overall site health.

The last button within the website’s recap box is located in the upper right-hand corner just below the Site Health Bar Slide labeled “View Details” in the image above this is the location that button takes us to. 

Here we see all the key factors that go into formulating the overall site health indicated in the slide bar from within the website’ recap box.

The two of the three areas I fall short in are provided on the Wealthy Affiliate website platform within the Site-Rubix platform and I will be discussing them (Site Comments, and Site Feedback) very shortly.  But first, let’s go over Site builder seems how it is next on the list moving downward

This is th e tab where all the magic happens.  Its the SiteBuilding tab this is where SiteRubix shines above the competition this is where you can build a website in a matter of seconds and not minutes like he other services are boasting.

To make this walk through a bit shorter and prevent from having duplicated or repeated material on my website.  The Site-Builder section is discussed in great details in my Site Rubix Hosting Service Review.

It explains the whole section of the Site Builder platform.  I felt it was important to write a blog concerning just that tab of the Site-Rubix platform completely off by itself.

I would suggest you stop reading this blog here (The link above is set up so that it will open in a new browser tab) go read the builder platform blog, then return and finish this one if you are truly interested in everything that the Site-Rubix has to offer to Wealthy Affiliate’s platform and its customers.

And then we have Site Builders Twin Site Domain I call it this because once you Buy your domain on Site Doain you automatically get switched over to the sie Builder platform that is even when receiving FREE sub Domains also.

Sire-Domain is very tightly inter-twined with Site Builder the main difference being SiteDomain is geared toward the actual acquisition of the Domain name itself.

Meanwhile, Site Builder as its name applies is the building of the website. However, the unique thing about Wealthy Affiliate and the Site-Rubix platform is.

They have basically combined these two technologies into one process making it much easier and a lot quicker to buy and build a website than any other hosting service. 

This enables them to offer their services that boast the ability where you can buy and build a website in less than 10 minutes.  Where else can you do that? 

In other words in you can be an online business owner in roughly 10 minutes from now, how’s that for fast?

Here let me show you!

Here’s a video showing just how fast it can happen

Don’t believe me

Okay, fine try it out and time it yourself. 


You have to promise to come back here and let everyone know how long it really took and that is just signing up, getting a free website, and building it. 

You can worry about filling in all the FREE profile stuff later, adding content to the FREE website later, and contacting me so I can help if you have any problems at all.  

You can do all that later, this way, we get the time it took to sign up and start a website only! The other hosting services may offer great site support in setting up the website.  But after is it is set up, guess what?

You’re on your own.  Most of the other services don’t bother with showing you how to do must of the simple daily tasks or even how to maneuver around on the website’s dashboard or back office whichever they call it.

Nevertheless, Wealthy Affiliate and Site-Rubix offer exclusive step by step (walking you through the complete process) video tutorials, and detailed training lessons.

They show you how to get started, how to add material to your website, how to create menus, sidebars, and many other aspects of creating your own distinctive website’s functions and looks. Do the other services offer you that?

Nex tab we will look into is the stie comments tab

We all know that Google and the other search engines are pushing toward more visitor engagement from our websites right?

While Carson Lim and Kyle Loudoun each being Affiliate marketers themselves and the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate were designing and building the platform, they figured out a unique way of achieving this.

And here we have yet another great feature of the Site-Rubix platform that helps both the novice beginner and the experienced veteran affiliate blogger alike.  This unique comment system, gets website owners tons of comments on each of their blog posts and pages using WA’s exceptional Site Comments system platform.

Here let me show you.  Below is an image of the main Site-Comments platform’s home page you can see that it is designed specifically for giving and receiving comments alike.

the Site comments newly updated platform hom page, offers brand new features just now strting to be offer to wealthy affiliate members.

You see there in the middle it shows some of the more consistent commenters which Wealthy Affiliate calls “Certified Commenter”.  It takes 50 comments; a minimum of 80% approval rate; and a maximum of 20% skip (not interested) rate within a 30-day time frame to earn this community title.

Now when requesting for a Site comment you can request that the comment by on the overall article, about a certain topic wihtin the artilce, offer some insight about experience with the topic, or your overall opinion of the content of the article.

This is to encourage others to help out by leaving comments.  The image above shows the screen to request for comments while the image down below shows the page for leaving comments.

A comment on a webpage is a review of the content of that particular page/blog/article whatever you want to call it.  The true nature of a comment is to complement, further the discussion, or argue a point within the textual content; it is designed in nature to continue engagement on the discussion, and is slowly becoming an important factor in a website’s SERP. 

To become a Certified Commenter it takes less than 2 comments a day and then after that first 30 day period, you can actually start making money doing comments.   Once you have earned the Certified Commenter title is when things start to get really interesting.

Then when we click on the tab at the top of the page labeld leave a request we go to the leave a resuest page their we ahve the option to report the site for inapproate material, or "skip button"

Equally important, any members that are struggling to pay for their monthly membership this gives them the opportunity to earn their membership fees, while helping themselves earn comments, and the community gets stronger in the same process.

It’s a true win-win situation not only does the commenter benefit from this platform but let’s not forget that the blogger benefits by the provided engagement on their blogs too. 

One other great feature is the subject  interest settings ou can make sure that the blogs you are revieng for comments are not compleltey out of  your realm of interest.

To help in making sure that you don’t have to skip a bunch of blogs (max skip rate is only 20%) they offer a subject of interests page (shown above).  This helps sort out some the blogs to prevent from having to skip blogs that are of no interest to you or ones that you have no knowledge of the discussion of the blog.

Another cool feature is the “Comment Boost”.  This offers those commenters that leave comments on the platform a reward with the opportunity of getting their own comments faster from other commenters on the platform.

Then you can get some helpful hints as to how and what a good comment should consits of.

Here’s a comment in the instructions that Carson Lim, one of the co-founders says about the new upgrade.  “For every 10 comments that are offered to others in a 24-hour period, you get all of your requests added to a priority queue.”

Mr. Lim went on to further explain the boost feature:  “If you would like to offer 30 comments in 24 hours, you would add your requests to the Comment boost priority queue for 72 hours, thus having your requests displayed to others at a higher rate.”

The last page on the Site Comments platform wraps up by offering three tab as to you can chcek out how comments  and your  ctivities are progressing on the Site Comments platfom.

Wrapping up the Site Comments platform (image above) we have the activity section (the lower portion of the platforms home page) this area of space keeps you informed of your activity within the Site Comments platform just to help you monitor your progress.

This brings us to the final feature that I will be discussing in this particular blog, and that is the Site Feedback this segment of the Site Rubix platform is pretty self-explanatory.  This is where any member of the Wealthy Affiliate community can give or receive feedback on their websites.

This feedback includes design, color schemes, basic navigation more of an impressionable view of the website and not the contextual literary work.  This is for when a member creates something new for their website and they want a review on it to see what other members’ opinion are of it or their thoughts on the new website addition, feature, or change.

Things like adding a new funnel or overhauled the design, changed the navigation within the website more of the technical aspect of the reader engagement of the site and not the material within the individual blogs.

And of course, any new members excited to show off their new website also ask for feedback, on their website’s design as well.  Even though it is much more important for the newer members with young websites to concentrate more so, on adding material to their website to gain search engine authority than what their website looks like.

Moving on to the Site Feedback tab the second from the bottm tab it may be located at the bottom of the list but for newer  website owners this is the heartbeat of their existance until they start getting customers visiting their website with questions and other comments

Above is the Tab you click to get to the home page of the Feedback platform. The first thing I ask someone when they ask me to look at their website is:  “How much material do you have on your website?”

The second question I ask them: “When did you start building your website?”  I ask this because it lets me know what I need to focus on when looking at the website.  For younger sites (less than a year old or less than 75 pages/posts) I am pretty much looking at color schemes and general website layout.

Requesting for Site Feedback is simply give to feedbacks get on for free.

My critique is geared toward helping them with the design layout of the overall website at this point of their business (the blog) this is what will help them best.  What the site looks like overall is going to change as they build more content to it and slowly build it in something they are happy with.  

For older sites, I am also looking at navigation within the website, blog structuring, and some SEO aspects (speed pages load, image load times, linking, menus, sidebars, footers).  Because hopefully by the time the website has matured to this stage this should be what will help the website owner most improve on their search engine ranking.

Now the reason I don’t bother with the second list criteria, when I am doing feedback for the first set of requesters (the younger sites).  It is my experience that younger site owners don’t know for sure how they want their site to appear to their visitors yet.

And until the website matures to that point and they start having to deal with navigation and larger amounts of content this type of feedback is not really that useful to them.  It’s just like trying to get a wall inspection on a new house before you pour the slab (kinda useless). or getting a dry in before the roof is installed.

Equally important what I do, is I write a quick note on my very first impression when I open any website for the first time, which I am giving feedback on.  I try to be as honest as possible without being downright insulting or nasty.

Then I browse around on the site a little bit to get a feel of the color scheme, if they have one.  If they don’t have a color Scheme I suggest that they implement one and I will pick from the colors they are currently using within their site in my suggestion.

I concentrate on how easy it is to maneuver around or if I had difficulty finding all their posted material paying special attention to menus, sidebars, and footers.  I have been around online businesses and website construction since 2003 so over the years I have learned a thing or two. 

While giving quick praise to one aspect of their website I’m sure is greatly appreciated by many people receiving feedback on their sites.  However there is a reason for feedback and it is not to praise the website owner’s work or try to make them feel good, it is to provide them feedback or suggests on how to improve their website.

Remember to giget a free site Feedback you must give to one free site feedback for your website.

To earn a site feedback credit one must first offer two site feedbacks to other members of the platform this is how they do it, to persuade more members to give more feedback.  The image above shows the page where you request for some feedback on your site.

When I personally request for feedback I am hoping to get critique and not simply a bunch of compliments.  I know everyone just loves compliments right?

Well, when I get feedback that is nothing but compliments on my website how can I use this feedback to help me improve my website.  The harsh reality is I what negative aspects this tells me where I need to change and what needs improving.

Even if they offer a solution it doesn’t matter to me, what matters to me, is if they are honest and tell me straight up what I need to fix and if they know how it can be fixed by all means suggest away.  Yes, I have been doing this for some time now.

But the thing with online digit marketing things change so fast sometimes that we may not even notice the difference so how’s that saying go:



There is one final feature to Site Rubix but I went over Site Support in pretty good details in Make Money Online From Home – the WA Way.  Now I will admit that I have had to call on these people a couple of times nothing major.

Site Support at Siterubic Hosting is second to none they respond to all ticket submitted within minutes and usually have the issue resolved shortly after it been made aware to them

But even though they are handled through a ticket response system and not live call or a live chat.  These people know their stuff and I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes to get some sort of response from them.

I have to say they are better than any other customer support service that I have dealt with anywhere for anything.  And I am over 50, so in my day I have had to deal with a lot of customer service personnel.

So that is really giving these people the appreciation and respect they deserve because such a statement like that from me is saying a lot!


Site Rubix debunks some major website building myths like:

1.  Building a website is a long tedious drawn out difficult process.

Not any more Site Rubix has changed that in a matter of a couple of minutes you can have a website up and running.

2.  Free websites look cheap and are not high quality.

Wrong again Site Rubix free sub-domain websites are the same quality word press website that you would get if you paid for it anywhere else.

3.  You need to know the code and other aspects of website building to building a great looking site.

Even though the subdomain websites are word press quality sites and look great.

I would suggest that you upgrade to the premium membership just so you can get the latest themes and plugins offered because this will widely broaden your website building abilities.

From floating sidebars, pop-ups after a visitor have been on your website for a certain length of time, or even fading transitioning pages.

You name the feature you can do it with a word press theme or plugin and it all can be done with a simple search, install, and activate process that makes word press and Site Rubix easier, faster, and more fun to deal with than any other hosting platform that II have dealt with or came across in all my years of dealing with websites

You can take it with a grain of salt for what it’s worth: It’s what I use!

As always I's like to thank you for reading my blogs and visiting my website!

If you need help with something or have a question please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me privately at my email address, and I will be more than happy to address the issue. 

Or by chance, you would like to leave some relevant information as content that you feel may enhance this website/page, by all means, feel free to leave those comments below as well.

I am deeply gratified by your continued patronage to my website thank you so much for visiting hope the rest of your day is filled with great memories

Additionally, I would like to thank you for visiting my website today and reading this blog to the end, it proves to me that I am on the right track and providing people with the best information that I have gathered over the years and in recent research is helpful to many


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