WA – A Caring and Helping Community

WA – A Caring and Helping Community

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Today, I thought I’d let you know how my experiences have been coming along within the Wealthy Affiliate community.  I have been a premium member since May 30, 2108.

As of the time of writing this paper I have been there a little under a year now. So I would think it is safe to say that I have been a member long enough to do a fair assessment for novice or beginner online business owners. 

And my conclusion so far is, I feel, that I have some worthwhile things to share with you, even though I still consider myself, as a new member of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Cal here again!

As any and all Affiliate Marketers know that just like any business (brick and mortar, or online) to start a website from scratch and build it all by yourself, with a low overall initial cost as possible, will still cost plenty of time and effort to get it established and receiving website traffic. 

MONEY is a Major Factor!

It appears that funding for most people is the greatest hurdle we face: we all don’t have an extra thousand dollars just sitting around in a savings account.  Since it normally takes at least that much to get started and that doesn’t include time and effort on our part either. 

Money vs Time Scale of equation

I am not sure about you, but I value my time and the effort I put into anything I do; time to me is a very expensive commodity.  

Additionally, starting an online business requires you to build the site; start adding high quality, keyword-rich, niche relevant content to the newly built site so that the search engines will grant the new website authority in the algorithm ranking system.

The better authoritative value within the search engine’s rankings will result in the published material receiving a better search engine ranking position.   This is a vital step in building a website from scratch.

To do this the new website owner must pay for membership of a training platform to enable such items mentioned above to take place, pay for expensive training offered online, or take a chance of being scammed by the many bogus rip-off schemes circulating the internet today.

Training is a Cost That Can’t Be Ignored

Training costs can be as low as free membership to a community but you’ll be forced to pay high dollar for their offered training.

Straight out training packets that you buy and work through completely by yourself with no support, or platforms that offer free training but it is offered only through a paid membership. 

There are plenty of different configurations of the same overall concept they use the membership to reel you into thier atmosphere and slowly set the hook (thier sells pitch). 

Regardless this can and is a very costly expenditure for a new business owner first starting out and not making any money from their website right after just getting their website started. 

These costs can range anywhere from $2,000.00 US dollars yearly to well over $15,000.00 for top-notch super high-quality training systems.

A huge bundle of money

No matter where your choice to learn from, you want to find a sharing and helping community, and you will still face having to pay for other expenses. 

Such as, buying the new domain, not that costly roughly all domains are running slightly under $15.00 US for the year.

Then you have the cost of having your domain hosted somewhere so that the content you want to present on the domain is displayed.

Most of them choose to use a service instead of doing it themselves because this involves a lot of behind the scene codes, programs, servers, and lots of other time consuming and money costing processes or equipment, to make all of that happen.

These costs can vary greatly from the cheaper places that don’t do site back-ups or offer any type of website security from hackers or spammer ranging around $25.00 US.

However, the high dollar professional sites used by the corporations and big giant companies of the industry can have prices ranging from $125.00 US a month to $475.00 US a month.

Achieving Success is Not Always Easy

Moving forward I was once told to be successful it is easier to ask and learn from someone that has been there and done that how they did it than it is to try and learn it all on your own. 

So essentially this saying is telling me to follow the footsteps of someone I know that is successful or find a group of successful people and follow them. 

Jim Rohn once told me in a personal conversation I had with him;

Jim Rohn Quote "Follow those that hlep you no those you help

Equally important if we chose to follow just one individual or even a small group of successful people then it may take some time to be able to get all the information that we’re seeking. 

But on the other hand, if it were a large community that we decided to follow then the information would pour to us, probably faster than you could ever absorb.

So with this in mind, I chose to join and follow the community of Wealthy Affiliate this is a huge community of over 100,000 likeminded successful and novice online business owners with a cornucopia of information available at my fingertips. 

And a Community of active members that post on a daily basis what is and what is not working for their businesses; informing the community and myself of what the latest trends are, how the marketing is moving, and what they are doing to achieve success.

List of High Hornor medals from different countries

Yes I am a very proud member of this community, and I think anyone within this industry should also consider joining as well, it is a caring and very thoughtful community, and can provide hidden benefits for any online business owner. 

I think of the WA members as all being brave to stand out of the crowd and the norm to do something that is very uncommon in today’s business world. And that is simply to offer to help each other succeed!!

Most online business owners will admit that they never stop learning new ideas or little campaign adjustments here and there that make huge differences in how the general public interacts with them and their websites.

A Caring Community

Illustrating the results of increased website traffic or referral/visitor conversion ratios both vital elements to sustainable businesses and their practices. 

Furthermore, a community with members having a deep down sharing and caring compassion for fellow members within the community, wanting to willfully help when asked instead of trying to prey on the novice within the community to boost their own businesses.

Now, Here is a Great Caring and helping Community If I Have Ever Witnessed One!

One of the many great members of the Weatlhy Affiliate Community!
I blocked out any identifing information. I wanted to illistrate the act of kindness not embaress the member!

This lady fell on hard times, and it appeared from her blog that she submitted to the WA community dashboard, that we would not be hearing from her any time soon. 

But that was an assumption that some of the members had made, including me.  But one of the members felt for this woman and committed an act of kindness that I am sure took many members by surprise. 

Don’t get me wrong there are acts of kindness that occur on a daily basis on the WA site the true meaning behind paying it forward, is helping anyone that needs help.

A sad day, a community member having to tell the community that things are not financialy working out for her and since she just joined her sites have yet had the chance to take off so she is going to have to stop paying membership for a month or two until things turn around for her and her family.

But low and behold there was a silver lining to this grey cloud that not many expected to show through the gloom.  The very next day the community receives the surprise that set many back in their chairs in disbelief.

During the night someone had reached out to this member and paid for her next month’s subscription (membership) costs.  So naturally, to show her respect and gratitude, she wrote yet another blog (below) thanking them

The next day's blog she announces that someone had paid her membership for her for the next month, if that is not a great example of what a careing and loving community is I don't know what one is then!

Now, how about that where else in today’s world, on or offline, does a community show such dedication toward helping other members when they need it the most. 

Imagine what that lady’s first intimal thoughts were possibly astonishment, utter amazement, and bewilderment would be my first three guesses.

One Bad Example

So yes I have seen some very nice gestures and acts of kindness happen while I have been combing the backstage views of the WA platform. 

Equally important, as with any other part of today’s massive societies, you have those individuals that insist on showing their backsides and prove that we still have not completely evolved from being pure savages with just self-preservation in our communications and actions.

The WA chat room is living proof of that, and the sad part about these events is it is not just the new members that have not learned to be respectful of those around them. 

Some of the more veteran members here have been caught in acts of complete disrespect and rudeness towards others.


So even though the intentions of the community overall are good one must still be prepared to face uncomfortable confrontations with disgruntled members from time to time.

With that I will leave today asking of one simple thing can you share your experiences below that you have had with a community as great as the one I just wrote about.

I think the world needs to know that their still places, groups, and communities around that have such thoughtful and caring members that acts of kindness shine through on a daily basis.

As a;ways thank yo very much for comeing and visisting my website I appreciate the Opportunity to help!.

If you need help with something or have a question please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me privately at my email address, and I will be more than happy to address the issue. 

Or by chance, you would like to leave some relevant information as content that you feel may enhance this website/page, by all means, feel free to leave those comments below as well.

I am so grateful that you came to my website and styed till the very end reading all of what i had to say.

Additionally, I would like to thank you for visiting my website today and reading this blog to the end, it proves to me that I am on the right track and providing people with the best information that I have gathered over the years and in recent research is helpful to many


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