WA University, Affiliate Bootcamp

WA University, Affiliate Bootcamp

Personal Guidance

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This, in my opinion, is most likely two of the most important concepts of learning any new business model of online entrepreneurship and although there are tons and tons of information available to people online, unfortunately, the reality is:

It's hard to tell what is fake, what is half true, what is wotth its weight in gold

And just because someone wants your hard earned money in exchange for some information they say is worth whatever cost they are charging, these days you just don’t know and might not find out until it’s too late and they have already run off with your money.

I am here to try to help people avoid those scammers, schemers, and frauds because someone may tell you their information is worth what they are asking but that does not mean that the information they are selling is worth what they want for it.

Which Leads me to . . .

The great platform that I myself am a member of, Wealthy Affiliate they offer a free seven day free membership trial period so you can create a free profile page, complete the first ten lessons of two different training courses, look over what is on the platform, and observe what type of information that is shared amongst the members of the platform for a full seven days free. 

They offer this 7-day free trial because they know how the internet has become just as well as you do.  Additionally, they want everyone to realize that Wealthy Affiliate stands behind what they say and what they offer is what they say it is.

  In another article I wrote about the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Training the novice training it’s geared more for the beginner you know the person, their limited to pretty much just sending and receiving emails, and playing games online and that’s about it. 

Regardless I gave a pretty in-depth look and produced a guide to what all that training provides to anyone willing to go through it. 

So if you think of yourself as a beginner or a newbie you might want to read that review first and see if it might be more your level. 

What path to take the Affiliate Bootcamp training or the OEC training either will help you are your way toward make money online from home

What I recommend, is that you start with the OEC training get formalized with everything and all this business model entails.

Then once your first website is up and running and making you money.  You slowly transition into taking the Affiliate Bootcamp while running your first not so competitive niche website.

This way we the advanced training discusses something you already know how to do it and it will be easier to just amp up what you all already doing than to learn and produce top-notch results in the same process.


If you think you are ready for a more advanced training, one on steroids, and will help you boost your business into that cash earning mode much faster (and of course will require more attention and comment on your part) then who am I to tell you differently, so fine let’s continue forward shall we.

Hello, everyone, it’s me

Cal here again

Today I’d like to fundamentally break down and explain to you what to expect when and if you take the Affiliate Bootcamp Training offered on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. 

I think once you read this article you will be impressed by the amount of information the owners are willing to share with you after you upgrade your membership to premium after the free seven day membership trial period.

Remember the first ten lessons in level 1 is the only training available to starter members, so if you don’t upgrade you are missing out on lots and lots of training and great information that is available that this platform offers to its premium members.

You can see here what all is offered with the Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate so that you can make an informed decision on your own whether you think WA is right for you or not.

I am not here to sell you anything I am here to help you become successful with an online business

 I am here to strictly tell you what is offered on the platform and let you make the decision that you think is right for you.  How often do you think you will hear those words being said on the internet today?

See that’s what sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from all the other platforms and people trying to sell you their or someone else’s products and they don’t want you to know about. 

At WA your not going to get a sells pitch or some fancy smooth talking sells person trying to upgrade you to the next level of tools and products being offered on the platform.  

We will inform YOU what the differences are, what the prices are,  and then leave it up to YOU to decide for yourself

The way it should be everywhere people beign kind and treating people right and not trying to rip them off of their hard earned money but teach them how to make money online form home.

I am here just to let you know what they offer and not trying to really twist your arm to force you into something you won’t be happy doing. 

Okay enough beating around the bush, here is my detailed extensive training explanation for the WA Affiliate Bootcamp Training Course I hope you enjoy the read:

Training! Training!

And More Training!

Level one of the training on how to make money online form home

Starting off at the beginning at Level one which is labeled “Getting Your Business Rolling” Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most rewarding “recurring” affiliate programs offered on the internet today.

In these first ten lessons, you will be taught how to begin building a solid foundation to build a profitable online business affiliate marketing business built around the WA affiliate program.

Equally important, this system can be used for any affiliate program but will concentrate more on the WA program as its examples and case studies will be conducted on the affiliate program offered at WA.

In any new business online or a brick and mortar establishment, a new business owner needs to be focused. 

Their attention needs to be on having a vision of where they want the business to go and a brand is an important part of that vision and growth. So level one concentrates on this and teaches you what the Wealthy Affiliate program opportunity offers you and your business

The incentives which are offered to the starter (or free trial period) member and what is offered to the premium membership alike. How to set and reach goals, by developing strong successfully based websites for creating authority with the search engines. 

If you have been involved in any online business you will know the importance of this authoritativeness and how it helps to get better organic traffic to your website. 

How to develop and implement an outstanding WA Affiliate campaign that will earn you the title of Super Affiliate (300 referrals in one year, check program for details), provide you with ample profits,

What a great commision program you pretty much get half of all subscriptions paid by your refferals.  So you need to help as many people to learn how to make money online from home using the WA business model.

and an all-expenses-paid (airfare and lodging) week-long Los Vegas, WA Super Affiliate, convention vacation read about 2019’s convention here.

Sounded like they had a blast and learned a lot from each other collaborating as a group, this year they had a large number of first-time attendees.

Reviews of the great training teaching you how to make money online from home using WA

Then we have Level two it’s titled “Content, Keywords, and Conversions” and it focuses on content. 

Mainly the creation of presentable, readable content that enhances visitor experience; content that ranks by using the six fundamentals of quality material that focuses on great leveraging keywords, resulting in more conversationally flowing content.

All ten lessons form level 2 teaching you how to make money online form home.

These practices will improve and lengthen session times (the time a visitor spends on your website) per website visitor: and maximizing your profits by leveraging on non-promoting products. 

Lastly how to avoid crucial image mistakes that a majority of website owners make.  Upon completing this course, your content will be a force worth reckoning if you follow what it taught correctly.

More reviews of the make money online from home training course offered at WA

Let’s move right along to Level three and its name is a dead ringer as to what it is all about, “Giving Your Site Social Value”.  Yes indeed mastering the social media platforms the nightmare of most online marketers. 

I don’t think it is because they’re hard to market on I think it is more they don’t know how to market on them, because each social media platform s operate in a different fashion.

Moving right along to level 3 of the make money online from home outstanding training platform.

So you need to promote your content it different ways and the platform is what dictates how it should effectively be done and this horrifies some marketers because they are not all the familiar with how to maneuver around on all of the platforms. Regardless of which you targeted market normally would hang out on (social media wise).  This makes it wise to really get a good grasp on all the social media platforms because you just never know when a trend or shift from one platform to other will happen.

Wow even more reviews on the gret make money online from home training offered at Wealthy Affiliate

Furthermore, level three takes on this challenge and confidently pushes forward teaching us how to increase our website sociability.

Through Kyle’s (one of WA’s co-founders) instructions on how to install social media plugins and how to get the most out of them, what the true benefits of the social media platforms are, and finally how to create socially engaging content.

This naturally, will increase shareability through efficient sharing techniques to reach out to a larger audience and increase website traffic through socializing on the social media platforms.

Level four of the training on how to make money online form home.

Trucking along to Level four,  its label “Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get a Brand Through Media” in this level Kyle walks us through some important aspect of the visualization of our websites.

Things like: how to stylish it up to the next level of visitor engagement by enhancing their sense of sight and how important, we as humans, use sight for many of our personal choices throughout our daily lives. 

Not only will he be going over the importance of imagery, but since Pinterest’s main way of communicating on their social platform is done by sharing images this platform should become a vital part of your daily business’ activities and again Kyle explains and shows step by step how to do this effectively on a daily basis.

These daily p[racices will boost the exposure of your content as well as your website helping in creating yet more website traffic than if you ignore this network of visual users.

Even more reviews, these are explaining how the make money online from home training effected their lives for the better.

Additionally, you will learn about creating videos and this will assist you in generating a successful campaign on you guessed it, the one and only “YouTube”. 

Which by the way is currently the fastest going social media platform on the internet closing in on Google Search Engine with 3.5 billion searches per day, and Facebook with 2.32 billion logged in monthly users.

Some of the facts about how useing You Tube can help your online presence

So it’s pretty apparent how the search market is shifting and our need to be prepared or start preparing now before the shift has taken place or we stand a chance of getting left behind in the dust because we refused to act before the shift and rather than after it takes place. 

The numbers don’t lie, and the numbers above are telling us that for sure visualization and imagery are going to be a very import aspect of future profitable online businesses that we simply cannot ignore. 

Nor is the fact that imageless devices called smart speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and other Alexa compatible devices are rapidly growing in popularity, and could seriously influence search engine results in the future as well.

But for now, since the Alexa searches have not begun to really skyrocket, the training focuses more on visual media because that is what seems to be affecting the search engines and searches the most. 

Also not to be forgotten are charts and graphs they too should be an important part implemented to our visuals that improve a visitor’s comprehension of the message we try to convey to them while keeping their experience on our website interesting to them, therefore those visual aids are also discussed in lesson four.

Level five of the make money online from home training that can make the differnce as to how well you and your business can perform

Crossing the hump to level five, we come to “Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals”, and this training is going to lead you to a better understanding of your audiences and improving your skills in regard to converting a visitor on your website to an invite on the WA platform, and moving on to becoming a referral.

Major outcomes of this level are going to be the ability to write with intent, successfully engagement encouragement strategies, harnessing the power of YouTube, and blasting traffic using videos and effective comments that help convert visitors to future referrals.

The reviews tell the true story of how well the training really is.
Moving right to level 6 on PPC and the website research tools available for every website owner

Level six is dubbed “Bing, Yahoo, and The Power of PPC” even though Google is the number one search engine worldwide that handles more traffic single-handedly than all the other search engines combined. 

We still should not ignore the other search engines because there are over 350 million searches daily handled by the other search engines combined. 

It is no way near what Google handles but does that mean we should ignore that potential audience, I would be quite happy to have 350,000,000 daily visitors to my website – LOL.  

Seriously that comes out to about 127.5 billion searches a year that’s a lot of traffic to just forget about. 

So level six addresses this audience and focuses on the other search engines, how to get verified in their webmaster sites, how to conduct PPC campaigns in them. 

Additionally, covering on how to maximize your PPC campaigns, your CTRs, and conversation rates through refinement, after conducting a thorough analysis of each of our campaign results as you get feedback of those results.

Equally important some other strategies to help improve the quality of your content, at the same time finding out what your competition is writing about, and improving your Search Engine Results Position (SERP) all in the same simple practice that you should be incorporating into your daily routine as well.

More reviews givng more great results and accomplishments as a result from the great training provided at Wealthy Affiliate
Wrapping it all together to make money online from home with the Wealthy Affiliates Training is in my opinion the key to success made easy.  Give it a try today

Level seven and finally we have “How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns” with a title like that we could just about figure out what this level is concentrated on, creating success with PPC. 

It really isn’t as hard as it sounds and Kyle one of the co-owners will walk you thru the ins and outs of PPC and once you figure out the basics to your success formula, the next dilemma naturally becomes SCALING your campaigns to create more success.

This is almost a continuation of level 6 but It is geared more toward, setting up, dealing with Google and doing PPC on Google AdWords, and creating different designs and slogans (pages and other content) for distinctive Ads for your PPC campaigns. 

Furthermore, testing those new ideas before going full throttle with them to assure prior to scaling them; they are or will increase Click Through Ratios or (CTRs) and Conversation ratios.

Additionally, how to track your efforts and where to follow the live campaign results to see if it is working as well as you want it to. 

How to get support when needed and getting a better grasp of the whole PPC world, in general, to help increase your odds of greater success in the PPC realm

As business owners or soon to be business owners, we want to know every aspect of owning our business and although most will elect to remain with the free organic means of gathering traffic.

The possibility of investing more into your company and starting paid advertisements to scale your business to the next level must always be something that you as a business owner should be thinking about.

What The Training Course Does For YOU!

The sad truth and harsh reality of the internet is, many people are out to take your money and give you a ride that will take you nowhere. 

And the information they are pawning off to people; most of that information can actually be found online (where do you think they got it from) free and is not worth what they are asking for it.

Well, luck fully, not all places are created equal and one place, in my opinion, which is far about any other website (platform) like it is Wealthy Affiliate (WA as the members call it). 

Sure you can go to Amazon Associates Central (the name of their affiliate program) and they too have a boatload of information that they have gathered from marketers since 1996 when they first started Amazon Associates.

The noteworthy downside, the site does offer chat and multiple phone numbers for different global locations that you can call: but those are not geared toward  assisting you with their training they are for customer service

Then we have yet another great information provider in Affiliate Marketing and that is the Search Engine giant themselves: they have information for marketers on Google Marketing Platform known before as, Google Analytics; and Google Search Console, the new name for the old Google Webmaster’s site. 

But at the same time, offer plenty of information to be obtained but don’t offer live assistance in the training department their contacts are also for customer service inquiries and not geared to assist in training digital or online marketers. 

So that leaves us with, in my opinion, one great option and that is Wealthy Affiliate they offer extensive training information just like the other two giant leaders provide. 

The difference, however, is what makes Wealthy Affiliate stand out from the other two, and that is live training, help, and direct guidance from business owners to business owners.

A Great Community of

Business Owners

Equally important, is the fact that the Wealthy Affiliate Community is a very caring and helping community while providing each other first hand and up to the second reporting on current market changes. 

When Google announced that they were going to be closing down Google Plus it took the WA community roughly two hours, after the public announcement, before members starting writing blogs informing the community of the loss of the social media platform that many members including the two owners personally used and had grown to love.

I don’t know of any other community of business owners that keeps all their members so quickly and widely informed of market changes, strategies, and failures.

This allows all the members of the community to adapt quickly to those changes, implement successful strategies, abort failure practices, and do this before most of their competition even find out about the shift or change in the market. 

That in itself to me is worth every penny that I pay for the yearly membership (subscriptions as their admins call it – LOL), not counting the training, or the website hosting that also comes with the premium membership

Okay, that about wraps up this review on the Affiliate Bootcamp at Wealthy Affiliate is you have come across a great training and you’d like for me to do a review on it.

I’d be glad to, just let me know about it down in the comments section, I will check it out, and I will write the review as soon as I finish it!

As always I's like to thank you for reading my blogs and visiting my website!

If you need help in SEO or any online business related topic with something that you are working with for the first time or have a question. Please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me privately at my email address. I try very diligently to answer every comment or question asked about online marketing or entrepreneurship.

I will be more than happy to address any issue that you bring to my attention.  Or by chance, you would like to leave some relevant information as content that you feel may enhance this website/page, by all means, feel free to leave those comments below as well.

Thank you so much, I mean that, for sticking around and reading one of the many different ways to make money online from home, the series, as I explore many of the business models to acheive making money online from home and shareing how to do it with you.

Additionally, I would like to thank each and every person for visiting my website today and if you are reading this that means you read it to the end, it proves to me that I am on the right track. by trying to provide people with the best information that I have gathered over the years and in recent research and you either found my work interesting or helpful, and I’ll gladly take both 🙂


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