WA University, Online Entrepreneur Certification

WA University, Online Entrepreneur Certification

I was taught early on in my entrepreneur journey in life that the more you learn the more you earn.  Over the years I’ve grown accustomed to hearing the phrase at least once every 6 months or so (probably more than that). 

Regardless, it is probably the most used phrase in the business world the other I would have to say is “it take money to make money” I honestly think that one is much more popular as well.

In today’s online businesses the second quote, I think has been debunked, it no longer takes a lot of money to start an online business that can do quite well in a relatively short period of time.

So let’s concentrate on the first of the two quotes, and the fact that one has stood the test of time. 

Yes I know, I have heard of plenty very wealthy individuals that at a young age dropped out of high school to go work in the family business or for the family company. 

But the thing is they may not be very book smart, but I am almost certain if you were to ask most of those individuals a business-related question.

We would see that they have learned a great deal of business knowledge over the years and are indeed very smart (business wise that is) and that could make the difference between making in business or becoming a statistical failure.

Welcome to website traffic guru where itis our mission to help you iincrease the website traffic your website is receiving

Cal here,

And I’m bringing you another informative article your way today for your enjoyment in hopes of helping as many individuals that I can become profitable online business owners. 

No, I am not trying to sell you anything I am merely letting you know what I have found and sharing it with you. 

So please relax get comfortable, and continue at a leisurely pace. I’m going to be talking about the Wealthy Affiliate Training platform today.

I found this platform a long time ago (7 to 9 years ago maybe, awhile ago) snooped around and it just didn’t click for me back then.

I’m not really sure why but I just didn’t see it. Here it is 7 or 8 years later and I just so happened to stumble across it again, this time things were different. 

I am not sure if it was the fact that the platform had grown so much since I had last visited the platform or the fact that it had such a huge database of training and a very supportive community that I didn’t look close enough to see on my first visit.

Okay you busted me fibbing there a little bit, yes I confess, it was the fact they offer so much training and had so many active community members that the comradery sort of just sucked me in. 

It simply amazed me that a platform existed on the same internet, which I feel; plenty of websites can no longer be trusted because the internet over the last couple of years has been swamped with con-artists that just want to prey on you and take your hard earned money.

And then here’s this platform Wealthy Affiliate, where successful online business owners are actually trying to help other not so successful business owners, succeed in their online businesses. 

Well, it turns out that these business owners are returning the favor because they too had others help them when they were first starting out, and struggling to make ends meet, as they were climbing the ropes toward success.

And this is “Pay it Forward” attitude is what really makes WA (as the members call it) such an outstanding platform to learn on. 

Speaking of which lets switch on concentration back onto learning and being taught important aspects of starting, owning, and running an online business because that is what WA is all about!

They request that you fill out and make a free starter membership profile page (why not, it’s 100% free?) and then you can start the first level of one or two different training concentrations for


Yes that’s right the first ten lessons (level one) or up to 7 days are free so you won’t need any credit card numbers until you get a chance to look around and check out the training.

During the first 7 days, you will be given the opportunity to actually start building your own website, of course, it will be on a Site Rubix sub-domain but where else can you start a free website without paying a single penny!

Here’s the catch, there’s always a catch right?


You just have to click on the TRAINING tab, to be able to take advantage of this remarkable offer. 

If you want to see more navigational information about the WA website you can read this article where I do a pretty good walkthrough of the WA Platform explaining most of the features of the website and how to maneuver to and fro those features. 

See the owners of Wealthy Affiliate know that once you see how great their platform has become over the past 15 years of growth; chances are you will upgrade before the end of the 7th day of the free trial period.

 That’s how confident they are about their platform, the business model they teach, and how it has evolved into a very supportive and guiding community, with training second to none.

As a matter of fact here a statement made by Kyle one of the co-owners about the Wealthy Affiliate community:

One of WA's co-founders Kyle speaking some words of wisdom on how to make money online from home with Wealthy Affiliate.

So start the training for free and see if this business model is right for you because if not, the last thing the owners want you to do if you don’t think affiliate marketing is right for you: is to hang around and give them a bad name or tarnish their impeccable reputation. 

And if you don’t see yourself as a profitable online business entrepreneur why would you hang around the platform (that just wouldn’t make any sense, would it?). 

Okay so once you’re on the platform, you’ve created your new free profile, contact me at my profile page


Once you find me leave me a comment on my profile and let me know you made it in, your profile is completed, and are ready to start the training. 

Then it’s as simple as finding the Training button in the left sidebar on the home page, like in the image below, and click on it to get started on your new journey in life.

Being able to locate the training tab is vital to learning how to make money online from home with Wealthy Affiliate
Back to the training at Wealthy Affiliate wehre you will learn how to make moneyonlinr from home with affiliate marketing stategies

One of the biggest things that sold me on Wealthy Affiliate and sets Wealthy Affiliate’s platform apart from 95% of the other training platforms is. . .

It won't cost you a single penny for the first 7 days of learning how to make money online from homw with Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ll explain how all that works later on down near the end of this article. 

Training is one of the key aspects to membership the training on the WA platform literary never stops.

WA has two seperate training courses to teach youhow to make monry online from home.

First, is slightly advanced training for those that want to build a website to promote Wealthy Affiliate in the Make Money Online niche which by the way is a very, very competitive market. 

And since it is geared toward a tougher niche it is like the OEC training on steroids and I discuss it in great details in my blog WA University, Affiliate Bootcamp and it has the same restriction on it as the OEC training course.

You only have access to level one (it also has 10 lessons @ 7 levels) so as a free 7-day trial membership or a starter membership after the free 7 day trial period ends you only have access to the first 10 out of the 70 lessons.

However, since most people coming or joining the WA community want to start in a less competitive niche so that they can start making money as soon a possible. 

The more popular of the two training lessons for new and novice online business owners Wealthy Affiliate has the Online Entrepreneur Certification or OEC training as many of the members call it. 

Like the Affiliate Bootcamp training each level has 10 lessons in it and is only accessible past level one to premium members.  OEC training only has 5 levels so as a free starter member you only have access to the first 10 of 50 lessons in the OEC training course.

But the first ten should give you enough to base a solid decision as to whether you like the training, can learn from the training, and figure out if the affiliate marketing business model is what you are looking for or not.

Level onen the most important of them all, teaches building the foundation to build a business to make money online from home

The first ten lessons labeled “Getting Started” provide information on how to start, build, and operate your very own Site Rubix hosted website.

WordPress websites are one of the most popular and versatile websites on the internet today offering over 175 million themes to choose from. 

Roughly 30% of all websites on the internet about 75 million are powered by WordPress websites (that’s a lot of websites). 

It’s no wonder they have over 30,000 themes to choose from and well over 45,000 plug-ins offered as well, while most of both are free almost all (themes and plug-ins) offer a paid upgraded version.

Also in Level 1 you will learn how to maneuver around on the WA platform, choose a niche, how to find low hanging fruit or low competition keywords using the Jaxxy keyword research tool simple website SEO basics, and an introduction to making money online.

Just a few of the reviews form WA members on how they enjoyed learning how to make money online from home with WA's easy to follow along training

That’s only the last two reviews of the 622 reviews that members have left on just this first level of training both members are in the top 100 ranking level within the Wealthy Affiliate community (all members are ranked by activeness on the WA platform) and most have been at digital marketing for some time now.  

Sorry only premium members get full access to all the learning material on how to make money online from home
In lesson two you are goin to learn how to start getting traffic attracted to your website to increase website traffic in the process of learning how to make money online from home.

Moving right along to level two lessons labeled “Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website”, and there are another 10 lessons (pictured above) in level two. 

These ten lessons provide information on how to choose a great Domain name that will attract visitors; creating a domain specific email account, content that is engaging and also targets affiliate programs and will convert

It also discusses and shows the proficiency of the latest WordPress editor; how easy it is to transfer your website from one of the free sub-domains to your own domain, so whenever you are ready to do so you’ll know how it’s done.

Then lastly, it goes into understanding the principles of Website Traffic, product reviews, and building user based experience and trust for authoritativeness in searches. 

In fact, there are so many helpful instructions in all of the lessons it makes it hard for me to figure out which aspects to put here in my review.

The reason being, all are so important, especially to new online business owners.  Being an advanced online owner, I thought I would be just breezing through the training. 

Surprisingly, I found it rather interesting and I actually got a couple of pointers per level of the training about topics I thought I knew.

But after going through the training I realized that my internet research was not as reliable as I thought it to be when I was doing research on different methods of marketing for the past 15 years.

 So yes, even a veteran digital marketer like myself gained insight by going through the training, I believe, any other veteran marketer could also gain some very helpful tips by completing the training offered on the platform.

The first review here is from Dom he is one of many millionaires that learned how to make money online from home through the Wealthy Affiliate training program care to add your name to this prestigious list?

Most of these reviews that I am showing you are made by members that are still active on the platform and are the unedited actual reviews they left: typos and all, I simply copied and pasted them for authentication purposes.

Sorry only premium members get full access to all the learning material on how to make money online from home
Level 3 lessons teach us how to submit great content on on website from finding low hanging fruit keywords to proper placement of link all just part of the overall proccess to make money online from home with WA

Continuing on, to level three of the OEC training, this level keeps 99.99% of all new premiums members on the edges of their seats while they go through this level because it concentrates and is labeled. Take a guess, yes probably guessed and most likely you were right, it discusses . . .

Want to learn how to make money online from home?  If so you came to the right website to start your journey!

Naturally, on this topic, everyone’s undivided attention is normally pinpointed and focused closely on this level because it is why most come to Wealthy Affiliate in the first place.  The learn how to make money online. 

And this level leaves no stone unturned, the entire level, all ten lessons cover from understanding how the money aspect of affiliate marketing works, how affiliate marketing programs themselves work (most have their own distinctive agreement with the marketers), how to find the affiliate programs (all of them not just some).

Along with other great material, most of the other very important and the not so important aspects of monetization of an affiliate marketer’s website. If this lesson doesn’ t help you figure it out then maybe this will.

Now, I don’t want to spoil all the fun out of the level by giving too much information here so I’ll leave well enough alone and move forward in this review and let you discover the wealth of information in this level on your own!

level 3 training reviews on how to make money online from home

Like I said earlier typos and all!!  Hey, we’re all human right?  And even the best of us don’t catch all our mistakes all the time.

Sorry only premium members get full access to all the learning material on how to make money online from home
If Social media is your nightmare then level 4 is your key on how to make money online from home with the social media platforms.

This brings us to level four of the OEC that bears the label of “Mastering Social Engagement” so yes this is all about the social media platforms; like becoming a powerhouse on Facebook, producing mega followers on Snapchat with straight to the point videos or messages, peaking the interest of thousands on Instagram or Pinterest with some outstanding images, developing and leveraging how to produce free marketing on all of them. 

Knowing when and how to engage socially and the right time to market followers can lead to great success on any of those types of platforms even the business-oriented ones. 

So for those of you that are looking to minimize the cost and maximize the results, this will be the level for you to pay great attention to while going through it.

Two more WA members giving their opinion on the great training showing how to make money online from home

Equally important, we come to the conclusion of the OEC training with level Five, this is the most important of all the lessons even though some will disagree with that statement and say that Level three “Making Money” is the most important.

I would argue that and explain that no matter how many affiliate programs you belong to, no matter how much content you produce, or how many visitors you have come to your website.

If you cannot run your website (business) effectively and efficiently eventually no matter how hard you try it will end up failing.  And this is exactly what level 5 as all about preventing.

Sorry only premium members get full access to all the learning material on how to make money online from home
Each level within the course has ten lessons on how to make money online from home

Level five is appropriately labeled “The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation”.  Sounds a bit spiritual does it, well to Affiliate Marketers these last ten lessons are very vital to one’s success, they all concentrate on improving the content, visualization, and conversion of any and all material that you post to your website. 

I mean let’s face it and be honest with each other, we are here to help as many people as we possibly can, and make a sustainable business out of these practices. 

The level five lessons teach you how to hone all the main concepts of affiliate marketing and increase the effectiveness, and improve the efficiency of all your efforts towards running your business at the most profitable level possible. 

This final level of OEC training will provide you actual helpful hints on how to properly strategize and plan for your business’ future, and any training out there today that does not cover this type of information. 

In my opinion, would be incomplete and without such guidance toward you and your business’ wellbeing is a waste of your time to complete and your hard earned money.  

Reviews of leveln five of how to make money online from home
The training on how to make money online from home with Wealthy Affiliate is free for a 7-day trial period. So come and see what all the hype is about

This doesn’t include most of the hosting benefits that you receive with your monthly premium membership fees at Wealth Affiliate.  These very special and SEO important benefits of hosting your website at Wealthy Affiliate will easily pay for the monthly premium membership by itself. 

No other platform on the internet today that I know of offers such extensive training and hosting for such a low monthly cost to its members.  The training is provided free with the monthly Premium Membership and depending on how you pay for that membership it could be as low as $25.00 a month.

The Average premium membership paid on a month to month basis costs $49.00 until the new member can either pay for premium membership on a yearly basis (then it drops to just $30.00 a month) or take advantage of the owners hospitality during their Annual Black Friday Extravaganza (just before the beginning of the American Thanksgiving Weekend). 

Furthermore, even though they have been able to offer this deal every year for the past couple of years; you never know if it will happen next year or not, but if it does monthly premium membership costs through that deal is only $299 a year (paid up front in one payment just like a normal yearly payment would be) or $25.00 a month. 

Now before you go and say I can’t afford that, think about what else is offered in the Premium membership look here to see and it is pretty obvious at that price as an online business owner you just can’t go wrong.

 And guess what that is just the beginning, at WA you still can host 48 more sites if you want to (see any business opportunities there) offer website building, hosting, and a monthly monitoring fee on a local level at $50.00 a month per site and you’re already making money without even starting your own website.


So you tell me, where else can you start and run an online business for under $500.00 US dollars for the first year and be offered all the training you will ever need, not only will you be an online business owner but you can be a successful one as well (just follow the training and it will show you how to do it step by step).  

Additionally, Wealthy Affiliate has weekly (Every Friday night) live one hour training on some of the newest techniques, and methods to boost your business to the next level in performances, and offers thousands and thousands of hours of recorded training videos by the owners to other members as well throughout the 15 years that the platform has been around. 

Yes, some of the training videos are a bit outdated, but most still teach principles that are still and will always be important to and, I think, should be applied to any business online or a brick and mortar establishment. 

If you presently are eager and very serious about starting an online business and you just don’t know where to start then relax and see what the free week trial offer at Wealthy Affiliate will bring to you.

There’s no commitment or additional charges during the free trial, so I strongly suggest Wealthy Affiliate to any novice (beginner) that is serious about creating an income that will provide the freedom to live the way they want to live.

Or provide the means to the money to be debt free (with proper money managing skills of course: I don’t want to promise something that is not true), and the ability to work when you want to and where you want to work (as long as an internet connection is available) then Affiliate marketing is what you have been looking for.

And Wealthy Affiliate just might be the platform you have been looking for, the platform to learn every aspect of the online business, no matter what skills you presently have: this platform and caring community will assist you every step and help you overcome any and all hurdles that come your way; if you give them the chance to help you accomplish these feats.

As always if you have a comment to leave a question to ask please feel free to do so I am here to help anyway I can

If you need help with something, can’t figure something out, or have a question please don’t hesitate to ask me down below in the comments section or contact me privately at my email address. I will be more than happy to address the issue for you. 

Or by chance, you would like to leave some relevant information other interesting engagement as content that you feel may enhance this website/page, by all means, feel free to leave those comments below as well.

Thank you so much for sticking around and reading my article to the end it is greatly appreciated!

Additionally, I would like to thank you for visiting my website today and reading this blog to the end, it proves to me that I am on the right track and providing people with the best information that I have gathered over the years and in recent research is helpful to many.


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