Why Affiliate Marketing Works

Why Affiliate Marketing Works

If you would like to learn more about Affiliate Marketing Basics . . .

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Wow did I just say that nasty “W” word – work, I’m going to have to be more careful in the future about how I write.

No, seriously most affiliate marketers don’t consider what they do as work, a mere 1% of all online sales are initiated by live podcasts, roughly 5% by created video referrals from YouTube channels.

However, the majority of the remaining 85-90% of affiliate marketers write content on a webpage about their passions in life whether it be growing gardens in Central Florida, producing Gondola’s for traghettis (small water taxis) in Venice, fishing the banks of the Amazon River in Brazil, or painting the terrestrial landscapes of South Africa.


Now whom out there hasn’t heard that question before when walking into the local grocery store?

The remaining affiliate marketers are slowly becoming absolute due to the success of the blogger’s conversation ratio from potential customer to the purchaser, but they consist of group organizations like churches, schools’ extra curriculum activities like band, choir, wrestling teams, and volleyball teams.

I think the most successful group affiliate marketing team is the Girl Scouts and those delicious cookies they sell twice a year.

Regardless the groups are trying to earn extra funds to help pay for a trip to participate in a tournament, or next years’ uniforms: you might be familiar with the number two and three slots of popularity:  these affiliate programs involved magazines subscriptions (slowing fading out of business because of the internet) and those good old chocolate bars.

Additionally, Girl Scouts were very big on supporting their organizational costs by selling Girl Scout cookies during their annual cookie drives (each Girl Scout was /is an affiliate marketer).Girl Scouts when selling their cookies are Affiliate Marketers selling their products

Here we go, some more terminology for you to learn.  Currently, the most popular affiliate marketing business model is derived by creating Blogs (short articles created to be informative in nature).

This means a Blogger (is someone that writes blogs) creates the content for others to read in hopes of either solving a problem faced when indulging in the hobby or interest of the blogs nature.

So a Blogger creates this informative content; some do it in a daily fashion, while others submit one or two blogs a week regardless, this is termed as Blogging.

And since the blogger is writing about a passion or hobby of theirs: it’s hard to call it (that nasty “W” word I said before).

I like to call it informing others, letting everyone know something new, solving a typical problem, or just straight up communicating with others on the web (basically socializing within a specific topic or category).

How many people consider communicating with other people a job, well a select few might telemarketers, speakers, and broadcasters maybe.

But the majority of us do not call talking about something we like to do or we are passionate about, a job.

Unfortunately, the telemarketer, speaker, or broadcaster normally is told a script to adhere to or follow closely so to them communicating with the public is, in fact, a job.


Okay, I discussed why affiliating marketing works from the affiliate’s perspective, now let’s look into why it’s becoming so popular with all business entities with an internet presence.

First and foremost the affiliate marketer promotes the product in most affiliate models for free or no additional expenses from the business.

Now, what business doesn’t love free promotion of their product or service?

In some cases, the affiliate marketer does collect on just visitors to the website but I’ll get into that a little later when I get into how the affiliate marketer gets paid.Affiliate Network money cycle

By now you’re thinking how is that ow doe s the business get free advertisement, well remember most the time the affiliate marketer does not get paid unless the potential customer turns into a customer by making a purchase.

The business now only pays for an advertising expense (the affiliate marketer’s commission) on products that get sold not products that are advertised.

Equally important, is the fact that the Return On Investment ROI of the business is also increased by effective affiliate marketers.  This is actually done naturally by the audience the marketer attracts through their blogs.

Let’s use a blogger blogging about the way he lost 50 pounds last year, this will peak the attention of people trying to lose weight, trying to eat healthier, or just trying to live a more healthier lifestyle.

Now, if they discuss how they used Super Duper Shakes to boost their energy levels so they didn’t go hungry or get tired between shakes.

That is the most effective word of mouth advertising there is or ever has been.

So everyone reading the blog will click on the link provided to check out the Super Duper shake product line, cost, and most likely over 75% of those potential customers will buy them because the blogger told them that’s how he did it (first-hand testimony, nothing more powerful than that).


Another example would be Mable the Sewing Queen of Atlanta (fictional character), now she’s been writing blogs for over five years about the different stitches she uses and when she uses them.

And occasionally she’ll blog about some emergency sewing job she performed at the spare of the moment.

Like the time, at the church when a bride ripped her dress walking up the steps to get into the church to get married, and she was there to fix the dress in a matter of minutes, and also mentions she had this little pocket-sized sewing kit that she always carries with her no matter what, and she drops a link so her readers can click on it to look at the little kit if they want to.

Well, guess what, most people reading her blog if they don’t plan on possibly buying the sewing kit she mentioned won’t even click on the link; they will just continue reading the blog.

However, those that click on that link over 65% will most likely buy one, just because it is what she recommends.

Marketing studies have proven that most people in that type of situation won’t even do any kind of comparison shopping because they know it worked for her, so chances are it is exactly what they need also, so they buy it.manufacture sales vs affiliate marketer Sales

So you could almost say that an affiliate marketing program is just as lucrative for a business as it is for the affiliate; a win, win situation.

Before I leave this topic and jump on the final and most import part of affiliate marketing is how the affiliate gets paid.

The business also benefits from this relationship with more brand exposure again even if they don’t have to pay for the word of mouth advertising done by the affiliate it is also doing getting the brand name out there into the market at no cost to the creator.

One final advantage on the businesses’ aspect of the equation; affiliate marketing has slowly been increasing its impact on the number of sales they produced for the business they connect with: most online businesses are reporting that over 10% of their online sales, quickly approaching near 15%, are now going through affiliate marketers.

This is a good sign for anyone thinking about possibly starting up an affiliate marketing online business because more and more companies are implementing affiliate marketing programs as a revenue source to increase their overall online sales margins, and this, in turn, will create a demand for more affiliate marketers in the future.

If you would like to learn more about Affiliate Marketing Basics . . .

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