Traffic Increasing Keywords

Traffic Increasing Keywords

Finding the best keywords is not allows an easy task to perform, however, with some small tricks it can become one of the easiest maintenance tasks that you do daily.

Effectively locating and utilizing great traffic generating keywords if not done properly could become a very costly expense for your newly built website.

The one hundred thousand dollar bill could have bought for plenty of prime keywords to use for SEO and prime ranking spots in the Search Engines.
The one hundred thousand dollar bill was the largest bill ever produced by the U. S. Treasury Department and there were only 42,000 of these bills printed in 1934-35 also it is the only gold (24k) seal dollar bill ever printed by the U.S. Treasury. These bills were never seen or used by the public, they were printed and used solely within the banking system (the Federal Reserve).

Once you have decided which niche you are going to be marketing towards, keyword searches are necessary to enable top Search Engine Results Page (SERP) or getting on the top of the first page of a search engine results, of your keyword choices.

Many of the Search Engines provide their advertising account holders (if you pay for advertising on their website) with free keyword search optimizers.

These optimizer applications help advertisers locate and fine tune what keywords to engage in to increase their SEO rankings and improve upon their marketing potential.

By isolating the popular long tail keywords it provides online business owners a great source of keywords to concentrate on.  However,  some of these tools can get quite pricy like Key Tools Limited’s Keyword Tool Pro for business runs right around $160.0 US monthly (billed annually) for the business subscription.

In other words, its a search engine of the words or phrases searched for on the search engines main website.  Google offers a free version of its keyword optimizer, it’s called Keyword Planner.

You enter a keyword “Red Bikes” and the optimizer will reveal what the search engine assumes through advanced computer algorithms.

These keyword optimizer applications or what is now called keyword research tools will let the user know the expected set quantities for that particular group of words or phrase of words (keywords).

Important advertising data like the competition between advertising marketers, the anticipated time those keywords will be searched each month, the expected amount of monthly website traffic your website (if the top ranked within the search engine and makes the first page of results) can expect.  

Unfortunately, some of the search engines systems are not very accurate or reliable.  I am not sure if it is the provider giving false information to the advertiser to force them to have to spend more on false hopes, or if the parameters of the computer’s algorithm are either not fine-tuned enough or there are too fine-tuned.

Regardless it will cost you and not them if the information their system provides you is wrong, so my advice to you is to find a keyword search service provider or what I use Jaaxy other than where you are advertising at.

This would not apply if all your advertising at the provider’s host website is done completely free then it would not cost you anything but your time invested if the information provided is wrong or of poor quality.

The best way I found to avoid all that grief is to simply use Jaaxy, the quality is always top level and derives from all 3 search engines so you know you’re getting the best selection of keywords when you do a keyword search on Jaaxy.


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