I first heard about Wealth Affiliate back in 2006 sometime during the summer, from a fellow online entrepreneur.

He had given me his referral link so I figured why not, I knew John well and knew he would never give or offer a link to me and endorse it from a scam or rip-off platform.

So I went into the platform started the free profile and began to look around, they offered a free 7-day trial membership where you could do their first tier of training in what they called their online entrepreneur certification.

I have to admit that this alone had me very eager to look around the platform to see what all was offered to me as a free member.

And then look even further to see if I upgraded to, what they called their premium membership, what would I get with that as well.

Fast forwarding to the present day since I had paid people to get my e-commerce store up and running back in 2003 I have always been curious about website development.

John my friend mentioned above knowing this encouraged me to once again revisit Wealthy Affiliate to explore what it was that Wealthy Affiliate offered and once there one day in a conversation with Karen also known as Kdahlin and owner of https://losingweightcafe.com when she had said:

“I had been searching for a very long time for a membership site to learn how to do affiliate marketing. I tried many places; somehow I could not connect the dots. I was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate and I joined as free membership and did the first lesson, it was easy to follow and I finished level one.  I wasn’t sure that I wanted to join another monthly affiliate site, so I researched Wealthy Affiliate and wanted to find comments on how people liked it or didn’t like it.

I found more people that liked it and had some really good things to say about it. So I took the first month for $19 and figured I would follow the steps, well that month went, and here it is now many more months later and I am still here.

The nice thing Wealthy Affiliate is you can pay a monthly fee or a once annually upfront yearly fee that you can save half the total cost of one year.

Once you join Wealthy Affiliate you do not pay for anything else, no one tries to upsell you anything.

You even get 25 free websites I have never seen this anywhere else, plus they have their own hosting platform.”

Her statement made me realize that I too had been searching for a platform to teach me website building in a community of online affiliate marketing entrepreneurs willing to assist others to duplicate what they were doing to create another stream of income the rest, as they say, is history.

Here is my current take on the affiliate program learning platform: after revisiting them in late May of this year

First the Vitals –

Name: Wealthy Affiliate.com

Website URL: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Type of Training: Videos, Documents, and Live

Intensity: Self-Paced Extensive Detailed Exclusive Training

Support for Training:  Yes 24/7 Community Chat, and Various Forum type strains for questions

Technical Support Offered: Yes 24/7

Website building: by Word Press

Website Domains/Hosting: exclusively by Site Rubix/Wealthy Affiliate

Research Tools: Jaxxy, 200,000 members, live 24/7 chat room, a new Wealthy Affiliate exclusive Affiliate product/Program search tool.

(If you never used one of these before it saves hours of looking for new affiliate programs to be involved in a TRUE INDUSTRY DEAL BREAKER)

Success Stories: 57 have blogged, about their success, within the community.

There are many modest members that their profile pages simply mention their success, many don’t want to seem like they are bragging.

Cost: $360 1 year membership, $15 website = totaling $375.00 US if paid upfront (only $31.25 month), all hosting costs are included in the premium membership so no additional costs accrued there.

Breakdown of Membership: (Up to 25 Domains, 25 Sub-Domains, Hosting with 24/7 Site-Support, 3,000 themes, and over 50,000 plug-ins, Keyword Research Tools, Extensive search database (of training, topic-oriented, and video content), 24/7 live chat, and an industry first affiliate program search platform.

The estimated time required to reach sustainable profit: 10-hour workweek for (seasoned writer) for 1 year =

Roughly $2,000.00 to $4,000.00 monthly profits easily.

And with a promise like the one below makes it hard to resist even if it is just an advertisement ploy.

The Wealthy Affiliate Promise to you
You don’t see a promise like this too often.

When you sign up in the term and service agreement that you agree to prior to making your first payment, it states no refund of any prepaid subscription payment and on the website’s platform, they call it a membership, not a subscription.

This is not really an uncommon practice to raise any red flags or anything I just thought it was something people should be aware of, because it could potentially cause some confusion for the novice in the mixing of wording like that.


Let’s be 100% honest with each other her.

If you were to start a business in your neighborhood where you currently live, would your ultimate goal be to start it up to get rich quick or make a financially sustainable living for many years to come with I minimal effort after the initial startup efforts?

First, you would worry about making enough money to keep the business afloat; then make a living from it; then possibly after it was established (2-3 years into its life), up and running for a considerable amount of time (8-10 years).

You knew it could survive if you just nurtured it, and kept involved with it, it could eventually provide a lucrative income to retire on. Much like turning a hobby into your retirement plan.

So what makes you think that an online business is any different from any other type of business?

Trust me I know, I’ve been there too!

It’s because we are all bombarded daily with people online saying “I can show you how to get rich now with my new system”.


Well, guess what?

The only person that’s going to get rich with a system like that mentioned above, is the person selling you the system.

Don’t fool yourself a profitable online business is not much different from any other type of business it’s going to take hard work, long hours, and plenty of dedication on YOUR PART no matter what type of business it is to become profitable.

So, no Wealthy Affiliate will not make you rich overnight, but it can help show you how to build a business that could someday make you rich! Just ask (WA Profile Name “byronbrewer”, a current member and the owner of website https://humanproofdesigns.com :

“WA is a great place for beginners to learn the basics of affiliate marketing in a supportive environment. I owe a lot of my success to getting a strong foundation right at the beginning, and I definitely would have quit if I hadn’t been around a group of like-minded people to help me get through the early struggles.”


When you first get invited or click on a link that someone provides to you to Wealthy Affiliate’s platform.

There is one of three different style links that Wealthy Affiliate produces for their affiliates promoting their website, platform, and training:

Just so you know this is my active affiliate links to the platform so if you want to take a look around, by all means, feel free to click on any of them start up the free account and do the first week of training for absolutely free –

You don’t need a credit card to sign up!!

You won’t need one unless you want to upgrade

(That should be the first clue that these people are

legitimate, they don’t push the up sale down your throat)

The Main Link-  When you first open the link it opens to a simple signup page but as an added bonus there are seven tabs in a menu at the top of the page and these tabs go into all the different aspects of Wealthy Affiliates Platform what it offers to the free membership and what they call the premium membership and what is offered to those members.

The Premium Promo –  This home page is slightly different from the first links home page this tells you the differences between the free membership and the premium in a comparison style, and again it has the same seven tabs up in a menu at the top of the page.

However, these are location tabs in other words when you click on them you are just advanced to the desired section of the home page.

And guess what there is no sign-up option on this page you have to use the bottom footer to get to the signup page when have you heard that before.

Most the time you click on a link and the first thing that pops up is: (not their style, they’re legit so you have to want it to find it)


Create Account Link –   This link Is the traditional signup link you are used to seeing for signing up to different thing on the internet.

See they do this deliberately to do two different things, first to show you as an interested entrepreneur that there are other ways of advertising the same platform without all that flashing do this, or do that just to get to the same end result – their profile creation page.

The second reason they are actually displaying to you as a website builder what all options are available to you.  These choices for you to use on your own website if you choose this platform to build and run your online business from.

See these owners know what it takes to build a professional website  (they have their own).  Then the community offers what no other community offers true one on one guidance whenever you get stuck or have a problem understanding anything in the training.

This mentoring is not offered whenever someone sees your question posted in a forum (which could take days), its answered in the live 24/7 chat so it only takes minutes to get your answers or guidance.

Let’s face it some of us are or were not always super computer geeks, or multi-million dollar promotional advertisers.

That’s where the community of those that have been there, walk you through the process of teaching you what it takes to duplicate what they have done and are still doing to be successful.

First off Wealthy Affiliate is not a system it is a training platform to help entrepreneurs build a strong internet presence no matter what type of business you want to own and run, or currently own and are running.

The WA community a true pay it forward platform
The outstanding  LIVE 24/7 chat feature almost every member loves and uses often.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) was brought online sometime back in 2005. by its two founding partners Carson and Kyle, the latter is the acting CEO, both are still very active in the and the community itself.

Wealthy Affiliate is comprised of roughly one million entrepreneurs derived from brick and mortar establishments as well as online entities, members range from the novice beginner to major league global marketing experts.

Courtesy free profile and the first week

Upon visiting the home page, you are strongly encouraged to create a free profile before advancing into the platform to browse around and see what they offer.

This free profile and first examination week, offers minimal training lesions into either direct WA affiliate promoting, called Affiliate Bootcamp.

Or, the other offered training is Online Entrepreneur, which it’s taught material can be applied to any retail website, another affiliate program,  that is being offered by retailing websites worldwide like Amazon, eBay, or any of the thousands of other affiliate partnerships out there.

Actually, the training could literally be used for any kind of content digital marketing model, because it teaches it, students, how to attract traffic by organic means.


Both training modules are designed to assist the trainee in building, designing, and strengthening a strong online presence.

Website domains, hosting, and everything that is required and goes with having an online website is provided through Siterubix, and word press.

The more you learn the more you can earn.  But how about earning while your learnng interested?
The Facts Worth Bragging About!

Free domains (amounts differ for the different memberships) along with paid exclusive domains, and all the technical support, security features, and over 3,000 themes along with 1,500 plug-ins to choose from and are all included in the premium membership.

This alone makes the monthly membership cost great value for the money spent.

Premium membership is $49.00 US monthly and if paid for yearly only costs less than a dollar a day at $359.00 US annually, that breaks down to 29.90 US monthly.

Paid premium membership, offers much more training and extras, too many to list here.




However, the Online Entrepreneur modules offer 4 more course levels, meanwhile, the Affiliate Bootcamp course offers another 6 more levels. Each training course offers ten lesions that are offered free to standard members (non-paying).

Equally important, WA offers to it’s premium members access to an exclusive media library consisting of thousands and thousands of videos and member blog postings (roughly ten or more submitted daily).

This database is so huge it enhances the training for the neophyte (newbies to affiliate marketing) members and give extra little kickers (golden nuggets if you will) of experience-based knowledge for the expert marketers.

A private business owner since 1992, current member MerlinRegis presently implementing his unique self-created offline computerized parts locator into an online application to assist the citizens of the greater Montreal area in locating salvage yard used auto parts had this to say about the utilized training program at Wealthy Affiliate:

“The Wealthy Affiliate platform is an internet marketing ALL LEVELS school.  From kindergarten to university: the free side in like your 1st 6 years of schooling.

When you upgrade, you’re getting into the serious business: high school, college, university: and more!  We can’t tell you enough to follow the lessons.

They will take you by the hand, step by step; they will provide you the answers as they are needed.”


Additionally, besides the two training modules, WA has 13 classrooms, these are so that members can add material to the discussion topic of the training course in much more detail.

An example is the email marketing classroom, is the enhanced learnings and conversation for course 5.

Within this classroom, it has over 3 videos, 14 tutorials, roughly 1,000-course oriented questions, and is comprised of over 9 thousand related comments posted directly to those questions.

Equally important, in one of my other conversations with Karen the owner of https://losingweightcafe.com when she offered her opinion about the Wealthy Affiliate platform:

“Wealthy Affiliate is a site that you will literally be taken by the hand and they show you exactly what to do. You can do this full- time or part-time. You are your own boss.  The nice thing I like about this site is if you have a question and need an answer for it, there is a live chat that is there 24/7 the people are very helpful and you can meet some very nice people there that will help at any time. I know I am here for the long term I have stopped searching.”

This statement of Karen’s demonstrates the power of their 24/7, community-wide chat; it too, is offered for additional guidance on any topic that you may need help with, or advice from other members to members.

However, this strong live community support is only offered to a standard free membership for the first 7 days during the free trial period but comes with the premium membership.

Finally, yet another premium membership perk is every Friday evening a live hosted training webinar is broadcasted for even more intensive enhancement training on a vast variety of topics.

The training webinars last for an hour each and are also videotaped so if you are unable to attend when it live, you can still catch it later during the week after and watch the video of it.


With a reasonable amount of time invested in this training platform, I feel; it could instruct, assist, and help any entrepreneur build or strongly enhance a lucrative money making and very profitable website and business.

And it appears, Susan also known as Marley2016 owner of http://workfromhomemakemoney.siterubix.com/ yet another active Wealthy Affiliate member just so happens to have similar thought on Wealth Affiliate’s system and training:

“Wealthy Affiliates is a community of people who have found the formula to success thanks to owners Kyle and Carson. The training they provide will lead even a person with no experience to being successful at building websites and making them profitable. This is a legitimate company having members who pay it forward in every way; from Live Chat to one on one Private Messaging to help you along your way.”

After a full week to examine what they offer on their platform the pros outweigh the cons greatly on this one!

SO, Cal’s Handed Down Verdict –



If you need help with something or have a question please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me privately at my email address, and I will be more than happy to address it.

If you would like to leave some relevant information as a comment below that you feel may enhance this website/page, by all means, feel free to leave those comments below as well.

(Good or bad, we learn from all feedback not just the positive)

Thanks for sticking around and reading my material I hope you enjoyed the read!


Please Email Me Here

P.S. I would also like to add that, yes, I am an active member at Wealthy Affiliate and I fell that it is money well spent, because I am still learning information from it daily!!

 ==> You are welcome to come to take a look <==

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