Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

One of the keys to increasing traffic to your website is to engage in the social media platforms, this is a very cost-efficient way to increase traffic to your website by only investing in just a little bit of your time.

The secret to social Media way of promoting your website to increase traffic is not done in a traditional advertising method.  With Social media the engagement you strike up niche related discussions thusly piquing the interest of your followers to visit your website, in turn, increasing its traffic flow.

One of the key secrets to social media platforms is the title of your business page. Let me say that again, the title of your business page. Not a profile but a business page, if you want to be respected as a professional.

Social media pltforms ore great places to meet people and expand you brand which in turn will imporove your SEO ranking within the search engines results.
Forbes magazine report that in 2014, Social Media Metrics showed 60.7% increase in visitors due to social media engagement, 45% increase in followers, 38.7% repeat visits, and 31.3% conversion rate from visitor to buyer be respected as a professional.

Then you have to present yourself as one, if not interested people will lose their interest rapidly and be moving on to the next website.

Google does not like when that happens and neither should you.  It will hurt our SEO ranking if people click on to your website then leave it within a couple of minutes.

It also decreases the odds of people joining the affiliate program that you are promoting: this is why you have it have quality content on your website.  The longer this increase in traffic to your website stays on your website two major things behind the scenes happen.

First, it improves on your SEO ranking with the search engines.    Equally important, you gain trust with your audience, and the odds of the increase in traffic to your website will lead to more referrals to your affiliate program you are teaming up with.


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